30 September 2010

The Owls Have It

Here's why I need the Pal of Athena Ring Box ($18) from AHTHRO. First of all, I'm still suffering from a residual owl obsession thanks to Domino Magazine. And B, it reminds me of the owl on Will's desk in Rubicon, which is of course bugged because everyone is out to get everyone on that show. Love!


29 September 2010


I wonder how John Barrett is going to feel when Tootsie and I show up on his doorstep. We love his living room and could use a 24/7 hairstylist.


Room photographed for Elle Decor by William Waldron

28 September 2010

Old School Nana

The NANA goes back to is roots with this elephant tote ($49.50), to which I say Bravo. It's important to remember where we come from.


27 September 2010

How Chic Is This?

Imagine having this Diptyque Solid Perfume in your purse. I'm trying to contain myself. Philosykos, L'Ombre dans l'Eau, Eau Duelle, and Do Son Solid Perfumes are available for $48 at Beautyhabit.


26 September 2010

Sass Up Your Screen!

Check out the free and fabulous wallpaper from Boden.


25 September 2010

Swatch Is Ready For His Close-Up!

Don't tell Tootsie but I think Swatch (Mood's resident pooch) from Project Runway is super cute. So glad he got screen time on last week's show. Swatch has the it factor, but of course Tootsie does too. Maybe they should date. They could be a pet power couple.


24 September 2010

Climb Every Mountain

Even though the Reverend Mother advises to climb every mountain, I'm afraid of heights so I'll have to watch movies about other people climbing mountains like North Face. The Eiger is one scary mountain. I've never seen such awe-inspiring footage of a mountain. Check out the North Face trailer.


23 September 2010

How Do You Do, Rue?

Check out the new online magazine, Rue, an interiors and lifestyle publication. There can never be too many magazines.


22 September 2010

iWant An iWooly

Regarding my not having an iPhone case, I've adopted my friend Drew's theory. You wouldn't drop your baby so why would you drop your phone. However, I've met numerous people along the way who I'm quite certain have been dropped...repeatedly, thus forcing me to rethink my iPhone strategy. Covering up my iPhone pains me but then I saw the iWooly ($40) from The Good Flock on Daily Candy. iFabulous!


PS: Just like Mama, my iPhone is always cold.

21 September 2010

Cup, Cup, Cup, Cup, Of, Of, Of, Of

I can't go on without this fabulous cup & saucer set from Jonathan Adler. It's on sale for $12.


20 September 2010

A Happy House?

Oh how I've missed Hugh Laurie's masterful portrayal of the dyspeptic mess, Dr. House. Hopefully love hasn't softened my favorite curmudgeon too much. We shall see. The season premiere of House airs tonight at 8:00 on FOX.


19 September 2010

Haunted Mansion Chic

Silhouettes are kind of creepy but I like them. The Silhouette Specter Votives are available at Anthro for $10 each.


Post Snark: I had a silhouette done when I was a kid and the artist was kind of enough not to capture my schnauzala in all its glory.

18 September 2010


Attention J.Crew Junkies, the J.Crew Factory Store is now available online...only on the weekends though. How exclusive?


17 September 2010

I Wasn't Born Yesterday, Or Was I?

Thanks to Boots No7 Protect & Perfect Beauty Serum, I'll be ten years younger in eleven days. Hazzah. It won Good Housekeeping's best anti-aging serum award and is available at Target for $17.99.


Post Snark: Check out the full list of anti-aging winners from Good Housekeeping.

16 September 2010

I Feel For You

Pouf, Ottoman, Tuffet and now...The Chakki. Common to all is that I'll end up tripping on them. The fabulous Chakki (used in India to grind corn) sells for $450 at Serena & Lily.


Post Snark: Who knew grinding corn could be so chic!

15 September 2010

Now Tweet This!

Fly to me, jeweled bird of paradise brooch. Available at Kate Spade for $145.


14 September 2010

Under The Gunn

I'm under the Tim Gunn spell. Sometimes I imagine he's on my shoulder telling me what to do. Like right now, he's telling me not to share that. To the point, I love it when people spill and apparently Tim tells it like it is in his new book, Gunn's Golden Rules: Life's Little Lessons For Making It Work. As hard as it is to imagine, apparently there are some divas in the fashion industry. Gasp! Can't wait to get my hands on a copy. It sells for $14.03 at Barnes & Noble.


13 September 2010

Midnight At The Urban Oasis

Check out HGTV's latest giveaway. Tootsie and I will be comfy here.
"It's our first ever giveaway that breaks free from the countryside and gives one lucky viewer the chance to win a contemporary urban apartment right in the heart of New York City, along with the fabulous lifestyle that goes with that. Best of all, the high-rise pad is designed and decorated by world-famous Vern Yip, who will put his contemporary spin into a space with endless views of the big apple."- HGTV online

12 September 2010

Easy Like Sunday Morning


11 September 2010


I decided to give my ears a break from all the dangly earrings. I'm going with this dainty plate stud ($25) from The Banana.


10 September 2010

Stand Up To The Big "C"

I'm not as mad at cancer as I am at how we treat it. Someday people will be shocked at our barbaric attempts...hopefully sooner than later. All the major networks are airing the fundraiser Stand Up to Cancer tonight at 8:00.


Post Snark: Sadly, oncologists usually don't look like this. If they did, everyone would want cancer. Paging Dr. Wilson.
Post Post Snark; As a cancer "survivor" I'm allowed to make fun of cancer.
Post Post Post Snark: It was only skin cancer, but still.

09 September 2010

Little Boxes

What does one put in a concentric inlay bone box? It would have to be fabulous, whatever it is. Avails at Wisteria for $199.


08 September 2010

Fall Takes Flight!

Seeing as that I live on the Equator (sort of), my interest in fall has been slow-going. However, this bird blouse has awakened me. It sells for $88 at French Connection.


07 September 2010

Beautiful Bits & Bobs

In a moment of weakness, I fell prey to Madewell's Bits & Bobs necklace which sells for $38. I'm still working on my vision for fall, but this is definitely part of it.


06 September 2010

Happy Labor Day!

Wish I was here but I"m working.


05 September 2010

Music To Twirl To!

Click here to download the Free playlist for Kate Spade's new perfume, Twirl.


Post Snark: Smelling nice makes me wanna dance.

04 September 2010


Check out the new issue of Rolling Stone. It goes inside Mad Men and is full of gorgeous pictures like this.


03 September 2010

Mommy's Little Peanut!

I fear something bad might happen to my existing iPod Nano. He's looking rather pale. If need be, I'll have to get one of these new peanut-sized Multi-Touch Nanos. They start at $149...a small price to pay for fabulous. Get thee to Apple.


02 September 2010

How Do You Do, 2011?

Now that I see this fabulous 2011 Kate Spade calendar, I'm ready for 2010 to be over already. Having the right calendar really sets the tone of your year.


01 September 2010

Natural "DVD" Selection

Evolve already and queue up the recently released DVD, Creation. The BBC biographical drama stars Paul Bettany as Charles Darwin. It's as much about Darwin's internal struggle over the findings he knew would shake people to the core as it's a portrait of a grieving father.

The story jumps back and forth in time with great frequency. To survive, use Darwin's hairline as a guide. He has quite a chrome-domus. Think of it as a beacon. Click here for the trailer.