31 December 2009

A Lid For Every Pot

If, like myself, you’re cynical about love, give Paper Heart a whirl. The hybrid documentary/scripted comedy stars Charlyne Yi as she goes on a quest across America to discover what love is and if it, in fact, exists. Along the way she meets cutie pie Michael Cera and you can guess the rest. For like five seconds, I had hope that maybe there’s a lopsided lid for this cracked pot. Click here for the trailer.


30 December 2009

I'm Not Fat, My Organs Are Heavy

Like so many ladies, I started putting on weight after I turned thirty. I'm not sure where any of it went. My brain perhaps? So if my math is correct, by the time I'm ninety, I'll weigh five thousand pounds. Better get cracking, besides it's that time of year when I need to atone for my holiday sins. This super cute yoga mat is available at Old Navy for $19.50. Never use the mats they provide in class. Germ city.


29 December 2009

Happy Birthday Mary Tyler Moore!

Thanks, Mare, for making the single working gal look so chic.


28 December 2009

When The Banana Calls

Baby needs to get to The Banana. The beach treasures necklace sells for $29.50 at BR.


Man’s Inhumanity To Cetaceans

What happens in Taiji is no longer going to stay in Taiji thanks to this incredible documentary about the slaughtering of dolphins. Recently released on DVD, The Cove is compulsory viewing if you care about your planet and the animals that inhabit it.

If you’re a dolphin who happens to be reading my blog (they really are that smart), don’t go near Japan. Click here for the trailer and information on how you can help.


27 December 2009

Reflections On A Clothes Closet

My recently purchased high-heeled Italian leather boots (Christmas present to myself) are making me rethink the rest of my wardrobe. By comparison, everything else seems inadequate. What to do? What to do? Like the French, I think it’s better to have a few nice pieces than a whole lot of so-so. I’m wondering if a pair of leather skinny pants is the answer, or an ostrich-feather vest? This ensemble from Theory has me pondering.


26 December 2009

"Besides, I Think It Needs Me"

The Wilton Drawstring Opus (in D Minor?) is on sale for $223.50 at Kate Spade. I passed out after reading about the velvety Italian suede.


25 December 2009

Merry Tootmas!

May Your Tails Be Waggly

And Your Noses Wet & Wiggly

May Your Paws Be Pittery

And Your Tummies Piggly

Tootmas Time Is Here

Let’s All Be Filled With Cheer

The poem is an original penned by none other than Tootsie.


24 December 2009

The Christmas Reboot

I half-heartedly entered the Christmas season this year. It was the first Christmas I’d be spending without my sweet dad who passed away in February. I decorated half the house sans Christmas tree, avoided most Christmas music except Sting’s new album which is decidedly dark, and only watched one Christmas special, A Charlie Brown Christmas. I know, I know, a pity party is well...pitiable.

When I told my brother there was to be no tree this year, he was shocked. I’ve never not had a beautifully decorated real Christmas tree, but I just wasn’t feeling it. Besides things were starting to fall apart: first my car broke down and then I caught a Christmas cold thanks to getting a flu shot at the filthy Health Department (you know you’re taking your life in your own hands when there’s a special entrance for people with rashes). Worse yet, I had to have an emergency root canal. As soon as I saw the bill, I decided then and there, “I’m shutting down Christmas.”

The full force of my inner Christmas Crank was unleashed. Begrudgingly, I finished my Christmas shopping out of sheer obligation and the few cards I sent were lackluster and slightly hostile in tone. I was angry, tired and really missing my dad. Christmas was officially dead to me.

And then it happened. I came home the other night to find that on my front porch was a beautifully decorated Christmas tree replete with lights and ornaments. It was from my brother and his lovely wife. They couldn’t bear the thought of my having a treeless Christmas. With one kind, unexpected gesture, Christmas came back to me. Thank you Eric and Sarah. I think dad would be pleased.


Holiday Hydrangeas

Move over Poinsettias, there’s a new holiday perennial in town. I procured this lovely white hydrangea at Fresh Market for $22.99 and am pleased to report that I haven’t killed it…yet.


