07 December 2011

Salvatore, Where Y'at?

Big, Easy Style ($22.43) Amazon 

I love me some New Orleans (born there) and I love me some Bryan Batt. He's arguably the most stylish Mad Men actor outside of the show. Sorry Hamm. Check out his fabulous new book, Big, Easy Style.   
"Big, Easy Style showcases rooms that make Bryan smile, with pages of rich photography featuring the work of many designers—and plenty of Crescent City interiors—framed by his own entertaining maxims on color, pattern, collecting, living areas, intimate spaces, and more. 
New Orleans has taught Bryan so much about how to pull together a space that’s fearless and colorful with plenty of panache. With the city as his muse—its strong roots in history, its celebration of tradition, and, of course, the wild festivities of Mardi Gras—he believes that designing a fabulous, livable home that truly reflects a dweller’s passions need not be intimidating." Amazon.com Review