30 September 2013

Breaking Fab

Check out the first fragrance and beauty collection from Tory Burch. 


29 September 2013

Breaking Sad

Tonight at 9 on AMC. 


28 September 2013

More Coco


27 September 2013

French Friday

The très chic Catherine Malandrino collection hits Kohl's today and ranges from $36 to $130. Every girl needs a dark blue jumpsuit.  


26 September 2013

Little Fabulous Boxes

Eduardo Garza Agate Inlay Box 
($49) West Elm

What have we here. 


25 September 2013

24 September 2013

Take Note

Pocket Diaries ($14) Mara-Mi

For capturing deep thoughts and such, I go old-school. Loving these pocket diaries from Mara-Mi


23 September 2013

Nerve Of A Brass Elephant

Brass Elephant Ring Bowl ($68) Jonathan Adler


22 September 2013

Not Breaking Away From Breaking Bad

George The Cat As Walt 

As much as I'd like to watch the Emmys tonight, my heart belongs to the final episodes of Breaking Bad. 


21 September 2013

17 September 2013

You Got Me, Fall

Piper Suede Smoking Loafer
In Ivy League Green ($98) Ann Taylor 

Charlize Theron was seen wearing these Ann Taylor loafers in heirloom sapphire. 


16 September 2013

Breaking Fabulous

How is it that television's darkest hour is the brightest spot in my week. Jimmy Fallon's Breaking Bad parody is a must-watch for fans of the show. 


15 September 2013

Phillip Lim Hits Target!

Today is the day everyone is tailing about. Phillip Lim's collection for Target hit stores. Out of my way, chickens. 


14 September 2013

Fashion Week In A Nutshell

The New York Times has distilled the best of New York Fashion Week in one hand-dandy interactive web thingy. Check it out. 


13 September 2013

"Fox Says Heyy"

Thank you Daily Candy for introducing me to this much-needed Norwegian weirdness from the Ylvis brothers. As a fox fan, I've often wondered what the fox says. I always assumed all foxes are like the fox in The Little Prince which is why I like them so much. 


12 September 2013

Vintage Vanity Fair

Check out this 1926 issue of Vanity Fair. It's the bee's knees. 


11 September 2013

Witchy Women

American Horror Story: Coven airs October 9th at 10 P.M. on FX. Set in my native New Orleans, I'm so there. The star lineup includes Jessica Lange, Kathy Bates, Angela Bassett, Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters, Taissa Farmiga, Gabourey Sidibe, Emma Roberts, and Jamie Brewer.  


10 September 2013

"Curiouser And Curiouser"

A Curious Collection ($14.95) Chronicle Books 
20 Cards/Envelopes By Hugo Guinness 


09 September 2013

Happy Birthday Banana

I remember the Banana when she was just a little girl. I was obsessed with the movie Out Of Africa and the Banana Republic had everything I needed to look like, "I had a farm in Africa." Here's to 35 years of heading straight to the sale racks. 


08 September 2013

C Is For Cookie

What's inside though? Is there a coupon? An elf? A plate of Keebler cookies? I want to know. 


07 September 2013

Did Someone Say Free Music?

Check out the Marc Jacobs beauty playlist. She's free on Sephora


06 September 2013

Cut It Off!

 Chopping your hair off is so liberating and Coco Rocha's 
new do on Allure has me feeling scissor happy.


05 September 2013

"A Psychosexual Hold On Him"

Your homework is to watch Alfred Hitchcock's masterpiece Vertigo tonight at 9 on TCM and then queue up Armistead Maupin's charming Tales Of The City. 


04 September 2013

Moby Imponderables

Moby's video for The Perfect Life has everything but the kitchen sink... which begs the question, "Does the perfect life have everything but the kitchen sink?" 


03 September 2013

Regardez Le Fabulous

The French style issue of Veranda has me saying, "Mais Oui!" 


02 September 2013

Step Off, Fall

Soludos always has the best summer pictures. 


01 September 2013

Downton Days

Season four of Downton Abbey is coming to PBS January 5th. Choose life, Mary.