30 June 2011

Reach The Beach

Over Six Feet Long! ($15- $24)
You'll need one of these for the holiday weekend. Like every other store on the planet, Land's End is having a sale. 


29 June 2011

28 June 2011

Sunshine Rules

Without question, the most fabulous thing out there is your health. So take if from a skin cancer "survivor" and don't mess around with the sun. Check out the FDA's new guidelines. Take heed and here's some of my friendly advice: 
  • Cultivate an obsession with big hats
  • Develop an addiction to the smell of sunscreen (so easy)
  • Pretend you're one of those creepy kids from The Others 
  • Pretend you're Nicole Kidman (has she ever even seen the light of day?)
  • Sunglasses are fabulous when they have UV protection 
  • Always bring one of those oversized umbrellas to the beach (Grace Kelly has one in this picture from To Catch A Thief

27 June 2011

26 June 2011

Stick With Me, Kids

Found this straw bag for $10 at Belk (not avails online). 


25 June 2011

Tory Tees

These tees from Tory Burch are super fab and they don't cost five million dollars...just three million. 


24 June 2011

Mum's The Word

Don't tell anyone but Mumford & Sons will be on VH1's Unplugged tonight at 11. 


23 June 2011

It's Raining Man

Face it, some men are meant to fly solo. George Clooney is back on the market and that's where he should be. Now let's observe a moment of silence. 


22 June 2011

Sassy Lassie Essentials

Chandelier Earrings ($29.50) From The Loft 
All I need to invoke my sassy superpower is a babushka and a pair of dangly earrings. These will do. Now I must away to The Loft. 


21 June 2011

HomeGoods/T.J. Fab Finds "Rainforest Mix"

Giant Birdcage/Stylish Timeout ($149.99)
Candleholders ($39.99) 
Green Vases ($16.99)
Dayna Decker Candles ($14.99)
Finding All This For You (Priceless)


20 June 2011

Cambria Cove Farewell Sale

Spon On Card Set (REG $20 SALE $9.99)
Black & Lime Card Set (REG $35 SALE $10.99)
Laptop Sleeve (REG $65 SALE $9.99) 

Sadly, Cambria Cove is closing up shop but according to their website, "instead of being sad, let's celebrate." When God closes a door, somewhere he opens a going out of business sale. They said as much. Check it out.


19 June 2011

Happy Father's Day

I'd like to think that my Dad's reading my blog, but I'm not sure there's high speed internet in heaven. I was blessed with the sweetest, funniest, wisest, and gentlest of Fathers. I miss him every day.


Post Snark: I've always loved this picture of my Dad because I can tell he's about to crack a smile. 

18 June 2011

Raw Revolutionary Road

"In 1950s Connecticut, two suburbanites become increasingly dissatisfied with their marriage and society's expectations of conformity. Based on the novel by Richard Yates. Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Winslet, Kathy Bates, Michael Shannon, Kathryn Hahn" -EW.COM 
I love it when a movie  "goes there" and by "there" I mean right for the open wound. Revolutionary Road does just that and as painful as it is to watch, you can't look away. Much like George and Martha in Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf, Frank and April tear each other to shreds. Check it out tonight at 8 on AMC. Here's the trailer. 


Post Snark: As a single person, I like to think that all marriages are filled with this much anguish and strife. Makes me feel better. 

17 June 2011


Starstruck Necklace ($48)

Starstruck Sandals ($168)

I'm struck by the starstruck necklace and sandals from Lilly Pulitzer. Loves me some starfish. 


16 June 2011

Get Poppin

One of my many obsessions is office products which is why I'm excited about Poppin, a newly launched office products website. To gain access to the site, you have to register to get an invitation. It took days for me to get accepted. Click here to see if you have what it takes. 


Post Snark: Here are some symptoms of an obsession with office products: 
  • You can spell Ticonderoga
  • You can't bear the thought of a recycled file folder (gross) 
  • You are on an eternal quest for the perfect pen
  • You like warm paper (you hold it up to your face) 
  • The sight of a Sharpie makes you tinkle a little 

15 June 2011

Backup Bag

If something "unfortunate" happens to one of my straw bags (which I fear is possible), this one from Nine West ($39) would be a welcome replacement. I have a strict buy something/get rid of something policy. 


Post Snark: Tootsie has been known to chew on a purse or two. 

14 June 2011

Summers In France? Mais Oui!

I'm obsessed with all the decorator's on Bravo's new Million Dollar Decorators but Kathryn Ireland has intrigued me the most. I love her spirit and am excited that she has a new book out, Summers in France. It sells for $29.78 at Barnes & Noble


Post Snark: Million Dollar Decorators is mandatory Fabulous Alert viewing. Check it out tonight at 10 on Bravo. 

13 June 2011

Nautical Is Always Nice

Loving This Room 

This survey of Charleston Harbor is a stunner. The set of four prints sells for $389 at Wisteria


Post Snark: I lived in Charleston when I was a chee wee. So many churches. 

12 June 2011

It's A MacBook Pro!

