31 March 2010

Four Non Blondes

Behold the holy trinity (plus one) of European brunettes. On film they've done everything from ingenue to femme fatale. They are a constant source of inspiration and I blame them for all my misguided attempts at having dark hair. These are some movies that really showcase their fabulous locks.

DamageJuiliette Binoche
SabrinaAudrey Hepburn (after she cuts her hair)
Coco Before ChanelAudrey Tatou (after she cuts her hair)
CousinsIsabella Rossellini


30 March 2010

Pillow Talk

If I was going to be smothered, I hope my smotherer would have the presence of mind to use a fabulous pillow. These PATCH NYC pillow covers from West Elm would be perfect. They sell for $34 and ship for free. For the record, I'm not really worried about a smothering "incident" as smothering has fallen out of fashion.


29 March 2010

I Love Paris!

"Your life's not over! Maybe it hasn't even started."
For my fellow Francophile friends, Paris is a must watch movie. Grab some brie and get ready for a compelling story, beautiful cinematography, a cool soundtrack, and a great cast that includes the fabulous Juliette Binoche. Even though the story revolves around a man whose days may be numbered, it's very much a movie about life and living. Check out the trailer mes amis.


28 March 2010

Cleaning House, In A Manner Of Speaking

I love spring cleaning and this year I'm taking it to a whole new level. I'm getting my colon oscopied, as Michael Scott from The Office would say. The need for this is because in the past year and a half, two members of my immediate family were diagnosed with colon cancer. So where is the fabulous in a colonoscopy? I get good drugs, warm blankies, and there's the potential for weight loss. Holler!

March is colon cancer awareness month. In the United States, colorectal cancer is the second leading cause of cancer-related deaths. Early detection, however, makes it one of the most treatable cancers. If you have a family history of colon cancer, ask your doctor about what you should do. Good drugs and warm blankies? Let's face it, good health is the most fabulous thing a person can have.


27 March 2010

Mirror, Mirror

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the most fabulous of them all? In this case it would be the mirror. The Quatrefoil Mirror sells for $269 at Ballard Designs.


26 March 2010

Neck Envy

The long neck of the giraffe must be the envy of the Serengeti. Oh, to be a giraffe. This fabulous necklace from Anthro sells for $48.


25 March 2010

Charlotte Shout Out!

If you are not yet acquainted with actress/singer/Balenciaga muse Charlotte Gainsbourg, check out the film My Wife Is An Actress. It's one my favorite movies she's been in and is directed by her cute partner, Yvan Attal. Click here for the trailer.


Gaga For Balenciaga

Loving the bottle your perfume comes in is so important. The Balenciaga Paris bottle is fabulous with a capital fabulous. What's more, the muse for the new fragrance is actress/singer Charlotte Gainsbourg. Fragrance notes include violet, carnation, pepper, cedar and patchouli. A fragrance sample is available in the April issue of In Style.


24 March 2010

How Do You Do Titian Blue?

Talbots is using "Titian Blue" quite liberally in their spring collection. Don't know what Titian has to do with this shade of blue and I don't care because it's GORGEOUS! It has a very luxe South of France vibe to it. N'est pas? This boat-stripe tee in "Titian Blue" sells for $34.50 at Talbots.


23 March 2010

Nurse Jackie Stat!

Check out the first episode of the second season of Nurse Jackie. I just saw this on Ken Tucker's TV on EW.com and can't wait. I bow to the incomparable talent of Edie Falco. Nurse Jackie is a Fabulous Alert favorite. If you haven't seen season one yet, queue it up stat!


Are We In Montauk?

This is a Fabuous Alert level "peacock blue." As a candle snob, I'm giving my "nose up in the air" approval of the new Liberty Of London candle in ocean mineral. It smells like Tocca's Montauk (bamboo and seagrass), one of my all-time favorite candles. Other Liberty Of London candle scents include violet fig, lotus and white flower, spiced black tea, vanilla bean, and sugared grapefruit. They are available at Target stores (not online) for $9.99. Click here for a picture inventory of everything Liberty Of London is offering at Target.


22 March 2010


When I was little, I was convinced that elephantitus* was my fate. Two of my family members had such humongous feet they had to shop at a shoe store whose motto was, "We Fit ANY Human." Sigh. I fear my Elephantitis has flared up upon seeing this pachyderm pillow from Anthro. Where are my slippers?


*I always thought elephantitus was simply an unsightly pair of feet. I'm not entirely certain that this isn't the case.

21 March 2010

Baby, You're The Top!

I'm so ready to put away to put away my warm and woolly articles of clothing. Spring is practically begging me to get this cotton voile top with beading at the collar. It sells for $19.50 at Old Navy. How does one say no to Spring?


