31 January 2010

A Girl's Gotta Do

Season five of Weeds was just released on DVD and is one of my favorite shows. It has a great cast, great writing and a great lead female character, Nancy Botwin, played by the fabulous Mary-Louise Parker. I love that Nancy can hold her own with thugs, drug lords, lawyers, illegal Mexicans and family members. She can navigate through a world of crazy all while wearing the coolest jewelry from Me&Ro. And not since Lorelei Gilmore have we seen such an impressive addiction to coffee. Check out a preview.


30 January 2010

"I'd Wrap Him Up In Cellophant!"

I love elephants and these elephant note cards from Vera Wang are swinging my trunk. A set of ten sells for $24 at Barnes & Noble.


29 January 2010

Make It Stop!

The funny thing is I’m really a minimalist, but for some reason I have more makeup bags than I can shake a stick at. It’s a sickness. The yellow poppy bags range from $12 to $40 at Sephora.


28 January 2010

Everyone Needs An Anchor

My dad was a naval officer aboard the Battleship USS Missouri and the USS Thompson (DMS) during the Korean War on which The Caine Mutiny was filmed. He got to meet Humphrey Bogart and Herman Wouk, and was also an extra in the movie. My dad was my anchor. Without him, I’m cast adrift. Thankfully, I’m a strong swimmer (I mean this in the literal sense, metaphorically I’m not so sure). The Anchor Necklace, available in silver or gold, sells for $39.50 at Lands' End Canvas.


27 January 2010

I Want A Little Sugar In My Bowl

I ain’t foolin’. Actually Florida grapefruit (Indian River in particular) is so sweet it doesn’t really need sugar but this Grapefruit Sugar Bowl is adorable. It sells for $18 at Anthro.


26 January 2010

The Love For Six Oranges

I’m a firm believer in owning dishtowels that are too pretty to actually use. This big (20” x 30”) beautiful dishtowel sells for $4.95 at Crate and Barrel.


Get In The Loop!

I’ve been keeping In The Loop in a loop. I haven’t had this much fun since I created my Nancy Grace drinking game (every time she yells at a lawyer, drink).
“When the U.S. president and the U.K. prime minister decide to invade a certain Middle Eastern country, skeptical American and British operatives do their best to stop the runaway train to war in director Armando Iannucci's scathing political comedy. This 2009 Sundance Film Festival entry stars Tom Hollander as a British international development chief, James Gandolfini as a U.S. general, and Anna Chlumsky as a well-positioned intern.”- Netflix
The masterful insults alone are worth the price of admission. Check out the In The Loop trailer.


25 January 2010

What I Really Want From Apple…

Tablet, smablet. Apple needs to get back to basics and clone Steve Jobs already (just to be safe). Let us not play fast and loose with our CEOs. We have the technology, so let’s do this thing. I mean if they can clone Reva Shayne on Guiding Light, then Apple can surely do the same for Steve Jobs. Without his mojo, would Apple be Apple? Would Apple maintain its Appleness? Tune in this Wednesday for Apple's next big reveal.

PS: For the record, Reva did not get along too swimmingly with her clone. I’m betting the same would hold true for Steve and “Steve.”

24 January 2010

Go Marching In Already!

The only football team I've ever really cared about is the New Orleans Saints. Partly because I was born in New Orleans and that's where my people are from and partly because their chronic losing makes them oh so likable. Besides the fleur-de-lis is hands-down the most fabulous logo. Tonight we find out if they're going to the Super Bowl. God help them. If I were their football coach, I'd give them the following advice, "Don't screw this up." Win or loose, I'll always love the Saints. Tune in at 6:30 p.m. EST on FOX to watch them play the Minnesota Vikings in the Louisiana Superdome.


My Name Isn't Cupcake

I love the idea of having the self-control to decorate a cupcake. It never happens for me but for those who are strong enough these spring cupcake stencils are fabulous . A set of six sells for $5.95 at Crate & Barrel.


23 January 2010

It's A Dog's Life

Dogs just make me happy, perhaps even more than a scented candle or beautiful scarf. These canvas prints from Target are cute, but no doxies?


22 January 2010

Sweet On Sugar!

Let me start by saying that I hate baseball. Does this have something to do with the fact that I was always the last one picked? Perhaps. Did I enjoy standing in the outfield behind third base making daisy chains (not the dirty kind)? No. So to say that I was reluctant to watch a movie about baseball is an understatement. The verdict? I loved Sugar. It's a beautiful story (NOT JUST ABOUT BASEBALL) about a young Dominican athlete trying to find his place in a new world, America. Written and directed by Half Nelson filmmakers, Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck, Sugar is full of heart and soul. Lead actor, Algenis Perez Soto’s performance was so compelling, I was shocked to find out he’s not an actor…well he is now. Check out the trailer and add it to your queue.


