31 July 2013

Eyeing Issa

The Issa capsule collection hits the Banana Republic August 8th. It includes 40 pieces of clothing and accessories ranging from $39.50 to $150. Without breaking the bank, you too can look like Kate Middleton. 


30 July 2013

Vanity Fair à La Plage

Olivia Wilde Photographed By Norman Jean Roy 
For Vanity Fair, December 2010  
Emma Stone Photographed On St. Barth’s By Patrick Demarchelier
Styled By Jessica Diehl For Vanity Fair, August 2011

Check out Vanity Fair's stunning beach-themed photographs. 


29 July 2013

"Even The Palms Seem To Be Swaying"

A 1960s Bahamian Villa 
"Well-Lived: Lyford Cay Villa" - Veranda 

A glorious entrance and a fabulous swimming pool. It's all I really need. Who cares about the rest.  


28 July 2013

Sacré Bleu

Image by © Nick Briggs/Carnival Film and Television Limited 2013 for MASTERPIECE

Nothing good can come of this, Lady Mary! Season four of Downton Abbey premieres January 5, 2014.


26 July 2013

This Is Just Water

How To Drink Around Sober Friends 

Here are some helpful workarounds if your friends are totes sobes.

"Only sluts and sea captains drink rum." - Vanity Fair


25 July 2013

Fabulous Hair Alert!

Inspiration For My New Haircut.  
Baby Girl Has Come A Long Way From Dawson's Creek
I'm not sure I want the purse but I definitely want to look like Michelle Williams in this picture. She's the new face of Louis Vuitton and these gorgeous ads will hit upcoming September issues. 


24 July 2013

Blue Room...

You saw me standing alone. Check out this coastal retreat in blue hues on Coastal Living


23 July 2013

Chic Mums

Jane Birkin Looking Tres Chic. 
Is That Charlotte With Her? 

For a smart accessory, consider a small child. Check out this gallery of stylish moms on Harper's Bazaar. Babies are really in right now, royal or otherwise. They're no purse mind you. 


22 July 2013

What The Pup?

Is this dog for real? If so, I'm thinking Tootsie needs to go back to school. 


21 July 2013

On-Set With Claire Danes

"Get an intimate, on-set look at Claire Danes's shoot with Damian Lewis and Vogue in our exclusive behind-the-scenes video." - Vogue 

How adorable is Claire Danes in this video? Is that you, Angela? 


20 July 2013

It's A Ring!

Marisa Ring ($85) Trina Turk

Still waiting for that royal baby to come out of hiding. 


19 July 2013

Best Hair Nominee

HBO; Patrick Harbron/Netflix

Robin Wright gets my nomination for best hair. Check out this year's list of Emmy noms


18 July 2013

Project Runway Tonight

Season 12 of Project Runway airs tonight at 9 on Lifetime. What on earth is Tim Gunn going to do with that thing? 


17 July 2013

Sing It, Nina!

Nina Simone singing 'Feeling Good' just makes me feel good. Video by Tamara Connolly. 


16 July 2013

What The Seahorse?

'15 Relaxed Rooms For Summer Living' 

J'adoring the gigundous seahorse plaques in this relaxed room. It's like they're guarding the striped pillows in the bay window which is probably why the room is so relaxed. 


15 July 2013

Best Hat Face Ever

Audrey Hepburn In Hats By June Marsh 
($22.05) Amazon

"Audrey Hepburn's legendary style and grace redefined perceived notions of Hollywood glamour and ushered in an age of sophistication and elegance. Her legacy on screen and in fashion is undisputed and her image has become as synonymous with her fame as her films. This book celebrates Audrey Hepburn wearing a selection of her most beautiful, stylish and outrageous hats - from legendary designs such as Givenchy, Mr. John, Dior, Cecil Beaton and Balenciaga. This exquisite volume features stunning photography and accompanying text from renowned fashion writer, June Marsh." -Amazon 
As good as I'd like to think I look in hats, no one could rock a hat like Queen Audrey. 


14 July 2013

Happy Bastille Day

This is what a little time in Paris can do for a girl. Audrey Hepburn's transformation in Sabrina is stunning. 


13 July 2013

So Nice

So Nice sung by Bebel Gilberto is so nice. It's a song I play in my head during été. 


12 July 2013

It's A Pouch!

Beaded Bali Pouch ($68) Anthro

Any minute now there will be a royal baby. I do hope the royal baby is prepared for all the hoopla. 


11 July 2013

'Orange Is The New Black'

I thought Tangerine Tango,  Pantone's color of 2012, was the new black but this looks good too. Orange Is The New Black is now streaming on Netflix. 


10 July 2013

My Summer Ring

Cluster Statement Ring (SALE $29) Club Monaco

I've been wearing this ring with everything...even my jam jams. 


09 July 2013

Fabulous Feed Bags

FEED USA + Target® Bags ($35 Each) Target 

"Founded by Lauren Bush Lauren in 2007, FEED's mission is to create good products that help FEED the world. The number on each FEED USA + Target® product represents how many meals your purchase helps provide to Americans in need." -Target 

08 July 2013

"I Want To Go To There"

Tootsie And I Would Look So Good Here.  
"Well-Lived: India Hicks At Home"
India Hicks has the best sense of style. She is in fact design royalty (daughter of David Hicks) as well as a member of the royal family. Check out her place, Hibiscus Hill, in the Bahamas (of course). 


07 July 2013

Party On

Every Fourth of July weekend always needs a little Lilly Pulitzer. This print is called booze cruise. 


04 July 2013

Make The Fourth Fabulous

St. Barths Helen Floral-Print Kaftan ($154) Net-A-Porter



03 July 2013

Dead Boyfriends Are The Best

This new video from nerve.com has me wishing I had at least one dead boyfriend I could make jealous. What girl doesn't want that? 


01 July 2013

Beautimous Books

I'm masterful at judging books by their covers and these are fabulous with a capital FABULOUS! Check out the Penguin Drop Caps series of classics designed by Jessica Hische on Fab