31 August 2011

Simply Fabulous

Simply Vera by Vera Wang is simply fabulous. Affordable and J'adorable. Check out Vera Wang's Simply Vera line at Kohl's


30 August 2011

Don't Forget Your Elbows

My Aunt Mary always use to stress the importance of taking care of those often neglected body parts, such as your elbows. The Feel-Good Glow From Head-To-Toe set from Clarins seems to cover all the bases. Here's what you get: 
  • One-Step Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser 
  • Beauty-Flash Balm 
  • Moisture-Rich Body Lotion 
  • Body Treatment Oil Tonic 
  • Headband
I love Clarins because they're so French and everything smells French. The set sells for $35 at Sephora


29 August 2011

Blog Cabin Giveaway

Home Sweet Home? 
This is the view Tootsie would have in the dining room. 
I've always wanted an outdoor shower. 
All this can be yours. Now through September 30th, enter to win this renovated Chesapeake Bay farmhouse. Take the tour of the DIYNetwork/HGTVRemodel stunner. 


Post Snark:  So glad it's a blog cabin and not a log cabin. Not a fan of log cabins because they make me think of splinters and bugs. 

28 August 2011

Love & Hurricanes

Love and Hurricane Betsy were in the air. 

When my parents got married they received a pair of sterling silver hurricane lamps, a popular wedding gift in New Orleans. Ironically their wedding coincided with Hurricane Betsy (cat 4). Many years later Hurricane Katrina (cat 5) happened on their anniversary but they were no longer living in New Orleans. 

Tomorrow would have been their 46th anniversary. Mom still has the hurricane lamps and keeps them polished and ready to use just in case. 


Taken in Jamaica on their honeymoon. 
Upon their return to New Orleans, 
they would have to weather the terrible storm. 
Even a hurricane can have flair. 

27 August 2011

Mad Men Marathon!

How devoted a Mad Men fan are you? Because the Mad Men Marathon starts at 6 in the morning on Sunday. Gear up! Check out the schedule on AMC.  


26 August 2011

Pig Out At Fresh Market

Fresh Market's tastings are not-to-be-missed. The samples for the Summer Harvest include Baby Back Ribs, Shrimp, Mediterranean Salad, Bacon Tomato Pasta Salad, and French Vanilla Pound Cake. See you there. I'll be the piglet in the pastry aisle. 


25 August 2011

It's Not That Easy Being Fabulous

Muppets: The Green Album is the Muppets all grown up and slightly melancholy (perhaps they overdid the existential thing in college). Nonetheless, this is an enjoyable little album with the likes of OK Go, The Fray and Airborne Toxic Event doing their hip takes on classic muppet music. My fave has to be the version of Rainbow Connection by Weezer & Hayley Williams. It sells for $11.29 on Amazon


Post Snark: I always thought It's Not That Easy Being Green would make the best gay disco anthem. It should start out slow and end up with a super fun beat and all the muppets (in rainbow wigs of course) pouring out onto the dance floor. Someone (Lady Gaga, Madonna, Donna Summer, Cyndi Lauper) needs to work on this.

24 August 2011

But Can It Sing?

I saw this Catherine Weitzman Sea Urchin Cocktail Ring in the new issue of Coastal Living and all but fainted. I love urchins of any kind (especially when they sing) and am thinking of adoptig this one that hails from the sea. It's available for $195 (gulp) on the Max and Chloe website. 


23 August 2011

Checkers Anyone?

I would play checkers if I had this fabulous checker set from Nauti & Company. It just so happens to be on sale on OpenSky, my new favorite obsession. If you haven't joined OpenSky, you're missing out. It's like a Twitter/Facebook network but you don't have to run into any of the people you went to high school with (priceless) and everyone can spell. 
"A social network of shoppers, OpenSky taps you into exclusive food, style, healthy living, and home design sales that are handpicked by a bevy of curators you choose to follow. Each week, your arbiters single out the item they fancy the most and give you first dibs to purchase it up to 60% off. Like picking your circle of friends, you edit what products you see by choosing the curators you want to hear from. Plus finds don’t just disappear at midnight; purchase items in your curator’s collection for happiness guaranteed without the time crunch." OpenSky 
Follow Patricia Velasquez on OpenSky to get the checker or backgammon set. 


