29 February 2012

More On Pouch Envy

Jute Pouches ($38 Each) Jonathan Adler 

There's just something about a pouch. I envy the kangaroo for having one and kind of wish all animals and humans alike had them. 


28 February 2012

27 February 2012

Me In My Kerchief

Kerchiefs ($14) Madewell

These are always handy for disguising a bad hair day. 


26 February 2012

When God Closes A Downton Abbey He Opens An Old Curiosity Shop?

Little Dorrit Is A Fabulous Alert Fave 
Bleak House Beckons
I've got the Downton Abbey blues. Yes I do. Without a lavish period piece to pore over, I'm a lost soul. Tonight Masterpiece is shifting gears to Charles Dickens which is actually an interesting way to maintain that Downton high. Dickens was masterful at portraying class struggles which was a big part of the Downton allure. I cannot recommend the re-airing of The Old Curiosity Shop because I haven't seen it but do highly recommend both Little Dorrit and Bleak House. If you haven't seen them, which seems unlikely, then queue them up pronto. 


Post Snark: I hope they come out with Downton Abbey action figures. I want Maggie Smith's Dowager Countess of Grantham. 

25 February 2012

The Artist Sketches

Saw this costume sketch from The Artist on Entertainment Weekly's website. 
I want this dress that appears to be in Tangerine Tango or some variant thereof.  


24 February 2012

HomeGoods/T.J. Fab Feb Finds The Sequel

Kate Spade-Esque Scarves ($12.99)
Kate Spade Canvas Anne ($24.99)
Kate Spade Leather Agenda ($49.99) 
Shiny Badgley Mischka Bag ($129.99)
Ducky Dooney & Bourke Bag ($79.99)
Finding All This For You (Priceless) 


23 February 2012

Road To Morocco

"Come With Me To The Casbah"

As someone who is prone to sitting on the floor, I quite like the whole Moroccan look. Check out West Elm's Moroccan collection. Now where is that camel of mine. 


22 February 2012

A Sharp Dressed Man

Born To Be Brad: My Life And Style, So Far ($16.32) Amazon
I don't know why men don't have more fun with fashion. They need to take their cues from Brad Goreski and so they can with his forthcoming book, Born To Be Brad. It will be shipping March 6th. So maj. 

"Now, for the first time ever, Brad reveals the moving story of his road to success, and offers a glimpse into his world today, filled with insider access to the countless red carpets and awards shows he has worked across the globe. Of course, Brad also shares his fashion advice, style tips, and tricks to help you look your best. Part style guide, part memoir, and full of inspiration, Born to Be Brad will delight both loyal fans and newcomers alike." -Amazon

Post Snark: I'm wild about Brad's charming boyfriend, Gary Janetti. 

21 February 2012

Apple's Core?

Coming Soon To Cupertino 

Tonight we'll get to see what happens when Nightline's Bill Weir gets unprecedented access inside Apple's factories. Will he actually be able to get to Apple's core? Tune in at 11:35 on ABC to find out. I wonder if he felt like Charlie visiting Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory sans all those other awful children. 


20 February 2012

Tangerine Tango Takes Over

Burnt Orange Michael Kors Meg Espadrille ($69) Michael Kors 

I don't need any prompting to love orange but am happy Tangerine Tango is Pantone's color of the year. I'm eyeing these burnt orange espadrilles a.k.a Meg from Michael Kors, however I think this shoe looks more like a Milly. 


19 February 2012

Mad Men Promo

Check out the promo for the new season of Mad Men. March 25th is the date. I'm so desperate for any morsel of Mad Men. Baby can't wait. 


18 February 2012

"I Wish I Knew How To Quit You"

Espresso Dakar Basket Tote (REG. $89 SALE $39.99) Mar Y Sol

It's hard for me to say no to a sassy raffia-wrapped seagrass tote. For Presidents Day, I'm thinking about getting myself this one. It seems fitting and how else am I supposed to celebrate. Also see why it would be wrong not to buy this Mar Y Sol bag: 
"We design and create authentic accessories made by hand using natural materials sourced sustainably from Madagascar’s precious forests. The sale of our products enables families to gain economic independence and promotes environmental conservation.  This is achieved through fair trade partnerships with artisans who make a living wage through our “trade not aid” business model." -Madimports.com

17 February 2012

Mirror Mirror

Antiqued Bird Mirror ($98) Terrain

Not all birds are angry. This little one looks quite cheerful. 


16 February 2012

Always Be Cleaning

My closet was so sad what with all the clothes jammed together. 

