31 March 2012

Cetacean Chic

Whale Bottle Opener ($24) BHLDN

When I'm not trying to save them, I'm using them to open my lady beer. 


30 March 2012

HomeGoods/T.J. March Fab Finds

Antica Farmacista Casablanca Reed Diffuser ($16.99) 
Plates From Portugal ($3.99) 
Numbered Jars ($9.99- $12.99) 
Finding All This For You (Priceless)


29 March 2012

"Eat Your Fabulous" Playlist

If you are what you listen to, then this playlist will make you fabulous. Click here to enjoy my latest masterpiece on iTunes! 

Tick Of The Clock          Chromatics
Thank You                    Estelle
This Is the Life            Two Door Cinema Club
You Can Be the One    Late Night Alumni
Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Say Hi
Pass This On    The Knife
Cellar Funk            Down to the Bone
A Real Hero             College
Bride of Deluxe            Cliff Martinez
Armies of Your Heart    Elizaveta
You Are the One    Soundbuffet
I Will Be Waiting    Gary B.
Enjoy Your Life     Chris Le Blanc
Holding Back the Years Gretchen Parlato
Foreign Language    Flight Facilities
Kill My Boyfriend           Natalia Kills
Recado                    Original Paris Swing
Time Machine    Robyn
The Pound            Patrick Lee
Ay Yo                            Melanie Fiona
Fill Us With Fire            Erasure
Don't Stop Dancing      Kaskade & EDX


28 March 2012

Romper Time

Linen Romper ($25 Sale Price) Old Navy

Now that spring has sprung, I'm ready to make room for this romper. Look out gentlemen, this gal is going to show some gams. 


27 March 2012


Crab Bag ($130) Sea Bags 

I love a crabby crab and this new crab bag from Sea Bags is crabtastic.  


Post Snark: I try not to eat my animal friends but there's nothing more delicious than a soft-shell crab. 

26 March 2012

Pretty Birds

8 Screen Printed Bird Cards 
($24 Sale Price) John Robshaw


25 March 2012

Dapper Don Draper

When God made Adam, I wonder if he started out strong like this. I'd like to think so. 
Begin with a showstopper is what I always say. 

Mad Men tonight at 9. Be there or be an L7.


24 March 2012

Catching Up With Mad Men

Tomorrow is the big day for Mad Men fans. Ready yourselves and check out this quick recap of season four. 


23 March 2012

New At J.Crew

Big Apple Tunic Dress ($150) 
Lemlem Dolollo Patio Dress ($225) 
Tova Sandals ($98) 
Gondola Stripe Top ($98)

Check out J.Crew's new arrivals. These are a few of my faves. 


22 March 2012

Pantone Plus Sephora Equals Brilliant

Color Of The Year Lipgloss Set ($20)
Color Of The Year Collector's Edition Set ($68) 
Color Of The Year Nail Enamel Set ($24)

That minx Tangerine Tango has struck yet again and this time at Sephora. 
I cannot escape its clutches nor do I want to. 
Check out the Pantone/Sephora collaboration. 


21 March 2012

Who Is The Most Fabulous?

Carved Rope Mirror ($89) Pottery Barn

I have no need for a glass coffin or a poisoned apple but a magic mirror sounds nice. 


20 March 2012

Spring Hath Sprung!

Hotty Pink Day Lilly Dress To Impress Clutch ($98) Lilly Pulitzer

What better way to welcome springtime than with a hot pink clutch. Winter, I bid thee adieu. Were you ever actually there? 


19 March 2012

Silence Is Golden

Don't Speak! 
Designed for Shabby Apple by Taryn Gerber, these swimsuits inspired by the silent era are speaking to me, albeit with subtitles. They really showcase a gal's gams and they won't break the bank. 


18 March 2012

The Mad Men Countdown Is On!

Next week at this time we will no longer feel the emptiness of a Downton Abbey-less existence because Mad Men will be back. Be a total geek and click here for AMC's countdown clock to the season premiere (or just write it down somewhere). Tomorrow the Mad Men cast hits NBC's Today Show so go ahead and make all the necessary preparations. 


17 March 2012

Tangerine Tango Crosses Pond!

Tangerine Tango is unstoppable. In a bold move, Pantone's color of the year crosses the pond and cuddles up to Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge (Kate Middleton). The happy pairing made a big splash at London's Olympic Park. 


16 March 2012

On Kate Spade Time

Carousel Bangle ($250) Kate Spade 
Cooper Strap ($195) Kate Spade 
Waldorf Strap ($195) Kate Spade 
Tick. Tock. Check out Kate Spade's new watch collection. 


