31 May 2011

Snob Alert

Suddenly I feel compelled to redo my office. 

Million Dollar Decorators airs tonight at 10 on Bravo. It looks extremely vulgar. Suffice it to say, I can't wait. 

"The network's latest docu-series follows five of the most sought-after interior decorators as they navigate the high-pressured design industry for their wealthy, famous, and extremely demanding clients. From a $20 million estate in La Jolla to the Osbourne's new Hollywood apartment, viewers will get an all-access pass inside some of the most stunning homes in the world." -Bravo

30 May 2011

Beachy Prints

Yellow Turtle Print ($75) Shell Print ($195)

Of late I've been eyeing these fabulous Virginia Johnson prints. I became aware of her from the chic illustrations she did for Kate Spade. Love her style. Check out Virginia Johnson's online illustration portfolio.


29 May 2011

Garden Geese

I always enjoy when feathered friends visit my garden. 


28 May 2011

Surf's Up

MAC's new collection is called Surf, Baby and it's totally rad. Check it out. 


27 May 2011

The Green Parrot

I don't know if could handle a real parrot but this fake one seems doable. Love the shade of green. He sells for $36 at Williams Sonoma Home and includes free shipping. 


26 May 2011

Plant A Radish

I have a love/hate relationship with my garden but can't imagine not having one. Love the pretty fleurs but hate the hard work, dirt and bugs. These Rosemary, Thyme and Basil (no Parsley or Sage?) seed packets are only .75 cents at Crate & Barrel. The fast approaching long weekend would be the perfect time to plant something. 


25 May 2011

My Oprah-Less Existence

Today is the final Oprah show. Oh the horror! What's a girl to do without her daily Oprah? I for one am going shopping for affordable summer vacay outfits. I like this cute dress at Old Navy for a mere $34.94. 


POST SNARK: In the absence of Oprah, we do what we have to do. 

24 May 2011

Chop-Chop For Chops

If this documentary doesn't warm the cockles of your heart then perhaps you don't have one. Chops follows cream of the crop high school band members as they go head to head at the Essentially Ellington Festival. It's like Glee but with jazz musicians. Click here for the Chops trailer. 


Post Snark: The icing on the cake is that Wynton Marsalis is the competition's Artistic Director. If you ever get a chance to see him in concert, chop-chop. 

23 May 2011

Sephora Summer Samplers

In The Glow ($110 Value) $35 At Sephora 
If your inner glow is growing dim, 
here's everything you need to get it back.
Set For Summer ($135 Value) $39 At Sephora

I have commitment issues which is why I love tapas (I hate having to breakup with my entree) and Sephora's makeup sampler kits. 


22 May 2011

Beachify Your Home

Since  the world didn't end yesterday (whew!), it's time to think about beautifying your surroundings. Check out Coastal Living's tips on how to give your house a beachy look. 


21 May 2011

Bananas For Banana Blouse

My tummy feels funny and my heart is going clink, clank, clunk. I haven't felt this way about a blouse in a long time. This fabulous cotton embroidered shell sells for $69.50 at the Banana


20 May 2011

Fresh Market Summer Sampling

Fresh Market samplings are always fun. The key to enjoying free food is to be totally unapologetic about it. Own the mooch. The sampling starts today: 
  • Friday 3-7
  • Saturday 1-5
  • Sunday 1-5 
See you there. I'll be the piglet in the pastry aisle. 


19 May 2011

Bottle In A Message

In magazines, I keep seeing the Tiffany & Co. ad for this Elsa Peretti necklace but the font, albeit pretty, is unreadable. I'm sure the messaging is delightful but we'll never know. The bottle pendants start at $295 and go up up and up but I think they're fabulous. Click here to see the full collection. 


17 May 2011

The Dazzling DVF

I'm so loving the way these models are wearing their Diane Von Furstenberg scarves. Notice how bored they look. Rich people call it ennui because it sounds better. Check out the new DVF website


16 May 2011

"Hello Darkness, My Old Friend"

Jonathan Adler Capri Dutchess Tote ($178)
Jonathan Adler Yellow Hollywood Countess Tote ($198)
Jonathan Adler Blue Arcade Dutchess Tote ($178)

As I've expressed before, I have a purse addiction but how am I to resist Jonathan Adler's new bag collection? Mommy needs her little helper. 


15 May 2011

Find Your Inner Skinny Girl

Just because Bethenny Ever After has ended doesn't mean you have to do without. In the name of Fabulous Alert, I sampled her Skinny Girl Margaritas and am happy to report that not only are they yummy in he tummy but with only 100 calories for a 4 ounce serving, it's my ticket out of Chunkytown (I live on the border). 

It's a nice alternative to Lady Beer and decidedly more delicious. Click here to find your Skinny Girl. 


Post Snark: I used to be one of those skinny girls that could eat anything and not gain weight. Then I hit thirty and began a sordid relationship with cheese. 

14 May 2011

Totally Talented Tommy

Mounting evidence that Tommy Smythe needs his own show. 

