30 April 2010

Sarong Song

This sarong is so right. Sells for $14.50 at Old Navy.

"Wear a sarong
I can undo
As soon as we're home
Chez nous."

-Chez Nous by Michael Franks


29 April 2010

Oh My Starfish!

I'll cross the seven seas for a cute cocktail ring. I just saw this fabulous starfish ring ($48) in the new White House/Black Market catalog. It looks cuter in print.


28 April 2010

The “Good Hair” Club For Men

MONEY HAIR: Only people with big bank accounts can maintain this seemingly effortless look. (Matthew Bomer from White Collar)
VAMPIRE HAIR: The floppiness of the hair is key. VH is slightly derivative of River Phoenix hair. (Robert Pattinson)
DREAMBOAT HAIR: It’s not that you want to run your fingers through it (unless you have Handi Wipe present) but boy does it look good. (Jon Hamm as Don Draper)
SCOTTISH HAIR: The hallmark of Scottish hair is its ability to look great even when it’s messy. (Ewan McGregor)
SEAFARING ADVENTURE HAIR: This tossled look is perfect for the high seas. Ioan Gruffudd is from Wales, which is close enough to Scotland for him to pull it off (see Scottish Hair).
SPY HAIR: Daniel Craig's hair is as impeccable as the Brioni suits he wears. Very similar to Action Star Hair (see below).
SILVER FOX HAIR: Anderson Cooper works this hair like a pro. The gray hair on a SILFO actually looks better than their original color.
ISLAND HAIR: Sunshine and ocean air give Sawyer (Josh Holloway) the gift of natural highlights and good texture.
ACTION STAR HAIR: These guys can’t get bogged down with lots of hair because when you travel light, there’s no room for mousse. (Matt Damon)


27 April 2010

Let Me Be Perfectly Clear

As a minimalist, I love clean lines. I love clear lines. I love no lines. I love it when the furniture is barely there. This Charles Ghost stool has just a hint of chair about it. She sells for the paltry sum of $600 at Neiman Marcus.


26 April 2010

Chickee Chic

Beautify your desktop with a fun wallpaper from PBteen. Love this island-inspired one. Where I'm from, we call these little straw huts chickees.


25 April 2010

Zac Attack!

Wake up it's happening. Zac Posen has hit Target. Exeunt fabulous people! From the Zac Posen lookbook as seen on Fashionista, the raincoat sells for $49.99.


24 April 2010

How Green Is Your Desk Set?

I can't possibly maintain my "creative genius" status without an attractive desk. These Susy Jack pencil cups made from stainless steel and 100% recycled paper are from the eco-friendly section of the See Jane Work website. Super fab!


23 April 2010

Yipes Stripes Again!

A zebra named Yipes was the spokesanimal for the previously mentioned Fruit Stripe gum. This eco-friendly zebra key fob by Areaware reminds me of him. He sells for $18 at Velocity Art And Design.


PS: I wish Tootsie would be a spokesanimal. She's got the look and the focus. We'd be on easy street. That Geicko gecko has kind of played itself out.

22 April 2010

"Yipes! Stripes!"

Loving this crinkle cotton dress from Boden that sells for $98. It's bringing back happy memories of Fruit Stripe gum. Remember Yipes the zebra?


21 April 2010

Jenna Fix For J.Crew Junkies!

This is a Fabulous Alert Level Canary Yellow! Jenna Lyons, executive creative director of J.Crew, is going to be on Oprah today. My Oprah comes on at 4:00 but check your local listings. For the fabulous, this is event television.

A picture of Jenna's uber fab living room from the dearly departed and desperately missed Domino Magazine.


20 April 2010

Saving The Planet One Sea Bag At A Time!

At heart I'm a crunchy, but I certainly don't dress like one or god forbid smell like one. You can save the planet and not look like a Tolkien character with these fabulous Sea Bags made from recycled sailcloth. This anchor bag is available at Anthro for $118. Check out the Sea Bag site for more options.


19 April 2010

To The Sea!

There are precious few places that soothe my weary soul: Sephora when it first opens, a J.Crew sale rack in springtime and the beach. When I can't get seaside, I look at this beautiful book by French marine photographer Philip Plisson.
"A book for photography lovers, undersea adventurers, and those concerned with the future of the earth, this breathtaking volume celebrates, in 400 of Plisson's most evocative images, our never-ending fascination with the world's oceans and seas." -Abrams Online
The Sea sells for $35 at Barnes & Noble.


18 April 2010

Saving The Planet One Mojito At A Time!

Saving the planet can be fun. Enjoy your mojitos guilt-free with these earth-friendly glasses made from recycled glass. The set of six glasses sells for $60 at Pottery Barn. Bar tools and pitcher are sold separately.


17 April 2010

Get Your Green On!

