20 April 2011

Along Came Pally

There's a new gay in town and his name is Max from the new TV show Happy Endings. Played by Adam Pally, Max is a refreshing take on a gay man. This exchange with his friend Penny sums it up: 
Penny: Come on, you're a straight dude who likes dudes. I want a gay who will watch house flipping shows with me and grab my boobs in a platonic way. 
Max: So you want a stereotypically cartoonish Sex in the City gay? That's offensive. 
Penny: The heart wants what the heart wants.
Check out his interview with Julie Moran on Hollywood 411. For the record, I hate most sitcoms but thought Happy Endings was kind of cute, especially Max. Happy Endings airs tonight at 10 and you can also catch previous episodes on ABC online.