19 December 2011

The Greatest Gift?

The Greatest Gift
Red Traditional Leather ($55)
Blue Paper Bound ($25) 
The greatest gift is cash money but this is kind of cute and a must-have for It's A Wonderful Life fans. Apparently it's all the rage. 
The Original Story Behind It's A Wonderful Life
"An American classic, now available for the first time as a recreation of the 1943 edition. Almost 75 years ago, the inspiration for what was to become one of our most beloved holiday stories of all time was conceived. With the humble hope for little more than a sale to a magazine for publication, Philip Van Doren Stern set out to sell his short novella without a single instance of success. With little hope of anything at all, he printed 200 copies and sent them out as Christmas cards to friends in the winter of 1943." Graphicimage.com

Post Snark: It's A Wonderful Life was not intended to be a Christmas movie even though it takes place on Christmas Eve and when it first came out it was not a commercial success. Look at her now!