28 February 2010


These greeting cards from Tokyomilk are just too fabulous for words.


27 February 2010

Size Nine Need Not Apply

For the record, I'm not opposed to binding feet and had I known God was going to be so generous with my foot size I would have insisted on it. A ladylike shoe such as this practically screams for a petite foot especially since it's only available in sizes 5,6,7 and 8. The bow flat in crimson or black is on sale for $59.99 (Reg. $115) at Ann Taylor.


26 February 2010

"Madonna's Calling Me"

A Madonna iPhone app? It's yet another unnecessary app I just had to have. Enjoy music, videos, news, and all things Madonna. It's free and available in several languages...especially the language of fabulous.

Speaking of Madonna, check out the new Jean Paul Gaultier video for Target. Click on "Looks" to see an homage to "Borderline" that's at the very end. JPG will be In Target stores March seventh.


25 February 2010

More Spring Fever...

Sadly, my garden is sorely lacking in blooming flowers, but look what I found at the New York Botanical Garden Shop. Check out this green cattleya necklace made from real orchids. It's a stunning little number and you can't kill it. Hazzah! Sells for $78 at nybgshop.


24 February 2010

Happy Birthday Steve Jobs!

The sibling rivalry is palpable.

Visiting Grandma who has been relegated to the office floor.

Not old enough to watch The Wire, but she tries anyway. iPhones!

Falling asleep after reading bedtime stories from the Design Within Reach catalog.

23 February 2010

Bag Of Tricks

Trompe l'oeil is French for "fools the eye" and when it goes wrong, which it often does, I call it trompe oy. This tempting trompe l'oeil tassel tote from Anthro ($28) is all right.


22 February 2010

Vampire Shampire

Ben Wishaw & Abbie Cornish
Young girls obsessed with horses or vampires might look to nineteenth century poet John Keats for inspiration. Sensitive, beautiful and so riddled with consumption there was no threat of being unnecessarily ravished...in short, a great first boyfriend. Check out Jane Campion's brilliant Bright Star and see what I mean about sickly skinny guys being all the rage.


Post-Snark: Thought there'd be more Oscar love for this film, which was one of my faves. Campion should have gotten a nom for Best Director.

21 February 2010

"It Might As Well Be Spring"

Spring fever has taken hold of me, but I was no doubt easy prey. My decidedly grey garden has me seeking flowers elsewhere such as The Banana where I found this graphic flower tee for $45.


20 February 2010


I'm over the rainbow for these fabulous Pantone coffee mugs by Whitbread Wilkinson. They sell for $11 at Velocity Art And Design.

SIDEBAR: A designer friend was trying to come up with a name for her yellow fish. I suggested Pantone 106. She didn't use it so if anyone's interested, feel free!


19 February 2010

"A Girl Doesn't Read This Sort Of Thing Without Her Lipstick"

This is a Fabulous Alert "Level Chartreuse," the highest level I can sanction. Breakfast At Tiffany's is airing tonight at 8:00 on TCM. Click here to get excited!


18 February 2010

I Heart Octopi

Much like George Costanza, my alter ego is a marine biologist (and sometimes spy). Am loving these sea-themed outdoor pillows from the fabulous Thomas Paul. The Octopus and Seahorse pillows sell for $80 at Velocity Art And Design.


17 February 2010

To Haiti Avec Amour T-Shirt

In a perfect world, we'll start seeing "To Haiti With Love" t-shirts everywhere. They sell for $25 and proceeds will be donated by the Council of Fashion Designers of America to the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund. Check out where you can find one. Kate Spade is offering Free Shipping. That always gets me.


Lady Beer

Budweiser recently introduced Select 55 to the world of Lady Beer. At a scant 55 calories (tagline: the lightest beer in the world), this means you can have your beer, drink it too and not worry about accruing extra calories. To further drive the point home, the Select 55 website has a beer vs. other drinks calorie comparison which Select 55 wins handily every time.

In the name of Fabulous Alert, I tested Select 55 and found it more agreeable than its competitors which I often describe as beerish. So the next time you crave a cold one, enjoy a relatively guilt-free Lady Beer.


16 February 2010

Fabulous Underfoot

Here's a childhood game that doesn't make me break out in a cold sweat. I was actually pretty good at this one. The fabulous hopscotch rug sells for $199 at CB2.


Mardi Gras: The Early Years

I've always loved me some Mardi Gras beads. One year, I found myself wrestling a little old lady for a pair we both caught. In that moment I realized I had a competitive side, which had never manifested itself in gym class because I was rarely picked for anything. Issues!

