06 October 2011

New iPhone Is iFabulous!

I'm so sad about Steve Jobs and wrote this before he died. 
I was hoping against hope that he would make it to the launch of the new iPhone 4S

This is a Fabulous Alert Level Chartreuse, the highest level I can sanction. Apple has yet again out Appled themselves with the new iPhone 4S. It's a game changer. We have now entered Jetsons territory. Watch this iPhone 4S commercial and check out what the Appleheads have to say about it. 

Apple's new iPhone 4S arrives October 14th but you can pre-order it online October 7th. I got my iPhone online and it couldn't have been easier. 


Post Snark: Woops, did something unfortunate just happen to my existing iPhone. Gasp! Looks like I'll have to get the new one.