23 December 2009

With Love, From The Five And Dime!

Here’s an easy peezy gift idea if you’re in a pinch. I got the snow globe from CVS for $5.99, the box from a Dollar Store, and then I took a picture of my Art Director’s dog when she wasn’t looking (okay that part wasn’t easy). The result is a thoughtful gift for under $10.


22 December 2009

Misguided Reindeer

I love how wrong Olive gets it (know what it’s like sister) in Olive, The Other Reindeer. When she hears the song lyric “all of the other reindeer” she thinks they’re saying Olive… the other reindeer. So believing she’s a reindeer, she goes to the North Pole to help Santa. This clever classic by Vivian Walsh and J.Otto Seibold sells for $11.51 at Barnes & Noble. All the artwork was created on a computer.


21 December 2009

Something For Lovey

If you loved The Preppy Handbook, The Official Filthy Rich Handbook by Christopher Tennant is a must. I love that there's a section on the perils of island buying. Here's more top drawer information you'll find:
-Where to live, where to summer, and what to drive—or fly—to get there
-The importance of seeming arty
-The right cosmetic surgeries for you…and your children
-The only clubs worth joining
-The Top 10 colleges you’ll want your kids to drop out of
-Bullet-proofing the Maybach
(From the publisher, Workman Publishing)

The OFRH (rich people love acronyms) sells for the paltry sum of $8.60 at Barnes & Noble. A perfect gift for snobs.


20 December 2009

Good Looking Gift Cards

I, for one, love getting gift cards as presents. Here are some of my favorites. The most fabulous award goes to Anthropologie, whose card comes in a snuggly little pouchlet.


19 December 2009

You Had Me At Velocipedes (Part Deux)

The Pictorial Webster’s Stamp Set: Flora and Fauna is a capital gift idea for nature lovers. It’s a companion piece to the Pictorial Webster’s: A Visual Dictionary Of Curiosities by John Carrera (blogged about in July) and sells for $17.05 at Barnes & Noble.


18 December 2009

Toys For Toots!

So loving this gift bucket of dog toys from Harry Barker but I already got Tootsie a toy Octopus and Whale. Hope Toot doesn’t read this! Small bucket sells for $18 and large for $20.


17 December 2009

And Caboo Lived Happily Ever After

Can you imagine! The exclusive black plum beauty trunk and its contents are yours for $1,000 at Neiman Marcus. It includes the following:

• NEW Chrome Patina Metallic Long-Wear Cream Shadow
• Bone Long-Wear Cream Shadow
• Black Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner
• Black Perfectly Defined Mascara
• Brown Lip Color
• Rose Shimmer Brick
• Pink Beige Lip Gloss Compact
• Italian Rose Creamy Lip Color
• Tawny Blush
• Pink Sugar Shimmer Blush
• Bone Eye Shadow
• Lilac Shimmer Wash Eye Shadow
• Mahogany Eye Shadow
• Six-Pan Palette
• Hydrating Eye Cream
• NEW Cleansing Oil
• Intensive Skin Supplement
• Hydrating Face Cream
• Two-Pan Refillable Eye Shadow Palette with Naked Eye Shadow and Brown Stone Metallic Eye Shadow
• Blushed Pink Mini Pot Rouge


16 December 2009

Well They Used To Call Me Queen Bee

In keeping with my royal theme, I present to you the jute tote with black silk-screened bee and crown. Your majesty found this at Ballard Designs for $35.


15 December 2009

To Die For Tudors!

The third season of The Tudors releases today on DVD. Saved by the oversexed fifteenth century House of Tudor and just when the television landscape couldn’t look any bleaker. If you haven’t seen it yet, you’re in for a real treat. Before Henry VIII turned into Dom DeLuise, he was a svelte rock star. KH8 is played with great relish by Jonathan Rhys Meyers.


13 December 2009

I Want To Wash My Hands, My Face And Hair With Snow!

