28 February 2014

Here's Looking At You, Kid

Ingrid's Profile Is Perfection.
Make some popcorn, put on your jam jams and get ready for a classic which ranks #2 on AFI's list of best American movies. Casablanca airs tonight at 8 on TCM.  


27 February 2014

Treats For Your Feet

Women's Lace-Up Sneakers ($22.94) Old Navy
Available In Eleven Colors. 


26 February 2014

Getting My Island On

Set Of Four Mugs ($60) Tommy Bahama

25 February 2014

R.E.M. Flashback

R.E.M.'s first album, Murmur, is one of my favorites. I caught this video on Rolling Stone of their first television performance. 

Athens, GA: Inside Out is a great documentary about the thriving music scene there in the 80s. Here's a clip of R.E.M performing Swan Swan H. 


24 February 2014

Blue Monday No More

Skull Case ($28)  India Hicks
Octopus Pouch ($28) India Hicks

23 February 2014

Duly Noted

Zoe Note Pad (Sale $7.98) Nordstrom
Created By Fashion Illustrator Hilda Glasgow
Patricia Neal In Breakfast At Tiffany's 

22 February 2014

Don Baby, Why You Gotta Hurt Me

Season seven of Mad Men premieres April 13th. 


21 February 2014

20 February 2014

Gift With Purchase

Free Bag & Samples With $125 Beauty Purchase 

19 February 2014

You Can't Handle The Cute!

Penny Chicken and Roo have stollen my heart. So cute I could eat them, not literally of course.  


17 February 2014

Best Thing Ever!

Penny & Roo Take Their Morning Constitutional 

When you put a two-legged chihuahua and a fluffy chicken together you get magic. Read their tale on The Huffington Post UK



Charming Mini Pendant ($58) Kate Spade 


16 February 2014

15 February 2014

If Only

Island Time Pillow ($49.95) Adore Magazine

14 February 2014

House Of Valentine's Cards

This is the best Valentine's Day gift ever. Starting at 8 this morning, season two of House Of Cards will be streaming on Netflix (all thirteen episodes). Let the binging begin. 


13 February 2014

Pretty Little Things

Ceramic Jewelry Trays ($19.50 Each) J.Crew

12 February 2014

India Hicks Fabulousness

As always, India Hicks puts the fab in fabulous. Check out her house in the Bahamas on Coastal Living.  


11 February 2014

Dreaming Of Spring

Spring Bloom Satchel ($89) Nine West 


10 February 2014

Waterlogue Mania

Waterlogue is sweeping the design world.The new iPhone/iPad app makes photos or drawings look better by transforming them into misty water colors. It's only $3 on iTunes.


09 February 2014

The Bestest Nestest

Photograph By Jeremy Allen
Photograph By Jeremy Allen
I'm over the moon for Rebecca de Ravenel's New York City apartment. Saw it on Vogue online.  


08 February 2014

Flowers Of The Deconstruction

Rose Keepsake ($7.95 Each) Blooms By Heinau
I saw this on the drunk hour of the Today Show. It's a real fresh-cut rose that lasts up to six months and is available in ten different colors from Blooms By Heinau


07 February 2014

Peter Pilotto Coming To Target

The Peter Pilotto collection for Target is a pattern extravaganza and it hits stores this Sunday. 

06 February 2014

Josephine Baker Fabulousness

Josephine: The Dazzling Life Of Josephine Baker ($12.95) Amazon 
By Patricia Hruby Powell & Christian Robinson

Dazzling life indeed. I don't care that this book is for kids 7-10 years, I want it anyway. I also want a long yellow dress and a leopard. 

"In exuberant verse and stirring pictures, Patricia Hruby Powell and Christian Robinson create an extraordinary portrait of the passionate performer and civil rights advocate Josephine Baker, the woman who worked her way from the slums of St. Louis to the grandest stages in the world. Meticulously researched by both author and artist, Josephine's powerful story of struggle and triumph is an inspiration and a spectacle, just like the legend herself." - Amazon

05 February 2014

Celebrating 30 Years Of Apple

Shot on one day using 100 iPhones around the world. 


04 February 2014

"Hooray For Hollywood"

 photographed by Annie Leibovitz

The March Vanity Fair is the 20th Annual Hollywood issue. Two things. Why is Julia Roberts sitting on my boyfriend's lap. Step away from Idris. Lupita Nyong'o is so Oscar in that dress. Gorgeous! 


03 February 2014

I Heart This

Dream & Sugar Tea Cup Set ($64.99) ModCloth

Discovered this cuteness on Daily Candy


02 February 2014

Porno For Puppies

Forget the Super Bowl. The Puppy Bowl is today at 3 on Animal Planet


01 February 2014

Elephantine Linens

Eastern Elephant Pillow Cases