Here's the latest addition to my Apple Family (see Apply Family Album). I promise not to bore you with too many baby pictures. 


11 June 2011

Let The Belmont Stakes Begin!

Stop horsing around and watch the Belmont Stakes tonight at 5 on NBC. I loves me some horsies. 

To tide you over until next year's Triple Crown, check out the award-winning documentary The First Saturday In May. It's mandatory viewing for horse lovers and features the much-missed Barbaro (sniff, sniff). Click here for the trailer. 
"Directed by brothers Brad and John Hennegan, this fascinating documentary explores six of the contenders for the 2006 Kentucky Derby as they strive to make their way into the ranks of the country's most prestigious horse race. Following Achilles of Troy, Sharp Humor, Jazil, Lawyer Ron, Brother Derek and the beloved Barbaro, the Hennegans capture the heart-pounding drama of horse racing and the people behind the splendid animals." Netflix 

10 June 2011

Fabulous Under $20

Jacguard-Print Tote From Old Navy ($19.94)

This bag from Old Navy caught my eye. I'm so cheap, though, I'd still wait until it goes on sale and I have a coupon. 


09 June 2011

New Summer Playlist

Here are some of the songs I'm playing right now to launch summer.  
Click here to get to my new playlist on iTunes. 


08 June 2011

Kate Spade Home Is In The House

Larabee Place Setting ($67)

Wickford Sea Cliff Stripe Mug ($19)
At long last, Kate Spade's full tabletop collection is avails online. 'Tis a glorious day. Now make haste to Kate Spade. 


Post Snark: Kate's bedding collection is coming later this summer. 

07 June 2011

Modern Family On Inside The Actors Studio

Tonight on Inside The Actor's Studio, James Lipton will be Bernard Pivot-ing the cast of Modern Family. Tune in at 8 on Bravo to see Eric Stonestreet, Ty Burrell, Julie Bowen, Sofia Vergara, Ed O'Neill and Jesse Tyler Ferguson. Where' s my Manny? 


Post Snark: I have a confusing crush on Eric Stonestreet/Cam 

06 June 2011

Get Beautimous This Summer

Check out Beautyhabit's online summer catalog and here's their summer lookbook. I love ordering from them. They always include a handwritten note and super chic samples. 


05 June 2011

Jungle Love

Freehand Floral Dress ($165)

This girl is thinking, "Just because I'm in a tropical rainforest and it's like 5,000 degrees doesn't mean I can't look fabulous." 
Backcountry Romper ($135)
Love these looks from Madewell. I wonder if I have to live in a jungle to make them work because I kind of do what with my geese and all. Check out Madewell's summer styles.


04 June 2011

Must-See Fabulous TV

The Cricket Pavilion 
The Guest House 

Here's India's take on summer style on Anthro
My Favorite Outdoor Space airs tonight at 6 on HGTV and features the fabulous India Hicks among others. Get a peek inside India's HIbiscus Hill property. I still own the issue of our dearly departed Domino magazine that showcased the stunning home. Sigh. 
"British Royalty, Model and TV Host India Hicks Travels you to her Exotic Bahamas Home That Sits on a Remote Beach. Celebrity Landscaper and Host of HGTV's "The Outdoor Room" Jamie Durie Shows off his Mid Century Modern California Home Where The Outside is Just as Livable as the Inside. Entertainment Tonight Anchor Nancy O'Dell Gives a Behind the Scenes Look at her Life off the red Carpet in her Mediterranean Inspired Backyard." HGTV 

03 June 2011

HomeGoods/T.J. Fab Finds "Summer Edition"

Turquoise Vase ($29.99)
Fishy Dishies ($6.99)
Island Candles ($7.99)
Shell Picture Frames ($7.99)
Go With The Flow Sign ($6.99)
Smelly Shellys ($12)
Finding All This For You (Priceless) 


02 June 2011

The Road To Morocco

If you're not watching The Real Housewives of New York descend on unsuspecting Morocco then you're missing out on a bonafide train wreck. I'm reminded of the Ab Fab episode where Patsy and Edina go to Marrakech...although suddenly they don't seem so gauche. They're practically debutantes compared to the Real Housewives. Perhaps a comparison/contrast is in order. The Real Housewives' trip to Morocco part one airs again tonight at 9 and part two airs at 10 on Bravo. And you can watch the Absolutely Fabulous Marrakech episode here (part one, part two, part three) on tagtele. 


01 June 2011

Music To My Ears

Gift With Purchase. What sweeter phrase. This exclusive Trina Turk Clinique Bonus (a $75 value) is available at Nordstrom with $25 Clinique purchases. Here's what treasures await: 

  • All About Eyes 
  • Take the Day Off Makeup Remover 
  • Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion 
  • Redness Solutions Instant Relief Mineral Powder 
  • Full-Size Different Lipstick in 'A Different Grape'
  • Lash Doubling Mascara in 'Black'
  • Keychain with Long Last Glosswear Minis 
  • Trina Turk-designed cosmetics bag (Love Trina Turk)