29 May 2018

Grey Skies Are Going To Clear Up!

Travels Through The French Riviera 
($19.95) Amazon 
By Virginia Johnson

Calling all Kate Spade aficionados! This is a FABULOUS ALERT LEVEL VERMILION, the highest level I can sanction. Virginia Johnson has a new book and I am living for it. Having endured weeks of ghastly, gloomy weather, Travels Through The French Riviera is exactly what I didn’t know I needed. I scarcely remember what the sun looks like. It’s yellow, right? BTW, that’s proof positive that a pop of yellow can make you happy (just ask Gayle). 

Farewell Bad Weather Funk! 

For anyone who owns of copy of Sara Midda’s South Of France, A Sketchbook, drop everything (even a baby) and order this book. Also, check out Virginia's website. 


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