30 November 2010

Selling Encyclopedias

I keep finding holiday gifts that I want (one of the hazards of searching for fabulous. Here's why I want this one:
"Encyclopedia of the Exquisite is a lifestyle guide for the Francophile and the Anglomaniac, the gourmet and the style maven, the armchair traveler and the art lover. It’s an homage to the esoteric world of glamour that doesn’t require much spending but makes us feel rich." bn.com
Encyclopedia Of The Exquisite: An Anecdotal History Of Elegant Delights by Jessica Kerwin Jenkins sells for $15.37 at bn.com.


29 November 2010

Readying For The Holidays

You're definitely going to need a Menbur Unien Clutch for the holidays. There's just enough room for lipstick, keys and Tylenol. Sells for $65 on endless.com.


28 November 2010

It's Beginning To Smell A Lot Like Christmas

As a certified candle snob, I wholeheartedly approve of the Diptyque Holiday Coffret (available at Beautyhabit for $88). The scents include:
  • Feu de Bois (Firewood)
  • Pomander (Cinnamon & Orange)
  • Sapin (Evergreen)
I'm giving it my "Fabulous Alert Seal Of Approval" which means this would be a really good gift for me.


27 November 2010


A little black dress is a holiday essential, as is a flask filled with hootch. This LBD from Ann Taylor Loft is regularly $98 but right now it's 40% off (practically free).


26 November 2010

HGTV Holiday Tips

As a minimalist I struggle with decorating for the holidays. Hopefully, the HGTV special "30 Holiday Decorating Hits & Misses" will see me through the season. It airs tonight at 8:00 on HGTV.


25 November 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

I'm not a rustic person per se, but could get my comfy on in this barn thingy. Looks perfect for Thanksgiving.


Post Snark: Photo is the home of Mary Lynn and Rusty Turner taken by Miguel Flores-Vianna for Elle Decor.

24 November 2010

It's A Wrap!

Check out The Container Store's Tips For Perfect Gift Wrapping. This is a picture of a pom pom bow. Didn't know what it was called much less the perfect way to do it. If you're a visual learner, you can also watch a video.


Post Snark: I'm a firm believer in mail order so I don't have to mess with wrapping and mailing.

23 November 2010

"I Think It Needs Me"

Like dogs or boyfriends, scarves choose their owners. This one says, "I would look so good with your new coat." How can I resist? Now I must away to prepare for my new bundle of joy. The serape stripe scarf sells for $55 at Madewell.


22 November 2010

Gwyneth's Back!

Gwyneth Paltrow is back and she's taller, blonder and prettier than ever. First there was the leak of her singing Country Strong from the upcoming movie, then she stole the show on last week's Glee, and now she's being interviewed by Chelsea Handler (proof positive that she's back). Chelsea's Big Interview Special 2 featuring Gwyneth, Anne Hathaway and Christina Aguilera airs tonight at 10:00 on E!


20 November 2010

Beautiful Inside And Out

Audrey 100 (not to be confused with Andre 3000) was just released and I'm all atremble. Her family compiled 100 of their favorite Audrey pictures. This must-have sells for $26.08 on Amazon.


19 November 2010

Oprah's Favorite Things (The Ultimate Edition)

Today is Oprah's final "Favorite Things" and it should be a doozy. What could she be giving away. A trip to the moon on gossamer wings? Tune in and find out.


Post Snark: I always wished Oprah would do a Favorite Things with an audience filled with people who need organ transplants. "You get a kidney and you get a kidney. Everybody gets a kidney."

18 November 2010

Shalom, My Friend

Who wouldn't convert to Judaism for this fabulous menorah that includes 9 cubes and 45 candles. It's just the kind of pizazz that Hanukkah needs. After all, it's the sizzle that sells the steak. This piece of sizzle sells for $24 at The Jewish Museum. Such a deal!


17 November 2010


Every girl needs a Little Black Bag (LBB) just as much as she needs a Little Black Dress (LBD). This sassy staple is available at Topshop for $70. Stick with me, kids.


16 November 2010

Shake Your Love...

...and by love, I mean cocktail. I don't even drink that much (hush) but adore drinking accoutrements. These little red numbers caught my eye.

15 November 2010

It's Raining Reindeer

It's raining reindeer at T.J. Maxx. Here's some of the loot.
  • Reindeer Resting $7.99
  • Reindeer Cards $5.99
  • Silver Reindeer Candle Holder $7.99
  • Pair White Reindeer $35.99

14 November 2010

Getting Lippy

As reported earlier, MACs holiday collection "A Tartan Tale" is in stores. The lip sets have finally arrived and this bonnie lass couldn't be happier. Each set (pink, coral, neutral) arrives in a fabulous tartan gift tin. Get off your bahookies before they're gone.


