04 July 2018

Antidote For Longest Fourth Of July In History

This has been the longest Fourth Of July ever. It started on Friday and is still going on with no end in sight but I have just the antidote. Directed by Stephen Frears, A Very English Scandal has everything I'm looking for in a BBC production: great writing, great acting, atmosphere, a cheeky soundtrack, and a few cute animals (Mrs. Tish is the Shirley Temple of Jack Russell Terriers). This crazy story is true. Stream it now on Amazon and get ready to be entertained. 

My love for Ben Wishaw and that amazing hair of his knows no bounds and Hugh Grant is back honey. Not just kind of sort of back, but back back. Both actors deserve awards for this. 

And for a little lagniappe check out Prick Up Your Ears, the true story of playwright Joe Orton (also directed by Stephen Frears).