31 October 2010

Devil Dog

Tootsie dressed like a devil this Halloween because it's hotter than tunket where we live (that and the horns were on sale at Old Navy). Don't do anything Toot wouldn't do. Truth be told, she eats her own poo so have at it!


30 October 2010

Hammy Time

Jon Hamm is hosting SNL tonight. Can magic happen a third time? Tune in and find out. This is just what I need. Since Mad Men ended, I've been in a deep funk.


29 October 2010

What Not To Miss

Tonight is the season premiere of What Not To Wear. The guest is none other than Mindy Cohn of Facts Of Life/ Brangelina friend fame. As Stacy would say, "Shut the front door!" Tune in tonight at 9:00 on TLC.


Post Snark: Couldn't Brangelina have sprung for her makeover?

28 October 2010

Sound Of Music Reunion!

Today Oprah is having a reunion with the cast of The Sound Of Music, but I'm not sure I want to see what Brigitta and Friedrich look like now. I'd like to think that they're still singing in a tree looking fabulous wearing their bedroom curtains.

Rodgers and Hammerstein's The Sound Of Music is of my favorite musicals. Its appeal can be largely attributed to Robert Russell Bennett's brilliant orchestrations.The Sound Of Music 45th Anniversary Edition (Blu-ray/DVD Combo) will be releasing November 2nd. Yodelehee!


27 October 2010

Why Vampires?

In the land of monsters, the vampire is far and away the clear winner, which begs the question, why vampires?
  • Vampires are very reasonable. They live by a code, keep strict hours and usually make good wardrobe choices. I cannot stomach one of those high-maintenance zombies.
  • Historically, vampires are a good-looking lot, some might say sexy (see pictures above). Also by comparison, I don't look so pale.
  • Many vampires hold titles i.e, Count Dracula. They've had centuries to pull it together so very rarely is there any riffraff.
  • Vampires keep great schedules. As a writer/artist/chanteuse I need my space. A vampire would afford me that (so would a doctor, sea captain or bread maker).
  • A vampire's impeccable manners would make Emily Post and Amy Vanderbilt proud. A vampire never enters a house unless asked. How delightful!
This is a call to action to all the other monsters out there. Better step up your game, my fiends.


26 October 2010

New iMix! Music For A Dark And Stormy Night!

Check out my latest iMix on iTunes. Thirteen songs for a dark and stormy night!


25 October 2010

Fabulous Halloween E-Cards

Love this screaming banshee e-card from Hallmark. She reminds me of myself on Mondays. Click here to see/hear it.


24 October 2010

A Cure For The Mad Men Blues

What am I to do with my tiny self now that Mad Men is over? Have a martini party with my Mad Men Barbie Dolls? Mais non, mes amis. Behold Mad Men: The Illustrated World by Dyna Moe which sells for $16.99 on the AMC website. J'adore Dyna's illustrations and check out the fun topics:
  • The office culture, including secretary etiquette and hangover workarounds
  • Boardroom and bedroom shenanigans
  • The burgeoning suburabn lifestyle
  • Fabulous fashion, including hairstyle how-tos and bonus paper dolls of Joan

23 October 2010

Turn Back Time

Turn back time with Clinique's Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector. I've been using it on my "freckles" and have noticed results. The Better, Brighter Skin set which sells for $52 at Sephora includes:

  • Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector
  • Even Better Skin Tone Correcting Moisturizer
  • All About Eyes


22 October 2010

Project Runway In Miniature

Check out the tiny players reenact Project Runway! I think some elocution lessons are in order.


20 October 2010

Waiter There's A Spider In My Drink!

I don't really cook but I might go out on a limb and make this variation of a Dark and Stormy. Click here for Claire Robinson's recipe for a Dark and Spooky from Food Network Magazine.


19 October 2010

Snood Tude

As a scarf lover, I'm intrigued by the Snood but wonder if it's the equivalent of a clip-on tie. Am I being a snoot about the snood? I'm going to have to try it out and see how it makes me feel. The solid snood from J.Crew sells for $49.50.


18 October 2010

It's The Swizzle That Sells The Stick

I'm not ready to let go of Mad Men so I'm installing a bar in my office and I'll definitely need one of these. The set of six swizzle sticks and pedestal vase sells for $24 at Pottery Barn.


17 October 2010

Who Is Don Draper?

Don't forget that the season finale of Mad Men airs tonight at 10:00 on AMC. It seems like just yesterday a reporter was asking, "Who is Don Draper?" which launched the new season. The answer is still unfolding.


16 October 2010

Deck The Halls With Doxies

Christmas present for Tootsie? Who am I kidding, this is for me. Check out Jonathan Adler's fabulous collection of holiday ornaments.


15 October 2010

Arrested By Fashion Police

E!'s Fashion Police is my guilty pleasure number 5,234. Tune in tonight to see Joan Rivers, Kelly Osbourne, Giuliana Rancic and George Kotsiopoulos review the week in fashion. It's Snarkfest 2010.

Here's a picture of the fabulous and always stylish Cate Blanchett.


POST SNARK: I think there really should be Fashion Police.

14 October 2010

What Day Is It?

Every year I get this gigantic Stendig Calendar for my office. With a calendar this size, you have no excuse for not knowing what day it is. The chictastic StenCal sells for $34.95 at Crate & Barrel.


13 October 2010

iPhone Wears iLeather

My vision for fall also includes my iPhone. What is she going to wear this season? The iSleeve made from "complexly grained buffalo leather" is not as snuggly as the iWooly but its "lightly distressed cognac coloring" says Autumnal. The Saddle Leather iPhone Sleeve sells for $10 at Pottery Barn and includes Free Shipping to which I say, iWant.


