28 April 2011

Your Royal Invitation...Of Sorts

Click here to see a scene of the Queen getting serenaded by her staff. She looks rather pained. Right before this they actually serenaded the royal horses. No joke. 

So you weren't invited to the royal nups. No big deal. Windsor Castle: A Royal Year affords you the rare opportunity to be a fly on the gilded walls. I had no idea you needed so many people to keep Windsor Castle afloat. Here are just some of the staff titles: 
  • Page Of The Chamber
  • Yeomen Of The Cellar
  • Castle Flagman
  • Yeomen Of The Glass
  • Master Of The Horse
I would also need a Keeper Of The Scarves and a Handler Of The Bath Gels & Candles. 
"Filmed over the course of a year in an "upstairs-downstairs" fashion, this fascinating program provides a behind-the-scenes look at life inside Windsor Castle -- the world's largest inhabited castle -- via unprecedented camera access. Highlights include a visit from French President Jacques Chirac; the Queen's arrival for the Order of the Garter ceremony; and the high-profile celebration of Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles's nuptials." -Netflix Online