20 March 2010

Spring Hath Sprung?

If I had a flower to show you from my garden, I would. Sadly, my garden is still decidedly grey. I'm sure that's about to change as spring has sprung, so sayeth my Kate Spade calendar. Let the rains begin!


19 March 2010

Spare Bedroom Or Salon?

Gertrude Stein didn't have a famous living room. She had a famous salon. Wednesday on America's Next Top Model Andre Leon Talley talked about such a place where people talk about politics, religion, pop culture, sex, etc., drink beautiful drinks and look at art. We all need a special place that inspires us. It can be anywhere.


Salon De Fabulous

Here's my first salon. I would play records, serve tea and try to get people to buy paintings from my art gallery. My sunglasses are fashioned from Elsie Stix. Whimsy is a welcome element in a salon.


Post Snark: Thankfully you can't see the bright yellow shag carpeting. Like I said, whimsy is a welcome element in a salon.

18 March 2010

A Good Scarf Will Take You Far

I just caught a whiff of this book about scarf-maker extraordinaire Vera Neumann. She came to fame by way of her vibrant textiles with the Vera signature and trademark ladybug. As an avid lover of scarves and textiles, I couldn't be more excited.
"Many people asked how Vera became so successful. She was the first person to put print on a bed sheet. She was the first person to bring bright colors to the table. She was the first person to limit colors on a scarf to 3 or 4 to make them more outfit-friendly. But I think the biggest reason was that she painted up to the public. She was of the belief that fine art shouldn’t just be for the wealthy. It should be available to all and it should be incorporated in everyone’s everydays."
Mark this ladies, a good scarf will take you far in this world as it makes for dramatic entrances and exits. Vera: The Art And Life Of An Icon sells for $40 at Anthro.


17 March 2010

Betty White Mania!

The fabulous Betty White will be on CNN's Larry King Live tonight at 9:00/EST. I'm totally on board with the recent groundswell of love for the feisty and always funny Ms. White. She is such a treasure. Click here to e-mail her questions for tonight's show.

Thanks to the 500,269 fans, including yours truly, on Facebook, Betty White will be hosting Saturday Night Live on May 8th. My fondness for Betty White goes back to her pitch-perfect portrayal of the "Happy Homemaker" Sue Ann Nivens on Mary Tyler Moore. Her delivery of insults cloaked in sweetness was so deliciously wicked. Check out a clip!


16 March 2010

Fabulous, Thy Name Is Jonathan Adler!

Jonathan Adler's new stationery line is the motherload of chic office products. Prices range from $4.95 to $18.95, and the goods include cards, file folders, pens, pencils, note cubes, journals, sticky notes and more. These will look so smart atop my white parsons desk.


15 March 2010

Not For Children Under Three

The breaking news is that Mattel is coming out with Mad Men Barbies this July. Kids of all ages will be able to play with Don and Betty Draper, Roger Sterling, and Joan Holloway. What child wouldn't want to pretend they're navigating through the shark-infested waters of 1960s Madison Avenue? Sadly, the dolls don't come with cigarettes, martini glasses, or tiny copies of Frank O'Hara's Meditations In An Emergency. Go figure. The Mad Men gang will be available at AMCTV and Barbie Collector.


Post Snark: I'm not sure they captured the essence of Don Draper. He looks more like former CNN anchor Bill Hemmer.

14 March 2010

The First Step Is Admitting You Have A Problem

Someday I promise to seek help for my makeup bag addiction, but until then look what I found from A Touch Of Ivy. One of the first things I blogged about was my Touch Of Ivy Bag. Love this new coral number that sells for $29 at Beautyhabit.


13 March 2010

Invite To Sarah's House

If you haven't been to Sarah's house, you simply must go. Watch fab designer Sarah Richardson and her sidekick Tommy redo a backsplit room by room. As you can tell by the picture of a living room she decorated, Sarah has amazing taste. You are cordially invited to Sarah's House tonight at 8:30/EST on HGTV. Fabulous Alert will be there.


12 March 2010

Signs Of Life?

So far the only sign of life in my garden is my little Tootsiebug dressed like a ladybug. The freezes took their toll but we're hoping things are going to come back. Can't wait for springtime!