13 November 2010

A Room For Everything

There are no mistakes in yoga so sayeth my yoga sensei. I beg to differ but clearly there are no mistakes in this yoga room designed by Jennifer Post featured in the Kips Bay Decorator House.

The Art Collector's room by Aman & Carson is shown below. Take the tour.


12 November 2010

Hair Me Now

I'm mad about Aveda's hair products. Their holiday gifts are always packaged beautifully and of course everything smells like a rainforest. Check out the goods.


Post Snark: I use Aveda's Sun Care (as seen in picture) to keep from having swimmer's hair.

11 November 2010

I Heart Octopi

Did you know that the Blanket Octopus looks like a scarf (rent Oceans) and this Thomas Paul scarf looks like an Octopus. The hand-screened cotton shawl sells for $60 at Velocity Art And Design.


10 November 2010

Take Me Out To The Ocean

Admittedly, I'm part fish. Why do you think I wear so many scarves? It's to cover my gills. I was deeply moved seeing all my "people" in the recently released documentary, Oceans. From Jacques Perrin and Jacques Cluzaud who brought us the fabulous Winged Migration, Oceans is yet another nature experience. You may not be a fish but after watching Oceans, you might just feel like one. I know I do. Check out the trailer.


09 November 2010

Talk Draping To Me

I'm happy to report that The Fashion Show might be just the thing to fill the void that Project Runway has left behind. Divas Iman and Isaac Mizrahi host the show that promises to be over the top. Count me in. Now maybe I don't have to haunt fabric stores in the hopes that I'll hear people talk about draping, seaming and hemming. The Fashion Shows airs tonight at 10:00 on Bravo.


08 November 2010

Madewell Mix

Madewell has won my heart and that's no easy feat. Here are just a few of the pieces I'm eyeing. Hop on over to Madewell.


07 November 2010

Just Do It!

I work in the glamorous fast-paced world of advertising so I think this slogan generator is kind of fun. Hopefully it won't be used to replace me. Check it out!


Post Snark: I miss Mad Men.

06 November 2010

Jam Jams

I'm ready to run for mayor of comfy town and this looks my uniform. These vintage jam jams take their inspiration from men's pj's and sell for $69.50 at J.Crew. Time for a nap nap.


05 November 2010

Fresh Market Fabulousness

I've never hidden the fact that I can eat my weight in cake and that's exactly what I plan on doing this weekend. Fresh Market is hosting their holiday sampling and it's not to be missed.

Taste Of The Holidays Sampling Event
Friday, November 5th: 12-6
Saturday, November 6th: 11-5

See you there. I'll be the piglet in the pastry aisle.


04 November 2010

Anthro Ornaments

Check out Anthropologie's new collection of holiday ornaments. It's so easy to forget that I don't like cute things when I look at it. I'm feeling the whale.


03 November 2010

Happy Chic Makes For One Happy Chick

I love Jonathan Adler more than bread. Understandably, my heart is all aflutter upon seeing his new books. Where oh where are my smelling salts? Both Happy Chic Accessorizing and Happy Chic Colors sell for $17.95 at Jonathan Adler.


02 November 2010

In Love With I Am Love

There are many reasons I "amore" I Am Love starring the oh-so fabulous Tilda Swinton. Let me break it down.
  • Tilda's to die for Jil Sander wardrobe.
  • Tilda's power villa, Villa Neche which is a museum in Milan. Click here to see what I mean when I say "power villa."
  • Tilda's accent. This Scottish actress plays a Russian woman who lives in Italy but speaks Italian with a Russian accent. Who else, but Tilda Swinton, could pull this off?
  • Tilda's Italian tale which is a little bit Garden of the Finzi-Continis mixed with a dash of Brideshead Revisited (rich people who make a mess of things and the circumstances that sour their once golden lives).
Check out the I Am Love trailer and queue up this cinematic feast.


01 November 2010

MAC Attack!

The MAC holiday collection has arrived and it's super fab. I saw it before it was available at Macy's. They had it in a glass case like the Mona Lisa. The theme this year is "A Tartan Tale" and it has everything a bonny lass could ever need from eye shadows and face kits to makeup brushes tucked inside tartan bags. As always, the lip gloss collections will hit later.


Post Snark: Suddenly I have a hankering for haggis. I didn't know that was possible.