21 January 2010

Project Runway Begins With A Bang(s)

I forgot to blog about Project Runway last week, so let's get to the important stuff. Not one but four of the female contestants on the new season are sporting chic bangs. Unprecedented! I fear that my hair plan for 2010 is about to be derailed. If I could have but one super power, it would be the ability to grow my bangs out at will.

Tune in to PR tonight at 10:00 p.m., EST on Lifetime for more fashion and hair.


20 January 2010

Good Gris Gris

It’s a voodoo thing. If you believe in the good kind, it will protect you from bad luck. As for bad gris gris, I just use it as a term for something not working out right, like “bad conference room gris gris” or “bad first date gris gris” and so forth. The Gris Gris bracelet sells for $65 at Calypso St. Barth.


19 January 2010

Pantone’s Color Of The Year Is…

Turquoise! Reportedly, Canary Yellow and Mauve took the news pretty hard. There’s always next year.
“Pantone LLC…announced PANTONE® 15-5519 Turquoise, an inviting, luminous hue, as the color of the year for 2010. Combining the serene qualities of blue and the invigorating aspects of green, Turquoise evokes thoughts of soothing, tropical waters and a languorous, effective escape from the everyday troubles of the world, while at the same time restoring our sense of wellbeing.”- Pantone Online

18 January 2010

Happy Birthday Mr. Grant!

Cary Grant’s star will forever shine. There's never been anyone like him. Check him out in this preview of Charade which also starred Audrey Hepburn. This was the only film they did together and is a champagne supernova of fabulousness.


17 January 2010

Drink Up Hollywood!

To all the celebrities in Hollywood, drink up! This time, I want your drunken acceptance speeches to have more feeling. Think Mickey Rourke in Barfly or just think Mickey Rourke. Get the recipe for "The Bradshaw" pictured above in Assouline's Vintage Cocktails.


Go Ricky!

Don’t forget the Golden Globes are on tonight. With Ricky Gervais as host it should be a fun ride, plus so many cuckoo crazy things happen at these award shows they’re where all the drama’s at these days. Tune in tonight at 8:00 p.m. EST on NBC.


PS: Did you hear the buzz buzz about Gervais doing something on the American Office? Oh happy day! Read about it in Entertainment Weekly's Ausiello Files.

16 January 2010

United States Of Toni

With great relish, I burned through season one of United States Of Tara. In it fabulous Toni Collette comes into her own playing a woman with dissociative identity disorder and deserves not one but five Golden Globe awards: one for playing Tara and one for each of her alters. Would love it if Buck, the gun-toting Vietnam vet, would accept the award. Created and executive-produced by Diablo Cody, UST is mandatory Fabulous Alert viewing. Click here for a promo.


15 January 2010

Smitten By Kittens

First bunnies, now kitties…what’s happening to me? Despite my lack of appreciation for the feline mind, I just made this my desktop wallpaper. Fridays must make me soft. Click here for the always fabulous Paul & Joe wallpaper downloads.


I Love You As Much As $8.64!

I’m loathe to expose my soft underbelly, but Guess How Much I Love You (Sweetheart Edition) by Sam McBratney and Anita Jeram is a really sweet book loved by young and old alike. Love the new cover which screams Valentine’s Day gift. For only $8.64 at Barnes & Noble online, you can discover the story about little bunnies proclaiming their bunny love. What makes this scenario palatable is that it's a bunny father and son.


14 January 2010

Year Of The Tiger?

Well that’s debatable, but these stamps sure are purty. The Year Of The Tiger (not so much) stamps are available today at your local USPS.


Talk Show Hosts Behaving Badly

I can’t speak to the talk show kerfuffle going on at NBC because I watch Miss Chelsea. Her sharp-tongued tell it like it is approach makes Chelsea Lately the hip ticket in town. The boys club better watch out because it’s time for the sassy lassie. Check Chelsea Lately out at 11:30 p.m. on E!.


PS: Loved her in Girls Behaving Badly.

13 January 2010

Come To Mommy!

My purse fetish is bigger than the both of us. This precious canvas bag sells for $58 at Boden.


