23 August 2011

Checkers Anyone?

I would play checkers if I had this fabulous checker set from Nauti & Company. It just so happens to be on sale on OpenSky, my new favorite obsession. If you haven't joined OpenSky, you're missing out. It's like a Twitter/Facebook network but you don't have to run into any of the people you went to high school with (priceless) and everyone can spell. 
"A social network of shoppers, OpenSky taps you into exclusive food, style, healthy living, and home design sales that are handpicked by a bevy of curators you choose to follow. Each week, your arbiters single out the item they fancy the most and give you first dibs to purchase it up to 60% off. Like picking your circle of friends, you edit what products you see by choosing the curators you want to hear from. Plus finds don’t just disappear at midnight; purchase items in your curator’s collection for happiness guaranteed without the time crunch." OpenSky 
Follow Patricia Velasquez on OpenSky to get the checker or backgammon set.