22 August 2011

Make 2012 Fabulous

It goes without saying that a fabulous year is dependent on the fabulousness of your calendar. Kate Spade's 2012 calendars just came in, and as always they're fabdorable. 


21 August 2011

The Lady Hangover

“Your Auntie Mame is hung.
"Tell him to bring me a light breakfast - black coffee and a side car."

Cat Looks On In Mild Disgust. 
An eye mask is essential for making a hangover look chic. 
If you should ever find yourself in this situation (God forbid), this is how a lady does a hangover. For the fundamentals, check out Auntie Mame and Breakfast At Tiffany's.


20 August 2011

In The Family For Years

These rings look like they're heirlooms, and as far as anyone is concerned they are. Your Great Grandmother Jimmy left them to you along with the country estate. The set of four sells for $28 (it says three online but there's four) at Madewell


* My Great Grandmother really was named Jimmy and her husband (my Great Grandfather) was named Nell. Go figure. 

19 August 2011

Drew's Summer Groove

Click here for the iTunes playlist my friend Drew created. The kid's got good taste. 

Amor Fati Washed Out 
Marathon Tennis
You Were Never There  Diego Garcia
Forward To Love Ziggy Marley
Heart Is Strange  School Of Seven Bells
Breathe Urban Myth Club 
It Happened Today R.E.M.
West End Girls (Grum Remix) Pet Shop Boys
Liar Northern  LIte
Need You Now Cut Copy
Eyes Be Closed Washed Out 
On Melancholy Hill Gorillaz
Pumped Up Kicks Foster The People


18 August 2011

Midnight At The Urban Oasis

All of this can be yours. Just go to HGTV and enter the "Urban Oasis Giveaway" which starts today. Check out the view of that toddlin' town. I wonder if Oprah lives nearby.


Post Snark: If Tootsie and I win, we'll have to buy some serious winter clothing. 

17 August 2011

80 Years Of Babar!

My love for elephants originates from reading the delightful Babar books as a child. Never has there been a chicer elephant. Check out this charmant video I caught on the Abrams Books website about the precious pachy.  
"Pamela Paul, the Book Review's children's books editor, sits down with Laurent de Brunhoff, who has kept his father's Babar character alive for 80 years." artsbeat.blog.nytimes.com

Post Snark: I highly recommend Francis Poulenc's Histoire De Babar, a beautiful musical adaptation of the book. It was written because his niece put the book upside down on his piano and said, "play this." It's a Fabulous Alert essential. 

16 August 2011

What Not To Miss!

The premiere of What Not To Wear's 9th season is tonight at 9 on TLC. With Glee on hiatus, I can totally fit this into my schedule. Ever since WNTW moved to Tuesday, I've been missing out on all the fashion snarkery. 
"Dancing with the Stars, Cheryl Burke, and actress Jenny McCarthy call on Stacy and Clinton to help them show their personal assistant, Becky, a divorced 37-year old Chicago native, that she is worthy of a look that will put her front and center." TLC.DISOVERY.COM 

15 August 2011

Totes Adorbs

This cheerful color palette is totally bitchin'. Had Sylvia Plath lived in a happy place like this, things wouldn't have gone down the way they did (her pad was undoubtedly drab). Check out the surfer-chic beach bungalow by Mona Ross Berman on House Beautiful


14 August 2011

Notepads Of Note

Nautical Notepads $12 Each At Linda and Harriett 

Perfect for jotting down that spark of brilliance or the all-important grocery list.  Here's mine: 
  • Ice
  • Limes
  • Cleaning Products (so obsessed) 
  • Matches
  • Flowers 
  • Something From The Bakery 
  • Magazines 
These notepads can also be used for writing down takeout orders. 


