30 June 2010

Stick With Me, Kids!

Here's what I found on my most recent visit to TJ Maxx.
  • Pre De Provence Bath Gel ($4.99)
  • Graphique De France Note Cards ($4.99)
  • Fab Orange/White Vase ($14.99)
  • Straw Placemats (.99 Each)

29 June 2010

Miss Lilly Wallpaper

Just saw this cute desktop wallpaper on the Lilly Pulitzer website.


28 June 2010

Seahorse Sandys

Miss Trish is back at Target! In my heart, she never left. Love her seahorse sandys for $24.99.


27 June 2010

Bathroom With A View

With a view like that, I would never want to leave this bathroom. Check out Coastal Living's website for more beachy rooms.


26 June 2010

Where's The Party?

This elegant invitation speaks to me. It says, "Why don't you know anyone who throws beach parties?" Sigh. If I did know anyone who threw beach parties, I hope they would use these fab customizable invites from Tiny Prints.


Hollis, thanks for sharing these with me!

25 June 2010

Wonder Woman?

Am I a cuff person? Wonder Woman wore cuffs and she was cool. I just don't know but like this little number that sells for $39.50 at the NANA. I think my hesitation stems from the cuff-crazy Lynne from The Real Housewives Of Orange County.


24 June 2010

I Am The Captain Of My Blog

And as captain of my blog, I'm ordering you to queue up the recently released DVD, Invictus. It's worth it just to hear Morgan Freeman as Nelson Mandela utter:
"I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul."
-Invictus by William Ernest Henley
Chills! Love Morgan Freeman more than bread. Demigod Clint Eastwood directed this inspiring true story that gives us a glimpse of the great leader. Check out the Invictus trailer.

Click here for Henley's poem, Invictus in full. Whether you were imprisoned for 27 years, or are just having a bad day, this empowering poem will do the trick.


23 June 2010

Upside Down You're Turning Me

I'm flipping for these pineapple flops. They sell for $28 at Tommy Bahama.


22 June 2010

No Makeup Bag Regrets

I'm still kicking myself for not getting last year's Tory Burch makeup case with the gondolas. Regret! If the makeup bag gods are listening...oh what's the use. I'm developing feelings for this cosmetic case with the coyfish print. It sells for $65 at Tory Burch.


21 June 2010

I Could Cry Salty Tears...

Where has this Kate Spade ring been all these years? Apparently at Neiman Marcus for $65. This ring would look so fabulous while I'm holding my white iPhone.


20 June 2010

Happy Father's Day

Here's a picture of my Dad in Jamaica looking très distingué. Miss him so much.


19 June 2010

I'll Take Mine Dry

Contrary to all the rumors, I really don't drink that much but I do have a fondness for bar accoutrements. Love this little setup I found on HGTV under beach chic decorating ideas.


18 June 2010


I love it when the album cover is as good as the album. Morcheeba's new album, Blood Like Lemonade, is perfect for chilling out in this infernal heat. Here's what I downloaded from iTunes: Blood Like Lemonade, Even Though, Easier Said Than Done, and Straight Ahead.


17 June 2010

The Shoes Of Summer

Sandals, Espadrilles and Flips. For summertime, that's pretty much all I wear. Check out these espadrilles for $48 from J.Crew's sister store, Madewell. They recently launched their website.


16 June 2010

Throw Me Some Beads, Mister!

I love me some cheap jewelry. These orange beads from Old Navy for $6.99 (sale price) are practically free!


15 June 2010

Miss Kathy's Back!

The good thing about Bravo is that when one show ends another inevitably begins. As we say goodbye to The Real Housewives of New York, we are saying hello to a new season of Kathy Griffin's My Life On The D-List. Check it out tonight at 9:00 on Bravo.


Post Snark: Kathy's Official Book Club Selection just came out in paperback!

14 June 2010

Me Old Bamboo

To maintain summertime fabulosity, a bamboo straw tote is essential. Here's one for $49.50 from the preplicious Land's End Canvas.


13 June 2010

Design Drama

As it is, I watch way too much HGTV because truth be told, I could actually watch paint dry. The new season of Design Star premieres tonight at 10:00 on HGTV. Let the design drama begin!