11 March 2010

Stamp Happy

It's not that the Justices of the Supreme Court don't make for fine stamps. They just don't go with my stationery. Behold the Abstract Expressionists! Like the Ray and Charles Eames stamps, I know I'll never use these. They are simply too fabulous. My local post office isn't going to carry them yet, but they're available at USPS online. The following artists are featured:
  • The Golden Wall (1961) — Hans Hofmann
  • Romanesque Façade (1949) — Adolph Gottlieb
  • Orange and Yellow (1956) — Mark Rothko
  • The Liver Is the Cock’s Comb (1944) — Arshile Gorky
  • 1948–C (1948) — Clyfford Still
  • Asheville (1948) — Willem de Kooning
  • Achilles (1952) — Barnett Newman
  • Convergence (1952) — Jackson Pollock
  • Elegy to the Spanish Republic No. 34 (1953–1954) — Robert Motherwell
  • La Grande Vallée 0 (1983) — Joan Mitchell

10 March 2010

Je Suis Fabulous

Like I said before, let your purse speak for you. Let it be your voice. This Beacon Hill Dome bag says I'm fabulous...and behind in rent because it sells for $225 at Talbots. Priorities ladies!


09 March 2010

Pixie 101

Used to be a Pixie in my twenties until I began an unhealthy love affair with cheese (kryptonite to Pixies). Here are some essential tips for maintaining Pixie status.
  • Of course, it's all about the hair...and being ridiculously thin.
  • Study the Pixie icons: Audrey Hepburn, Jean Seberg, Twiggy, Mia Farrow, and Edie Sedgwick.
  • Enchant, Delight and Mystify. You're a Pixie for heaven's sake.
  • Pixies never swear, yell or engage in objectionable behavior. You can, however, be sassy, secretive or mischievous.
  • Live in a quirky dwelling. Attics, basements and old houses with funny-shaped rooms are usually chock-full of Pixies. Pixies never live in condos.
Now go forth and get your gamine on!


Pixies Are Back!

Acutally pixies never left but with fashion risk taker Shiloh Jolie Pitt's new haircut, it's offiical. Love this picture from Teen Vogue of Mia Wasikowska (Alice in the new Alice In Wonderland) rocking the pixie cut.


08 March 2010

Words To Live By

Bloggers have blogged about "Keep Calm And Carry On" until they could blog no more. Bless their little blogging hearts. After seeing these affordable ($15) "Keep Calm And Carry On" jute totes from Wisteria, Fabulous Alert must join the blogging bandwagon. After all, I took the sacred blogger's oath.


07 March 2010

Avatar Smavatar

I don't give a rat's patoot about special effects and all that Hollywood hokum. Sorry Avatar, but Hurt Locker should take the Oscar for Best Picture and Kathryn Bigelow should win for Best Director. It would be the first time that a female director wins and she so deserves it. I also secretly want Jeremy Renner to get Best Actor. Fabulous Alert has spoken! Here's the Hurt Locker trailer and don't forget to watch the Oscars tonight at 8:00 EST. on ABC.


06 March 2010

It's Really Not That Big

In college I worked at an airline ticket counter to earn money to do a semester abroad. A lady tried to check one of these on a plane. Of course that wasn't possible, and by the way not the strangest thing someone tried to check (starts with a ch and ends with an icken). If that gutsy gal is out there, I hope she sees this rattan swing by The Home Port Collection that's available at Velocity Art And Design for $660.


05 March 2010

Make A Fabulous Splash!

I usually just throw my practice swimsuit in a plastic Gap bag (so not fabulous). In an attempt to fabulize my gym accoutrements, I stumbled across these nautical wet suit bags for $24 from Talbots.


04 March 2010

Liberty Is At Hand!

Liberty of London is coming to Target March fourteenth. Fabulous Alert is all atremble thinking about their micro-floral springtime prints. This free computer wallpaper will have to tide us over until it gets here. Click on Pattern Your World. You can also take the "Patternality" quiz on Facebook.


03 March 2010

Sing It Ella!

The "First Lady Of Song" Ella Fitzgerald is essential music for Fabulous Alert. Twelve Nights In Hollywood, an Ella Fitzgerald Barnes & Noble exclusive just came out yesterday and sells for $17.99.

"They capture the singer in her peak years, and at top form: more relaxed, swinging and adventurous, across a wider span of rhythms and moods, than on the dozens of other albums that hit the bins in her lifetime...." - Barnes & Noble Online


02 March 2010

Lauren's Back!

Attention sassy ladies, Sister Lauren is back! Parenthood premieres tonight on NBC at 10/9C (you can still get your Lost on) and like the movie it's based on follows the lives of a big, dysfunctional family. I'm crossing my fingers that this is a show where Ms. Graham can showcase her considerable talents. Click here for a Parenthood preview. Love this photo of her from an EW shoot.


01 March 2010

For Fabulous Thoughts

These tiny journals are perfect for tiny thoughts, of which I have many. It's always a good idea to have a notebook at the ready in case genius strikes. This set of ten "wee dotted journals" sells for $28 at Anthro.