Beads, trinkets and everything a Mardi Gras float needs can be purchased at Mardi Gras stores such as Accent Annex. Check out all the carnival bling.


15 February 2010

Mardi Gras La La

Check out my new sassy, swampy and soulful iMix. Laissez les bons temps rouler!


13 February 2010

"You Don't Just Dive Into A Black Salad. You Have To Play With It First!

Bask in the golden glow of Robert Redford and Jane Fonda in Neil Simon's delightful Barefoot In The Park. You couldn't ask for two more beautiful people or a more charming script. If time allowed, I'd love to watch this everyday. Check out the trailer for this Fabulous Alert favorite.


12 February 2010

Kate Spade E-Valentines

Check out Kate Spade's gallery of fabulous E-Valentines. Last year's "most loved" card by Brian Rea is shown. I like the way he thinks.


If It Makes You Appy!

Yes, there are iPhone apps that can save your life (yawn), but there are also some that are just for fun. Here are a few of my faves:
  • Vanity Fair Hollywood: Get the inside scoop on all things Oscar. Fill out your picks and compare them with others.
  • Pocket Cocktails: Here’s all the information and cool pictures a rum pot or lush would ever need to make a drink,
  • Style.com: With video footage of runway shows, it’s as close to Style With Elsa Clench (from back in the day) as one can get.
  • Ben Color Capture: Take a picture of anything and this will match it to a Benjamin Moore paint. Brilliant!
  • Koi Pond: Make your koi pond sunny or rainy with sound effects and when you touch the water it ripples. So cool.
  • Bump: Exchange contact information with other IPhone users simply by bumping phones. Sounds dirty, n’est pas?
  • AMC: Stay current on all things Mad Men.
  • HGTV: Watch condensed videos of home and garden makeovers.
  • iBird Yard: Thanks to this app, my fascination with birds isn’t so kooky.
  • Shop Style: This app makes my quest for fabulous ever so much easier as it pools from so many different sources.
  • Kate Spade: A handy-dandy calendar with illustrations by Bella Foster.
  • White House: I want more pics of Bo. Maybe a Bo Cam?

11 February 2010

Big Love

You’ll be all heart with “The World’s Largest Inflatable Heart” so sayeth the packaging. This showstopper sells for $12.95 at Archie McPhee.


"If Miss Honeychurch Ever Takes To Live As She Plays, It Will Be Very Exciting."

In the 80's-90's I suffered from excessive exposure to movie adaptations of E.M. Forster novels. Merchant Ivory's Room With A View was my all-time favorite for so many reasons:
  • Arguably, two of Puccini's most beautiful arias.
  • Florence and Surrey as backdrop.
  • Julian Sands and his amazing hair.
  • A believably innocent Helena Bonham Carter (not so much after Fight Club).
  • An almost unrecognizable Daniel Day-Lewis as the priggish Cecil.
  • Maggie Smith's insufferable Charlotte.
  • The simple yet spot-on philosophic musings of Mr. Emerson played with so much heart by the late Denholm Elliott.
This is a perfect flick for V-Day. Check out the trailer!


10 February 2010

Alas, Once Again I Am Afflicted!

I fear my purse addiction has reared its ugly leather head. So loving this number from the Banana, which sells for $69.50. For the life of me, I can't figure out how to get anything into bags this size, but I want them anyway.


Kicking And Screaming

This is far more accurate. After all, who wouldn't want a wife? The reluctant bride cake topper sells for $17.95 at Archie McPhee.


09 February 2010

Frog To Prince

I actually think the frog is cuter...maybe that's my problem. Got this little guy, who allegedly turns into a Prince, at CVS for $1.99.


08 February 2010

Love, Loss & What I Listened To

When I lost my Daddy, I couldn't believe the world had the nerve to keep on spinning. How was it possible? I thought everything should come to a complete halt, but it didn't. Phones rang, dogs barked, cakes baked, coffee brewed and grass grew. Life went on. Life always goes on but sometimes you need a good cry. Here's my latest iMix with songs for the broken-hearted.


07 February 2010

The Saints And Mardi Gras Collide!

Buddy D Parade from Cottage Films on Vimeo.

"Former New Orleans Saints quarterback Bobby Hebert wore a dress during a parade to honor the legendary local sportscaster Buddy Diliberto in New Orleans on Sunday. Diliberto, known as Buddy D., vowed to wear a dress if the Saints ever made it to the Super Bowl. Diliberto died in 2005, but Hebert, who succeeded Diliberto on WWL radio, kept his promise. along with thousands of other men."- Peter Finney from The Times-Picayune

Polly Want To Put A Lid On It?