This cozy train ride to Vermont is one of my favorite scenes from White Christmas. Click here for the fabulous! It airs tonight at 8:00 on AMC.


Lorelai Smells Snow

Click here for the classic Lorelai smells snow scene from The Gilmore Girls. Later she has a falling out with snow but Luke brings them back together.


12 December 2009

Stuff For Stockings

Making someone a stocking always sounds like a good idea and then nine million dollars later, you’re thinking not so much. I found these mostly $1 items at Walmart. They have a big selection of little things for little ones.


11 December 2009

Christmas Fabulous iMix!

Get your Christmas on with my fabulous selection of songs and carols. -CABOO

10 December 2009

Send Rosie Right Over!

I’m shaking from excitement because I just found out about Rosie Flo’s Christmas House Colouring Poster. Just add heads, arms and legs (that’s true for a lot of things). It’s available on Amazon through second-party sellers mostly from the United Kingdom. Don’t know why this isn’t more popular over here. It’s the bee’s knees.


09 December 2009

A Feast Of Dysfunction!

The recently released DVD, A Christmas Tale, is bursting at the seams with familial dysfunction, which I, for one, find comforting. When you’re home for the holidays and thinking that your family is too weird, this is the movie to watch. It stars the fabulous Catherine Deneuve and gets a Fabulous Alert shout-out for the gorgeous French home in which it’s filmed. Click here to see the trailer.


08 December 2009

An Elephantine Christmas!

If you heart Jonathan Adler the way I do, you know that during the holidays you can get his ornaments without breaking the bank. This precious pachyderm sells for $24 at Jonathan Adler.


07 December 2009

The Feel-Good Feed Bag

When consumerism and humanitarianism collide, it’s a beautiful thing. Bobbi Brown’s Feed 10 bag includes a Petal Rose, Sugar and Aubergine lip gloss.

When you buy the FEED 10 pouch, you provide ten disadvantaged women with food and job training for a year through the United Nations World Food Program.” -Bloomies Online

Sells for $50 at Bloomingdales and gets my official Fabulous Alert seal of approval. -CABOO

06 December 2009

For Unto Us A Kate Spade App Is Born!

In short, HALLELUJAH! My aPhone (what my Mom calls it) is so happy. Click here for the Kate Spade calendar. It's free and fabulous!


05 December 2009

Fink On The Sink

Apparently in order to be in fashion, Elf On the Shelf is a must. Said Elf watches to see who has been naughty or nice, and then reports (snitches) to Santa. Somehow the Elf appears in a different location every morning. I just sent one to my Brother's family only to find that they already have one named Joseph. Elves on the Shelves? Sells for $26.95 at Barnes & Noble.


04 December 2009


I thought I loved my Christmas Cards until I saw these. Set of 8 cards sells for $18 at the fabulous New York Botanical Garden Shop online.

03 December 2009


As an amateur gardener, this little piece of happy caught my eye. It sells for $44 at the New York Botanical Garden Shop online.
“”Choose from peppermint-striped Amaryllis hippeastrum 'Happiness', dark red Amaryllis hippeastrum 'Chocolate', or the graceful paperwhites Narcissus tazetta 'Nazareth'….Each kit includes the handmade bamboo grow box, bulb(s), organic soil, organic coconut husks for drainage, and growing instructions.” - NYBGSHOP.ORG

02 December 2009

However Did You/I Know?

If I was dating me (so glad I’m not because I’m impossible to buy for), I would get something like this. Think I would really like it. The Polder of Paris Tassle Necklace sells for $95 at Calypso St. Barth. Do their virtual wish list and receive a coupon for $25 off your purchase of $50 or more.


01 December 2009

Follow My Nose

You just never know what you’re going to stumble across at T.J. Maxx. This weekend I found a host of Agraria products including candles, perfumed burning sticks (a.k.a incense), and cologne spray. For a candle junky, such as myself, it was like Christmas came early. Check out the Agraria site and hop on over to the Maxx.