11 June 2011

Let The Belmont Stakes Begin!

Stop horsing around and watch the Belmont Stakes tonight at 5 on NBC. I loves me some horsies. 

To tide you over until next year's Triple Crown, check out the award-winning documentary The First Saturday In May. It's mandatory viewing for horse lovers and features the much-missed Barbaro (sniff, sniff). Click here for the trailer. 
"Directed by brothers Brad and John Hennegan, this fascinating documentary explores six of the contenders for the 2006 Kentucky Derby as they strive to make their way into the ranks of the country's most prestigious horse race. Following Achilles of Troy, Sharp Humor, Jazil, Lawyer Ron, Brother Derek and the beloved Barbaro, the Hennegans capture the heart-pounding drama of horse racing and the people behind the splendid animals." Netflix