Celebrate earth month with the DVD No Impact Man, a documentary about how a family tries to leave no impact on the environment for one year. At first I thought it was going to be a story about self-righteous greenies, but it isn't. The wife goes kicking and screaming into this project which is what makes No Impact Man so watchable. It will make you think about what you can do to make the pebble a better place. Love the pebble. Check out the trailer.


16 April 2010

Green Home Giveaway Time!

Every Girl Needs One Of These!
Today is the first day of HGTV's Green Home Giveaway. I never win these things but love trying nonetheless. Click here to take the virtual tour and enter. Shareskies if you win?


15 April 2010

A Little Birdie Told You

I've been eyeing the Patch NYC collection for West Elm since it arrived. These ceramic chotchkalas from $6.50- $22 are a great gift idea for someone fabulous...especially the pidgeon. Did I mention that my birthday is fast approaching?


14 April 2010

That Old Feeling

I haven't felt this way about a dress since last summer's yellow ikat dress from J.Crew. I'm crying tears of fabulous. The large blooms dress is available at the Loft for $98.


13 April 2010

They Make Cards For This?

It's comforting to know that they make cards for occasions such as this and how appropriate as I'm getting my colonoscopy today. I toyed with idea of live blogging the whole affair but decided against it. Here's hoping my colon is clean and healthy. Now, what am I going to wear?

This hip line of letterpress cards from Blue Barnhouse is available at Velocity Art And Design.


12 April 2010

This New House

As you all know, I think Hugh Laurie is the greatest thing since sliced sourdough bread. Tonight's episode of House was directed by Laurie and the guest patient is the fabulous David Strathairn (loved him as Moss on The Days and Nights of Molly Dodd). “Lockdown” airs tonight at 8/EST on Fox. I can't wait! Click here for a preview.


Spring Is Here!

And so it came to pass that a flower bloomed in my once flowerless garden. Little Bird Blue wasn't storying. Spring is really here!


11 April 2010

A Fabulous Catch

I love the real thing but have commitment issues so I cast my "Fabulous Alert" net and found these silver fish. They have no function other than being fabulous and you don't have to feed them. Get your catch of fish at Williams-Sonoma Home for $28-$38.


10 April 2010

Anthony Shout Out!

I had grown quite fond of Project Runway contestant, Anthony Williams and was sad to see him eliminated (again) from Thursday's episode. A southern gentlemen is always a real treat and Anthony really brings it. I love that his genteel cadences are more befitting a Tennessee Williams' play. So fabulous! Click here for a medley of delightful Anthony moments.


09 April 2010

Deck The Walls!

If these walls could talk, they'd say, "I'm fabulous!" The set of nine patchwork prints sells for $169 at Ballard Designs.


08 April 2010

Little Bird Blue

This is Little Bird Blue. I found him wandering around my flowerless garden. He told me to be patient because in time the flowers will once again bloom. I paid him five dollars to tell me that.


07 April 2010

Hello Darkness, My Old Friend

I can't help myself. My name is Caboo and I love purses. This little straw number for $39.50 from the Gap caught my eye. Love the ticking stripe lining and ribbon detail. By the way, I checked the DSM-IV and saw nothing about purse obsessions. Whew!


06 April 2010

A La Plage

Having the right beach towel is essential for chic seaside outings. You simply can't be seen with any old rag. This stylish Starfish Jacquard Beach Towel from Pottery Barn sells for $29 and includes FREE SHIPPING. Now to find a bag!


05 April 2010

If Only They Tried To Be Like Grace Kelly

I love that Grace Kelly is on the cover of the new Vanity Fair. It is, however, a sharp contrast to the inside story on the "ladies" that Tiger Woods got to know...biblically. Clearly, these "ladies" never studied Grace Kelly in their respective charm schools. If they had, things may have been different.


So Having A Moment!

Only a hot tranny mess would miss out on Christian Siriano's Bravo special, Having A Moment. Go behind the scenes as the Project Runway winner puts together an undoubtably fierce line for fashion week. The one-hour spectacular airs tonight at 10/EST on Bravo.


04 April 2010

Happy Easter!

I think Tootsie hid the bunny tail that goes with this getup but you get the idea. Happy Easter Fabulous Alert Friends!


03 April 2010

So Cute I Could Eat Them!

As a child I ate paper with great frequency and the paper straw was always a favorite. These adorable stripey straws from Jack & Lulu are available for $10 at Anthro, and in case you were wondering, I don't eat paper anymore.


02 April 2010

Spring Cleaning iMix

STEP 1: Open the windows...unless the pollen count is too high.

STEP 2: Put on a babushka.
Just because you're cleaning doesn't mean you can't look cute.

STEP 3: Play my Spring Cleaning iMix and your house will practically clean itself!


01 April 2010

"Come To Me, Come To Me!'

I'm hearing the siren call of the Bali desktop collection from Thomas Paul. I found it where the sky meets the sea a.k.a Velocity Art And Design. Check it out!