26 March 2015

Lilly Pulitzer Lookbook For Target Is Here!

Pineapple Sandals ($30)  Train Case Pineapple Punch ($23.99) Challis Romper Happy Place ($34) Haltar Top Pineapple Punch ($26) Teak Beach Chair Boom Boom ($60) Wristlet Boom Boom ($20) Linen Shift Dress Giraffeey ($38) Ceramic Mugs Gold Caddy ($30)

This is a FABULOUS ALERT LEVEL CAPRI PINK! The Lilly Pulitzer for Target Lookbook is here. I've never been shocked back to life with those paddle thingys but this must be what it feels like. This is epic. Pineapples, giraffes, and a print called boom boom. There are no words really. 

Checkout the Lilly Pulitzer lookbook and interactive "party" replete with a monkey, giraffe and pink flamingo. The collection hits stores April 19th.