PS: This is a room from contestant Trent Hultgren's design portfolio.

12 June 2010

Eyeing The Eyelet

I've been eyeing this eyelet cotton blouse in blush stone for $78 at J.Crew. I love eyelet for summer. It's so Audrey.


11 June 2010

The New Melon Of Troy

For moons my go-to summer color from OPI was Melon of Troy, but I'm liking this color from their Havana Nights collection called Caliente Coral. Check out this virtual polish change. You can adjust the hands and nails to make them look like yours. I do yardwork so this is my virtual hand on a really good day and where's my big cocktail ring? Caliente Coral sells for $9 at Sephora.


10 June 2010

An Uptown Sharpie

I can't function without a supply of Sharpies. Check out the new Stainless Steel Sharpie that's billed as their, "most luxurious Sharpie marker ever!" I'm in. Sells for $6.20 at Office Depot.


09 June 2010

Bringing Style Back To Travel!

I roared when Manny from Modern Family said, "I'm just a boy trying to bring style back to travel." Amen to that, Manny. Where has the flair gone? Where are the Pucci flight attendant uniforms? For a taste of what used to be, check out 20th Century Travel: 100 Years Of Travel Ads by Jim Heimann and Allison Silver. It sells for $28.79 at Barnes & Noble.

"A lush visual history of international wanderlust, this volume features 400-plus print advertisements from the Jim Heimann Collection, that illustrate the evolution of leisure travel — from domestic to global, exclusive to popular, exotic to standardized — and its crucial role in American culture." -Taschen Online


08 June 2010

I Spy A Zebra!

For some reason, I have zebras on the brain (not literally of course). Love this zebra-themed Summer Bon Shopper at Kate Spade for $175.

Post Snark: In the past few weeks I have featured zebras all throughout my blog. Sometimes they're in the background. Go find them!


07 June 2010

Ma Chambre

I'm imagining all the bright ideas I would have in these crisp Miami rooms by Stephen Sills. Think I would wear Aqua Di Parma and listen to Bebel Gilberto (I do both those things anyway). Check out the Miami residence he did.


06 June 2010

The Slishity-Slosh Of The Rain In My Head*

So fabulous, I'd want it to rain all the time! Sells for $35 at Tory Burch.

* Shel Silverstein Shoutout!

05 June 2010

Bob Baffert's Hair

Let's pause for a moment and reflect on the force of nature that is Bob Baffert's hair. Forget about the horse's mane and look at Bob's fabulous locks. His horse, Lookin' At Lucky won the Preakness Stakes but won't be participating in today's Belmont Stakes which airs tonight at 5:00 on ABC.


Picture from NBC Sports Media

04 June 2010

Happy Birthday Rosalind Russell!

One of my favorite feel-good movies is Auntie Mame starring the fabulous Rosalind Russell. Mame's exuberance is so infectious. Check out the trailer.

"Live! Life's a banquet and most poor suckers are starving to death!"
- Auntie Mame


03 June 2010

The Kalman Cure

Whenever I'm lacking inspiration, I grab one of Maira Kalman's books, especially her children's books. They make me happy. I'm so adding this to my collection. It's the first retrospective on her fabulous work. Maira Kalman: Various Illuminations (Of A Crazy World) sells for $25.16 at Barnes & Noble.


02 June 2010

Who's A Pretty Zebra?

Leave it to nature to come up with the best graphic treatments. What could be better than a zebra. Loving this zebra print from IKEA for $49.99. It would look nice next to my gigundous Stendig calendar.


01 June 2010

Magnificent Obsession!

Essentially Herb and Dorothy Vogel are hoarders, but instead of collecting rotting pumpkins, gum wrappers and Halloween decorations, they collect the artwork of Richard Tuttle, Robert Mangold and Lynda Benglis to name but a few. On civil servant salaries, they managed to amass one of the most important collections of conceptual and minimalist art. It's impossible not to fall for the Vogels, who are unlikely but refreshing members of the art scene. Check out the Herb & Dorothy trailer!