12 December 2011

Gifts For The Erudite

English Majors Get Ready To Tinkle. 
Most Of These Sell On Etsy For $34. 
Daphne du Maurier Sports A Chic Haircut 
F. Scott Fitzgerald Sans Zelda (She's Probably Doing A Liquor Run)
Edith Wharton In An Uncomfortable Looking Dickie 
Barbara Cartland Is Pretty In Pink
Dylan Thomas Dazzles In Houndstooth 
Herman Melville Looking Like The Wild Man From Borneo

I have long since put away childish things, but upon seeing these favorite author dolls from Uneek Doll Design I'm wondering why on earth did I do that. From Jane Austen to John Greenleaf Whittier, the selection is varied and impressive. I would be hard-pressed to choose a favorite. Tarry not. Sylvia Plath and Maya Angelou have already sold out. Oh the horror! 

I caught wind of this fabulousness in an article by Stephan Lee in Entertainment Weekly. 


Post Snark: I'm seriously considering getting an author doll or two from Uneek Doll Designs. I'd finally have someone to watch Masterpiece Theatre with and ponder life's imponderables, and when they drink too much or try to kill themselves I can put them in the naughty writer's corner. Such fun we would have!