Blue & White

What is it about a new year that always beckons the color blue? I’m hearing the siren call of these blue and white striped espadrilles, #9. Oh that it was warm enough to wear them. They sell for $30 at Calypso St. Barth.


12 January 2010

Did You Get The MEMO?

Now this is the kind of MEMO I want to receive. MEMO (My Environment My Office) is a new line of Russell + Hazel office products that Office Depot is carrying. I scored this chic little clock for $14.99. Prices range from $2.99 to $21.99 and products include clipboards, pouches, files, storage, pens, and other fun stuff. Didn’t see MEMO online at OD but here’s their press release.


11 January 2010

Like Buttah!

At only $10 a jar, Crabtree & Evelyn is practically giving away their body butters. Speaking as a certified bath product junkie, this is the good stuff. Avocado Butter, Olive & Basil Body Butter is only $10 (60% OFF). It’s also available in Cocoa Butter, Nutmeg & Cardamom Body Butter, which I also recommend. Snooze and lose because this is a TODAY ONLY thing.



Between Hulu and iTunes I’ve completely caught myself up on Fringe and am ready for new episodes, one of which premieres tonight at 9:00 p.m., EST, the other airs this Thursday at 9:00 p.m., EST. Can’t wait to see Pacey/Peter Bishop. In my estimation, Joshua Jackson has everything it takes to be the next Clooney. He’s got the looks (that just keep getting better), the voice and the swagger. In men, this phenomena of getting better with age is called Cloonification.


10 January 2010

Wake Up Sleepyheads!

These happy hues are just the inspiration I need for getting out of bed in the morning. All this cold weather is making that an increasingly difficult task. The cup/saucer set sells for $9.95 at Crate and Barrel.


09 January 2010

Baby Elephant Walk

Inspired by the Banana Republic's return to its roots (see post below), I found the Elephants of Samburu wallpaper from National Geographic. Check out their impressive online collection.


08 January 2010

Vintage Banana

Once upon a time, the Banana Republic had an exotic travel theme with a heavy emphasis on safari. You could buy clothes that made you look like you were out on the Serengeti communing with wildebeest and zebra. This was all fine by me because I was obsessed with Africa. Things at the Banana have changed, but look what’s back. The BR Vintage Logo Tote sells for $59.50 at the new Banana.


If It Makes Me Happy

My bleak midwinter is screaming out for a color just like this. The scoop-back chair in "tumeric bloom" sells for $99 at West Elm.


07 January 2010

Queen For The Day!

In New Orleans, the minute New Year’s is over, Mardi Gras season begins (no post-holiday funk). This means parties, parades and king cakes which officially hit the shelves yesterday. If you get the piece with the baby in it, you’re Queen For The Day and also responsible for buying the next cake.

This is my king cake baby. Her head keeps coming off...just like mine. The KCB is usually plastic and sometimes gold. Click here to get a king cake at Gambino’s, Randazzo’s or Haydel’s.


PS: If I was Queen For The Day, I would issue the following decree: Everyone gets a cupcake! You get a cupcake, and you get a cupcake and you get a cupcake!

06 January 2010

Thoroughly Modern Manny

Where can one find a tiny tell it like it is Columbian wise child? On ABC tonight at 9:00 p.m. EST. In the new episode of Modern Family, Benjamin Bratt will play Manny's (Rico Rodriguez) father. I’m mad about Manny and this show!


05 January 2010

Kate Spade Sale On Sale Action!

Get thee to Kate Spade!


Glasses Half Full

I like to keep my glasses half full...half full of vodka that is. This fabulous set of six glasses with carrier sells for $24 at Wisteria.


04 January 2010

Chill Out Chilly Willy iMix

Even though I live where the palm trees sway, there's a nip in the air.
Here's an iFabulous iMix I created with a winter-theme. -CABOO

03 January 2010

Smoke & Mirrors

I'm thinking I can hide a lot under this tunic, plus with the high (borderline inappropriate) hemline everyone will be looking at my legs instead. The soleil paisley silk tunic sells for $88 at J.Crew.


PS: I'm also thinking about ordering the neck slimmer. Have you seen the commercial?

02 January 2010

Coney Island Frozen Baby

I did something like this once and my ears rang for an entire year. Just saying. Click here for pictures of the Polar Bear Club on CNN.


01 January 2010

HGTV Dream Home Sweepstakes

You know the drill. Enter every day until February 19th for a chance to win the HGTV dream home. Maybe it’s simply out of self-protection, but I’m not feeling this year’s southwestern theme. Baby wants an ocean view. Click here to get started.