Sarah Richardson's sidekick Tommy Smythe has got some serious talent. Check out these absolutely fabulous rooms from House And Home. And don't forget to watch him tonight at 9 on HGTV's Sarah's Summer House


13 May 2011

The Siren Call Of Summer Makeup

I'm so easily lured by good makeup packaging and Paul & Joe rarely disappoint. L'Horizon Bleu is their latest collection and I'm liking the vibe. L'horizen Bleu is described as "a tropical and romantic place where the sea meets the sky." Count me in. Click here for Paul & Joe on Beautyhabit. 


12 May 2011

Spring Cleaning Playlist

Here are a few delightful ditties for that all-important spring cleaning. Play this music and your house will practically clean itself. Click here to check out my "Spring Cleaning" playlist on iTunes.  


11 May 2011


While on the continent, I caught a bad case of Elephantitis and by Elephantitis I mean I really like elephants. However, I think I found the perfect remedy: 

Anthro Elephant's Child Dishtowel ($18) 
Calypso St. Barth Kerala Candle ($65) 
Banana Republic Elephant Charm ($29.50)
Kate Spade Royal Plantation Elephant Basket ($325) 


Post Snark: I'm pretty sure my Aunt Mary had Elephantitis (god rest her soul). She shopped at a a shoe store whose motto was, "We Fit Any Human." 

10 May 2011

One You May Have Missed

A beautifully filmed and scored thriller set in England about a secret Nazi conspiracy plot. How could I have missed this one? Directed by Stephen Poliakoff, Glorious 39 explores how far England would go to avoid war. The surprising answer makes for a truly thrilling thriller. Starring Romola Gari, Julie Christie, Jeremy Northram, David Tennant, Hugh Bonefille and the incomparable Bill Nighy, Glorious 39 is a must queue. Check out the trailer. 
"In this tense WWII-era thriller, Anne Keyes, a young woman from a powerful, political family, stumbles upon sinister evidence relating to a secret Nazi conspiracy plot. As war rages throughout Europe, Anne discovers the dark truths hidden by her family and becomes caught in a deadly web of lies and betrayal." -Amazon

09 May 2011

What A Girl Wants

These are a few things on my birthday radar. I also want a baby elephant. 


08 May 2011

The Mama

My Mom. Smart, pretty, funny, capable and caring. 
When I grow up, I want to be just like her. 


07 May 2011

Home Is Where The Summer House Is

Summer House Bedroom
Summer House Living Area
Summer House Kitchen

Forget about your penthouse, boathouse and doghouse. Sarah Richardson is back with Sarah's Summer House, a new show on HGTV. 
"Most known for her city-centric design work as the host of "Sarah's House" and "Design Inc.," Sarah Richardson ventures 17 miles offshore to supervise -- while six months pregnant -- the renovation of her family's summertime retreat. The off-the-grid cottage is located on a tiny island in the middle of a lake, making access, among other issues, a challenge. With the help of her assistant, Tommy Smythe, Richardson strives to make the cottage a rustic and relaxing getaway to compliment its surroundings, and that includes using a combination of solar, wind and propane for power." -MSN
See you at Sarah's Summer House tonight at 8 on HGTV. 


Post Snark:  I love Tommy, her sassy sidekick. Even in the dustiest of construction sites, he's always so put together.

06 May 2011

The Horses Are Not On The Track...

Photo: Kinetic

Diane Lane. Photo: Kinetic
...but they will be soon. Tomorrow at 4:00 (post time 6:24) we get the Kentucky Derby. It's one of the few sporting events I can fully commit to because it only lasts two minutes, people get smashed and wear hats and of course there are the cute horsies. 


05 May 2011

E-Cards For Mum

Because I could never in a million years be able to explain penis enlargement ads to my mom, I never set up her e-mail. If she had it though, I would send her one of these numbers from Kate Spade


04 May 2011

Audrey Hepburn Movie Marathon

Today is our Queen's birthday and TCM is having an Audrey Hepburn movie marathon to honor that. Check out the lineup: 

Love In The Afternoon (8:45 a.m.) 

Green Mansions (11:00 a.m.)

The Nun's Story (1:00 p.m.)

My Fair Lady (3:45 p.m.) 


03 May 2011

Kind Of Obsessed

Tokyomilk Dark Handcreme ($22) At Beautyhabit 

Not only is the packaging fabulous but it comes in a "sumptuous keepsake bag." Come to mama. 
"A sensuous balm. Unexpected essences crushed & distilled, creating a remarkably uncommon sensory experience – the Tokyomilk Perfumarie. Shea Butter & Sweet Almond Oils melt away dryness in lush hydration. Not for the faint of heart, fragrance to pique your curiosity.
Each alluring tube is enclosed in a tailored sleeve and tucked within a sumptuous keepsake bag." -Beautyhabit 

02 May 2011

Aye Calypso!

Sea Collection

Shore Collection

Reef Collection

Yesterday was the big day when Calypso St. Barth's hit Target. Vulture that I am, I got there when they opened and had first dibs at the booty. Tarry not, items are flying off the shelves. It was practically a land grab. 

Alas, I am still poufless. The golden pouf continues to elude me. Only available online, it sold out in a matter of hours. The silver version is still available in stores but it was the golden pouf that captured my heart. I might have to make a journey to the Ottoman Empire. 


01 May 2011

Heavy Is The Head That Wears The Babushka

Princess Tootsie Roll's kingdom doesn't run itself. Here she is contemplating whether to bark at Helmut and Fritz, the doxies next door, or find a nice sunspot.