15 March 2012

"But Not For Me"

Diane Von Furstenberg, 
Or As I Like To Call Her Diane Von Fabulous 
DVF for GapKids is available today. If I diet and shrink myself down to four feet maybe I can squeeze into one of these fabulous outfits. So jelly I'm not a chee wee. 


14 March 2012

Mad Men Season Five Pics

I'm loving Peggy's dress. So glad she stepped up her fashion game from drab to fab. 
Check out pictures of the new season of Mad Men on AMC


A Mad Men Must

Mid-Century Ads: Advertising From The Mad Men Era ($59.99) Taschen 

Mid-Century Ads: Advertising From The Mad Men Era by Jim Heimann and Steven Heller is just in time for all the Mad Men madness. Check it out on Taschen


13 March 2012

Ready For Adventure

Retro Travel Bags ($32) Flight 101

For a vacay or even a staycay, these bags from Flight 101 are just the thing. Packing is my favorite part of being on holiday. I also like the ice machines, tiny shampoo bottles and furniture glued to the wall. 


Post Snark: I just put a mint on my pillow

12 March 2012

Madewell's March Music Mix

Check out Madewell's latest music playlist. Did I mention that it was free? 
Also get thee to Madewell to sign up for their new spring catalog. 


11 March 2012

"Come Away...Come Away"

I'm hearing the siren call of Tangerine Tango at Calypso St. Barth. 

10 March 2012

Don Draper Trending

Mad Men's Don Draper is on the cover of Entertainment Weekly. Hubba Hubba. And apparently something called "Draping" is the new planking. As an avid planker I'm glad to hear about this development because my arms hurt. Check it out on Tumblr.  


09 March 2012

Mad Men Makeup

Rouge ($40) Bloomingdales
Lipstick ($25) Bloomingdales 

Regardez this Mad Men fabulousness sold at Bloomingdales. Even Estee Lauder is getting on the Mad Men bandwagon. 


08 March 2012

Marni Hits H&M

$79 DRESS  
$39.95 TOTE  
$39.95 NECKLACE 
$9.95 STRAW HAT 
$79.95 BAG 
$19.95 SCARF 
Today Marni hits H&M. I'm digging these pieces but they're only available at select stores. Oh the horror! Check out the Marni For H&M commercial directed by Sophia Coppola. This is the third commercial I've heard of late that features the music of Bryan Ferry. Love him. 


07 March 2012

Vases And Other Flying Objects

Fescue Bud Vase ($20 Each) Anthro 

Like Scarlett in Gone With The Wind, I like to have a few vases around just in case I want to throw them at someone. If a vase isn't handy, one can always use a potted plant.


06 March 2012

Wash My Hair Then Get Out Of Here

Out Of Africa Collector's Series ($34.99) Amazon

To me the perfect relationship is like the one that Meryl Streep and Robert Redford have in Out Of Africa. She's got her thing. He's got his thing. Every now and then he comes around and washes her hair and then he leaves her alone. So nice. A special edition of Out Of Africa which includes a 44-page book is available today. 


05 March 2012

Fabulous Alert Obsessions

Hotel Label Frames ($149 Each) Ballard Designs

Hotel pictures are often ugly but these pictures of hotel labels are totes fabs. Mind blown yet? I didn't think so. 


Post Snark: I miss Downton Abbey. 

04 March 2012

About That Leg Thing...

Claudette Colbert In It Happened One Night
A Pretty Leg Can Be Used To Fetch A Ride 

So Oscar night we found out that Angelina Jolie is in fact human. To appear sexy, she pulled a desperate tenth-grade girl move when clearly all she needed to do was show up. I've never been comfortable with such tactics. Instead, I've relied on my quick wit and keen mind…  Dear God, is that what I'm doing wrong? After all, Angelina has Brad Pitt. Perhaps I should reconsider the whole leg thing. It certainly worked for Claudette Colbert in It Happened One Night. 


03 March 2012

Just Like Joan

As someone who works in the glamourous, fast-paced world of advertising, I'm always on the prowl for a good pencil skirt. Check out the new Mad Men looks from The Banana. 


02 March 2012

Mad Men Mania

For Mad Men fans, this sneak peak of the new season is a must-see. I can't wait for my Mad Men-less days to come to an end. 


01 March 2012

Ringing In Spring

Sea Green Stretch Ring ($16.50) Ann Taylor Loft 

Once I tried painting a room this color. 
For the record, "Dolphin Green" does not come close.