31 August 2010

If It Takes Forever...

This scarf is speaking to me. It's saying, "Wait for a final sale. I'll be there." Do scarfs lie? The Lemlem Wanza skinny scarf sells for $75 at J.Crew.


30 August 2010

Baby, You're A Design Star!

This is a room from HGTV's new design star, Emily Henderson. I love how she puts her outfits together so it was only fitting that she won the mantle by showing how to dress your room the way you dress yourself. Sounds like Domino? She used to work for the dearly departed magazine. Her new show, Secrets From A Stylist, aired last night on HGTV at 10 EST. Check out her fabulous portfolio.


29 August 2010

Happy Birthday Ingrid Bergman!

Ingrid Bergman was fabulous on an international scale and with Isabella Rossellini as a daughter she's proof that fabulous begets fabulous.


28 August 2010

Swan, Swan, Hummingbird

Get your FREE Paul & Joe Wallpaper here and check out the matching makeup collection on Beautyhabit.


Post Snark: Used to have a swan named Suki..not Sookie (like the True Blood heroine or Lorelai Gilmore's best friend, both fabulous).

27 August 2010

Under $5!

Light your fire with these too pretty to actually use matchsticks from Lilly Pulitzer. They sell for $4.50.


26 August 2010

"Look, Muffy, Another Book For Us!"

Lisa Birnbach's much-anticipated True Prep hits shelves September 7th. I still have my copy of The Official Preppy Handbook somewhere underneath Mummy's Cole Porter records.

"True Prep is a contemporary look at how the old guard of natural-fiber-loving, dog-worshipping, G&T-soaked preppies adapt to the new order of things. Birnbach considers the prep attitude towards money (ambivalent), schools (good investment), wardrobe (now your clothes fit), work (some careers will never be prep), decorating (ask mummy), scandal (including rehab and prison), and food and drink (with some classic recipes for both). She also looks at weekends (and what to do to get asked back), entertaining, sports (including sailing and shopping), weddings, etiquette, the Internet and electronic gadgetry, political correctness, reality TV, and . . . polar fleece. And last but not least: a do-it-yourself eulogy." -Amazon Online

Can't wait! True Prep will sell for $10.77 at Amazon.


25 August 2010

Something Crazy This Way Comes!

Qu'est-ce Que C'est? Part one of the Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion airs Monday at 10:00 p.m and apparently it's going to be event television. Saw this sneak peek on Entertainment Weekly.


Post Snark: What's going on with the Laugh-In set?

24 August 2010

Make It Jonathan Adler Day!

For only $18.95, you can enjoy Jonathan Adler everyday. Love him more than bread. Check out his new Happy Chic Agendas.


23 August 2010

You Complete Me

Upon seeing this Kate Spade Vase, I realized that something has been missing in my life...most notably this Kate Spade vase. I'm pretty sure it will fill the void and for only $25, that's really a small price to pay.


Post Snark: Vase is three inches high.

22 August 2010

Art Director Needed

The hue and cry from Mad Men fans is that Sal, played by Bryan Batt, needs to come back to the agency, which is now Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce. What is going on with their new art department? Who is in charge?

Check out Bryan's New Orleans garden party. My fellow New Orleanian really knows how to be put together a fabulous gathering with a Mad Men-inspired twist.


21 August 2010

Song Of India

When I grow up, I want to be just like India Hicks. She was on HSN this week and I succumbed to the promises of having an island life like India's, or at the very least smelling like an island. As a copywriter, I should no better than to be lured like that, but apparently with this bag and its contents I will be transported to paradise. How could I resist? Click here at your own risk.

PS: The Spider Lily Body Cream is divine.

20 August 2010

Take Me Away!

If you can't get to an Italian beach, let Massimo Vitali bring an Italian beach to you. Check out his portfolio of beaches and beach lovers. I saw this in a One Kings Lane e-mail this week.


19 August 2010

Pups On Film

Photobooth Dogs is a book of pictures of Poo-Pups taken in photobooths over the last eighty years. I want to see what dogs of yore looked like. They probably wore hats back then. This sells for $14.95 at ANTHRO.


18 August 2010

T.J. Fab Finds

Patterned Stickers ($9.99)
Green & White Striped Tote ($12.99)
Olivia Care Soap ($3.99)
Green Flower Pot ($7.99)
Savon De Marseille ($7.99)
Finding All This For You (Priceless)


17 August 2010

Guilty Pleasure #357

Get ready for a double scoop of crazy served up by Discovery Health. I'm Pregnant And...A Hoarder airs tonight at 9:00.
It's the motherload of dysfunction and I couldn't be happier.
Other installments in the series include:
I'm Pregnant And...A Drug Dealer
I'm Pregnant And...A Nudist (To which I say, "ouch!")

