11 October 2011

Dr. Dolittle Is Alive And Well!

If the cockles of your heart need to be warmed than have I got a documentary for you. Buck was a darling at Sundance and apparently received a standing ovation at its screening. This animal lover's tail was wagging the whole time I watched it. 

"Buck, a richly textured and visually stunning film, follows Buck Brannaman from his abusive childhood to his phenomenally successful approach to horses. A real-life horse-whisperer, he eschews the violence of his upbringing and teaches people to communicate with their horses through leadership and sensitivity, not punishment. Buck possesses near magical abilities as he dramatically transforms horses – and people – with his understanding, compassion and respect.
A truly American story about an unsung hero and one of the most successful documentaries of the year, Buck is about an ordinary man who has made an extraordinary life despite tremendous odds." - dvdreleases.org
Click here to view the Buck trailer. 


Post Snark:  After watching this with my Mom she turned to me and asked, "Now who is the actor who played Buck?"