And then my closet had an "aha" moment. 
I couldn't wait until spring to start cleaning. I've already begun and must share with you the clothes hangers that changed my life, or at least my closet. I discovered the Joy Mangano hangers in the March issue of Oprah. Gayle King's closet gets a makeover and these hangers are key because not only are they no slip but they increase your closet space by 25%. I bought my Joy Mangano 34-pc Huggable Hangers Combo Pack at Target for $19.99 and couldn't be happier. It's like my closet went on a fabulous diet. 


15 February 2012

"Fishy Fishy Fishy Fish"

Swimming Fish Soap ($12) Anthro

This little guy is awfully cute. Next life I'm coming back as a fish so I can swim all day long. 


Post Snark: Click here for the delightfully bizarre Monty Python "Find The Fish" sketch 

14 February 2012

"Beauty! Joy! Love!"*

"You love the boy body and soul." -Mr. Emerson

I suspect that Julian Sands is from the same planet as Alexander Skarsgard. A Room With A View airs tonight at 12:15 on TCM. 


*George's creed in A Room With A View. He's declaring the eternal "yes". 

13 February 2012

Fabulous Kate Spade E-Valentines

Check out the gallery of Kate Spade E-Valentines.
Fabulous as always. 


12 February 2012

Chill Out Chimichanga

Cowabunga Dude! 

Big-wave surfer Laird Hamilton will be on Oprah's Master Class tonight at 10 on OWN
It's gonna be totally rad. 


11 February 2012

"Good Day Sunshine"

Tony Duquette For Coach

This should brighten your day! 


10 February 2012

I Could Have Slept All Night

Check out the new DVF Studio collection for Bed Bath & Beyond


09 February 2012

Starfish In My Eyes

Metallic Starfish Flips ($18.94) Old Navy

I'm eying these because my toes really need some air. Their freedom awaits. 


08 February 2012

Inside Casa De Clooney

I spy a figurine from The Fantastic Mr. Fox in this picture

This is a Fabulous Alert Level Tangerine Tango! For the first time ever, we'll get a glimpse inside George Clooney's Los Angeles nest. Clooney is so perfect I'm kind of hoping he has bad taste in furniture. That's a deal breaker for this gal. Check out Clooney's (hopefully poorly decorated) lair on Person to Person tonight at 8 on CBS. 


07 February 2012

"J'adore Dior"

Dior 3-Book Set ($75) Assouline

"Gold is cold and diamonds are dead" but the printed word prevails. This fabulous looking 3-book set is on my V-Day wish list and is available for pre-order on Assouline


06 February 2012

Jason Wubegone

Jason Wu Straw Clutch ($29.99) Target 
Jason Wu Blue Printed Scarf ($19.99) Target  
Jason Wu Blue Stripe Tote ($39.99) Target

Bright and early I arrived at Target for the Jason Wu reveal only to find the shelves almost completely empty. Apparently a team of middle-aged men bought out the collection so they can sell it at a higher price on eBay to which I cried, "Damn you black-hearted varmints." Man's inhumanity to scarves and handbags must not be tolerated.  I pray that you all live in a place where savages aren't running amok, however you can always shop the Jason Wu collection online. 


05 February 2012

Football Shmootball

Australian Shepherd Mix Abilene 
Superbowl? I think not (except the half-time show). I'm all about the Puppy Bowl. This year's Puppy Bowl half-time show will feature five piglets cheering their tiny tails off. Top that Madonna (actually, you know she's going to bring it). The whole shebang will be tweeted by Meepthebird a chatty cockatiel. Check out the ridiculously cute puppy lineup and tune in today at 3 on Animal Planet. 


04 February 2012

Pictures Good

So glad J.Crew Factory started showing examples of how to put looks together. Baby likes pictures. Check it out! 


03 February 2012

Groundhog Says...

Nancita Jelly Thong Sandal ($49) Nine West
Punxsutawney Phil says there's six more weeks of winter but I don't care. I'm not letting a groundhog tell me what to do 'cause my feets are ready for some sandies. 


02 February 2012

HomeGoods/T.J. Fab February Finds

Table & Chairs Set ($99.99) 
Kate Spade Twirl Boxed Set ($34.99)
Ikat Dinnerware ($3.99- $4.99)
Kate Spade Purse ($149.99)
Fab Hat ($16.99)
Finding All This For You (Priceless) 


01 February 2012

"Come On Let's Crawl"

Spring Garden Necklace ($48) Lilly Pulitzer
Critter Ring ($38) Lilly Pulitzer

Think I'll wear these cute pieces from Lilly Pulitzer to the ugly bug ball.