With bated breath, I await!


Post Snark: This is a picture of my Mother pregnant with me. She hoards butter fingers.

16 August 2010

I Am A Very Stylish Girl

Amongst the teenage wasteland that is Urban Outfitters, I found these Teardrop Cluster Posts for $20. I must say, I'm amazed.


15 August 2010

Celebrity Cement Ponds

Whatever semblance of sanity I have (hush now), is due in large part to swimming laps everyday. Without this little outlet, I'd be undone. If only I could swim in a pool like this one owned by the glamorous Aerin Lauder Zinterhofer. Check out the fabulous gallery of celebrity pools on elle.decor.com.


14 August 2010

Don't Make Me Do The Camel

When I was told to "Go to the eyebrow center" in my first yoga class, I thought they were talking about a special section of Sephora. It's your third eye...who knows. All I can say is, deep reflection makes me really hungry. Loving this fabulous Yoga and Pilates Bag by Kim Michie. It sells for $88 at Cambria Cove.


13 August 2010

Cheap Rings For Cheap Women

Baby loves a cheap cocktail ring... and a cheap cocktail. With prices ranging from $6.50 to $12.50, this Old Navy collection of cocktail rings is calling my name.


12 August 2010

To Pouf?

I've been pondering the state of my pouflessness. To pouf or not to pouf– that is the question. The answer is leaning towards yes with this Kuba Jaipuri Pouf from Calypso. It sells for $425. Poufs don't come cheap, my friends.


11 August 2010

Good Things For Good Dogs!

If I had a tail, I'd wag it. Check out Martha Stewart's new pet collection for Petsmart. I think Tootsie needs the doggy bath robe.


Post Snark: I think I see Busy Bee. Click here for the fabulous "Where's The Busy Bee?" scene from Best In Show.

10 August 2010

Pixie Power!

Another English rose has gone the way of the pixie, to which I say well done! Love Emma Watson's super chic new haircut. Summer is the perfect time to change things up a bit and go short.

Check out my Pixie Primer!


09 August 2010

Waterbug Heaven

Having always been a waterbug, one of the happiest days of my life was when my parents bought a house with a pool. I spent so much time in the water, my hair turned green. Such is life. Check out the fabulous collection Daily Candy put together of gorgeous swimming pools around the world.


08 August 2010

Don Draper Needs A Decorator

In the new season of Mad Men, we see that Don Draper is in desperate need of a decorator. The drab tenement he's inhabiting is hardly appropriate for a newly single dapper Don. And it's painfully clear by his choice of female companions: hookers, secretaries and debutantes, that he has yet to grasp being a bachelor (he had a hard time grasping being married). Think big, Don. For starters, date a designer who can help you with that ratbox.

Here's a handsome bar cart by Deborah Needleman as seen in Lonny magazine.


07 August 2010

Emily D At Work

Not only do I dwell in possibility but also fabulous office products. Check out the Emily Dickinson inspired notepad for $7.95 at CB2.


06 August 2010

Audrey, My Queen!

Audrey Hepburn fans, prepare to swoon. Bob Willoughby's new book, Audrey Hepburn Photographs 1953-1966 is giving me heart palpitations. The only problem is it sells for $500 at the always fabulous Taschen. As an almost Audrey Hepburn scholar, I'm wondering if I qualify for a discount.


05 August 2010

Oh Happy Tray!

Just because they don't have it online doesn't mean it's not out there...somewhere. Strive, seek, find but no yielding please. The small blue tray is on sale for $19.99 at West Elm.


04 August 2010

Don't Mess With Me

This guy is not having any of it. Check out all the fun stuff the Discovery Channel has for Shark Week.


03 August 2010

Envy Schmenvy

I know envy is one of the seven deadly sins, but don't care. I want Trina Turk's mid-century modern house in Los Angeles...and that cute dress. Click here to see her fab pad on Elledecor.com.


02 August 2010

Some Like It Hot

I hate to use the four letter "f" word, but sadly FALL is hitting the stores. I practically live on the Equator, so I'm not happy about the sudden presence of woolen sweaters. Baby likes the heat, however this little number for $44.50 from The Loft caught my eye. It's all the FALL I can handle right now.

Now back to your regularly scheduled summer.


01 August 2010

Baby Big Ears

The rumors are true. Tootsie, on occasion, has taken flight.
My Dad used to call her Die Fledermaus (the bat) because of those big ears.

If you happen to see a doxie flying over your fair city, that's Tootsie looking for some fabulous!