I love parrots but am smart enough to know they would get me into way too much trouble. This pair of non-troublemaking parrot shakers sells for $12 at Anthro.

Parrots always remind me of the Saki story "Tobermory" about a cat who learns how to talk, and talk he does much to everyone's embarrassment and horror. Not surprisingly, Tobermory "disappears."


06 February 2010

The Other Me?

In girl-speak, Lost is like the fabulous Gwyneth Paltrow movie Sliding Doors, but with polar bears, smoke monsters, dirty island hair and way too much sweat. I love the thought of an alternate version of Caboo. If she exists, who is she? Is she better or, gasp, worse off than me. Hope she's not some frumpy hausfrau. I will kick her/my ass.


Check out this cool video showing a side by side comparison of Oceanic Flight 815 from season one and six. How cute is Jack? And here's the trailer for Sliding Doors.

05 February 2010

Warmer Days Ahead!

Someday, when I’m warm again, I’ll wear clothes like this. J’adore these new tunics from Boden. This one, which promises to make you feel like Jackie O, sells for $88.


04 February 2010

Doxie Adornment

For the record, I’m not one of those crazy dachshund people…okay well maybe a little (see previous post). This little poo pup sells for $8.50 on ASOS.


Show Us Your Toots!

By what means Tootsie acquired these, I cannot say. For the record, I have never done anything untoward to get Mardi Gras beads. However, the biggest stash I ever came away with was the result of standing behind a girl who was showing the whole magilla. Her end justified the means?

PS: I ‘d like to be able to say that no animals were harmed in the making of this picture, but I’m pretty sure Tootsie got her feelings hurt.

03 February 2010

Vanity Hair

Check out the chic short haircuts sported by Carey Mulligan and Mia Wasikowska on the cover of Vanity Fair's young Hollywood issue, photographed by Annie Leibovitz. Between this and a commercial with Halle Berry, I feel a radical hair decision is on the horizon.


Post Snark: So apparently being crazy-pale is in for the "new Hollywood" but is all this Vanity Fairness fair?

Image courtesy of Annie Leibovitz created exclusively for Vanity Fair.

Why You Gotta Hurt A Girl, P-Phil?

Don't care what that glorified rat, Punxsutawney Phil, says, I want this look and I want it now! There are so many fabulous bags at Mad Imports that are perfect for warmer weather. I''m not going to let that grumpy groundhog keep me from stepping into spring.


02 February 2010

Smoke Monsters and Polar Bears and Time Travel! Oh, My!

Oh Lost. What a long, strange trip it's been and I can't wait to see how it all plays out. Just hope you take it easy on the time travel thing. My brain isn't strong enough. The final season of Lost airs tonight at 8:00 EST on ABC.

In the event that you find yourself stranded on an island, here are some helpful nesting tips:
  • Decorate. Give the island a personal touch. I'm thinking something tropical.
  • Name the island. Totally get that the Lost castaways never name the island, but I like to form unhealthy attachments.
  • Go all Swiss Family Robinson/Mosquito Coast on the island. Bamboo elevators and water wheels are essential for maintaining fabulosity while lost at sea.
  • Make the most of great real estate. Build an island bar, crab shack, hair salon, massage parlor and gift shop replete with handmade candles, soaps, sarongs and assorted island trinkets.
  • Keep a diary, so when rescued a number one bestseller is at the ready.
If you're lucky enough as our friends from Lost, you'll be surrounded by uber attractive people. My experience with air travel has not been like that. Sigh. Check out these fun Lost postcards courtesy of ABC.


Lip Service

Haven't landed yet on what I'm getting myself for V-Day. Baby likes this! Sells for $25 at Sephora.


01 February 2010

To Sashay or Shantay?

So many guilty pleasures, so little time. Season two of RuPaul's Drag Race airs tonight at 9/8 c on Logo and his book, “Workin’ It: RuPaul’s Guide to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Style,” drops tomorrow. Loved "Lettin It All Hang Out: An Autobiography."


Tres Femme!

Valentine's Day gift to myself? The flutter-flower clutch in brilliant orange or sheer lilac sells for $128 at J.Crew.


Happy Birthday Mr. Gable!

With dashing good looks, effortless sophistication and impeccable delivery, Clark Gable was the motherload of fabulous. They just don't make them like that anymore. Clooney is as close as they come. Check out the trailer for It Happened One Night.