22 April 2014

The Perfect Scent For Spring

Diptyque L'eau du 34 Eau de Toilette 
($100-$145) Bloomingdales

This Diptyque delightfulness is my new favorite scent for spring (not to be confused with the original 34 Boulevard Saint Germain). I'm over the moon (sur la lune) for it.  Notes include grapefruit, bitter orange, fig leaves, galbanum, Egyptian geranium, tuberose, cinnamon, nutmeg, cedarwood, vetiver, white musk.
"L'eau du trente-quatre is a sophisticated and versatile new scent. A lively interpretation of the original 34 boulevard saint germain, the new fragrance captures the essence of the original boutique, during the time when the weather changes and the greenest notes take over from the warmer and more sensual notes of 34 boulevard saint germain."- Diptyque