12 October 2010

Hounds In Houndstooth

This makes perfect sense and it's just what Tootsie needs for her fall wardrobe. Here is one of Tootsie's "people" modeling the Houndstooth Dog Coat which sells for $34.90 at The Limited.


11 October 2010

How To Deal With A Monster

If you're misunderstood, you're in excellent company. Concertgoers rioted at the Paris premiere of Stravinsky's Rite of Spring, which is now considered a modern masterpiece. Here's some fabulous advice Diaghilev gives Stravinsky to console him after the shocking reaction in the film Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky.
Diaghilev: You know what a man must do when confronted by a monster?

Stravinsky: Fight it?

Diaghilev: No. Sing!
Check out the trailer for Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky.


10 October 2010

A Message For The Bullied

I haven't always been on Mt. Fabulous doling out my daily dose of fabulous. In my formative years, I was not well-received by my peers. I had to wear a back brace, glasses and a headgear for an unfortunate overbite. I was also painfully shy. In short, I was the school's most obvious target (me and a boy named Chip whose voice was three octaves higher than Jennifer Tilly's). Chip and I should have joined forces but we were in different grades thus making it a forbidden alliance. I made it through, and can honestly say things do get better. Until they do, "Dance and sing, get up and do your thing.*" Bullies be damned.



09 October 2010

Sassy Sephora Samplers

My favorite samples are the ones that are free but these are nice too. Sephora's line of samplers just hit stores. The Glitz & Glam Shimmer and Shine Makeup Deluxe Sampler pictured above sells for $39 ($121 Value).


08 October 2010

Why Can't You Be More Like Seal?

I love Seal's new CD, Commitment. For the last few days, it's all I've been playing. The only problem with listening to Seal is that you look at regular guys and wonder, "What's wrong with you? Why can't you be more like Seal? " Let's face it, Seal would do anything for Heidi Klum. He would no doubt climb mountains, sail the seven seas, wear matching outfits, so on and so forth. For all the regular Joes, it begs the question, "What have you done for me lately?" Sigh.

Commitment is available on Amazon for $9.99.


07 October 2010

Hollywood Dating Essentials

If you ever find yourself dating a Hollywood actor, you'll need a pair of these. It's shocking how many of them are short, which is why I have a firm policy* not to ever date them. This fabulous pair of Pom Pom Ballet Flats sells for $22.50 at Old Navy.


*I'll make an exception for Clooney.

06 October 2010

Christmas Time Is Here?

The uber-fabulous Neiman Marcus Christmas Book has arrived. Click here for the online edition. You can also download it to your Neiman Marcus App. Do I want the life-sized edible gingerbread playhouse or the Dale Chihully pool installation. As much as I love sweets (especially when they're taller than me), I have to go with Dale.


05 October 2010

It's An Elephant!

Instead of adopting a Mongolian baby, I've decided to adopt a baby elephant. On yesterday's Oprah, Kristin Davis shared her work with The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.
"The aim of our Orphans' Project, is to rear the orphaned elephants in such a way that they grow up psychologically sound so that in the fullness of time they can be returned where they rightly belong, amongst the wild elephant community of Tsavo National Park, there to enjoy the quality of life as wild elephants that is their birthright." - Sheldrick Wildlife Trust Online
For $50 you can adopt an orphaned elephant. Donations include a fostering certificate, information about your elephant, and monthly updates. I adore elephants and orphans are usually so delightful...what with all the singing they do. Click here for your very own (sort of) precious pachyderm.


04 October 2010

Always Smell Fabulous

My motto is Always Smell Fabulous (ASF). It used to be Always Smell Sensational (ASS), but I had to change it. This Jo Malone cologne collection is fabulous with a capital FABULOUS.
  • Lime Basil & Mandarin Cologne
  • Grapefruit Cologne
  • Pomegranate Noir Cologne
  • Red Roses Cologne
  • Orange Blossom Cologne
  • Vanilla & Anise Cologne
Available at Neiman Marcus for $95.


03 October 2010

Lofty Goals

Fight cancer and be fashionable doing it. To promote breast cancer awareness, a stellar group of designers created jewelry for Ann Taylor Loft. In the name of Fabulous Alert, I investigated the goods and am happy to give them my Fabulous Alert "Seal Of Approval." For each piece sold, a $5 donation will be made to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation®.

Pictured From Left To Right
Anna Sheffield Breast Cancer Awareness Necklace ($34.50)
Me&Ro Breast Cancer Awareness Bracelet ($34.50)
Kara Ross Breast Cancer Awareness Bracelet ($39.50)


02 October 2010

West Elm For The Holidays

West Elm just got in a ton of fun stuff for the holidays. Love these animal-themed journals (Les Animals Journals) which sell for $16.


01 October 2010

Mongolian Baby Fever

For the record I'm not a huge fan of babies. They're sticky, needy, greedy and they grow up to be people. I rest my case. However, I may have had a slight change of heart after watching the recently released DVD, Babies. The documentary shows a year in the life of four babies from vastly different places: Namibia, Mongolia, Tokyo and San Francisco. Without question, the Mongolian baby carried the film. Perhaps I was blinded by all the fabulous textiles in his yurt. Grab your blankie and boppy (mine's full of gin) and take a look at the trailer for Babies.


Post Snark: The babies that lived without all the mod cons appeared to be much happier than the babies that had them.