13 August 2011

Beautimous Bangles

Four Antik Batik Boho Bangles On Net-A-Porter ($90)
The nice thing about wearing this many bracelets is you can't really get any work done. It's a license to laze. 


12 August 2011

20X200 Plus West Elm Equals Fabulous

West Elm just collaborated with 20X200 to create a fabulous collection of affordable art. J'adoring these three. 


11 August 2011

Project Runway "All Stars"

I'm so excited I could tinkle. Twelve episodes of Project Runway All Stars is slated for later this year on Lifetime and wait until you see the list of designers. I'll be on pins and needles until it airs. Check out the lineup: 

• Austin Scarlett: Season 1
• Kara Janx: Season 2 
• Elisa Jimenez: Season 4
• Rami Kashou: Season 4
• Sweet P/Kathleen Vaughn: Season 4 
• Jerell Scott: Season 5
• Kenley Collins: Season 5
• Gordana Gehlhausen: Season 6
• Anthony Williams: Season 7
• Mila Hermanovski: Season 7
• April Johnston: Season 8
• Michael Costello: Season 8
• Mondo Guerra: Season 8


Post Snark: I caught wind of this on Perez Hilton. So addicted. 

10 August 2011

"Look Muffy, Another Bag For Us"

Rope Tote ($145)
Anchor Flips ($35)

I'm so feeling my inner preppy this summer. Here are some prep essentials from the preptastic Vineyard Vines


09 August 2011

Ten Summer Songs

Check out my latest FAB ALERT playlist on iTunes.

On the Ocean Guster
Calgary Bon Iver
Come Closer Parov Stelar
Lippy Kids Elbow
All to All Broken Social Scene
We Control the Sunlight  Aly & Fila
Driven By A Beating Heart      A Silent Film
Safar (The Journey) Thievery Corporation
Holocene Bon Iver
Secret (Segredo) Bebel Gilberto


08 August 2011

The Sugar Mill Musties

Gold Sandal ($43) 

The Sugar Mill, a "treasure chest of a shop" is the lovechild of India Hicks and Linda Griffin. Here are some of my faves, most of which don't break the bank. 


07 August 2011

06 August 2011


"Tilda" Square Print Scarf From Reiss ($75) 

Come hither, mein scarf. 


05 August 2011

Combat Must-Haves

Campaign Box With Stand ($149)

This military campaign box from Ballard Designs has me thinking I should enlist. If they issued stuff like this, who wouldn't? It's so fabulous. Now, where are my wax seals? 


04 August 2011

Be Still, My Beating Heart

Photograph By Peter Lindbergh For Vogue 

Genetically speaking, how is True Blood's Alexander Skarsgard even possible. He's a perfect specimen and a vampire to boot. Check him out on Regis & Kelly (clearly they don't watch True Blood) and get a load of those legs. Hubba-Hubba. 


03 August 2011

What's In Her Purse?

Six chic women show what's inside their purse, which is tantamount to baring one's soul. As a shameless snoop, I cannot look away. Check it out on Bloomingdales


02 August 2011

What's It Spell?

Kate Spade Monogram Note Cards ($26)

Allegedly, southern women monogram everything. So not true (you never know how many times you'll need to change your last name), but I'm loving these Kate Spade monogram note cards just the same. 


01 August 2011

So Deliciously Low

Clearly, these "ladies" don't have the presence of mind to be embarrassed, so I'll be embarrassed for them. 

After watching part one of the Real Housewives Of New York City Reunion Special, I realized that, by comparison, my transgressions don't seem so bad. Although I thought that the RHNYC would have had a higher level of discourse, I'm secretly delighted at how incredibly low they got. Part two of the epic cat fight airs tonight at 10 on Bravo. (Part one re-airs at 8:30).