30 November 2009

Canvas Sets Sail!

This month, Land's End launched Land's End Canvas and I am so on board. Love their fresh approach to classic American clothing. Check out the site!
"The company, known for its rich sailing heritage, is chartering new territory and has created a modern destination called Lands’ End Canvas™. The new collection is an expansive line of effortless, versatile clothing for men and women that reinterprets Lands’ End’s authentic American style and combines it with modern, lived-in sensibility and fit."
- Land's End Newsroom Online

29 November 2009

If They Asked Me, I Could Write A Book

God knows I love my laptop (an Apple PowerBook G4 named Gigi), but I still always end up writing things in longhand. J’adore these replicas of vintage editions of Goethe’s Faust and Frederic Masson's Napoleon et la Femmes. They were discovered at a French flea market. Tres fabulous! Get them at Barnes & Noble for $14.95.


28 November 2009

Nose Up In The Perfumed Air

Speaking on behalf of candle snobs everywhere, we like this (as they say on that infernal Facebook). Diptyque is the Rolls Royce of candles and this black coffret adorned with Wycinanki has me speechless. The set of mini candles includes Feu De Bois (firewood), Oranger (Orange) and Scotts Pine. Sells for $84 at Lucky Scent and while supplies last includes a Free 14-piece Diptyque fragrance atomizer sampler set.


27 November 2009

Won't You Guide My Sleigh Tonight?

I got this set of felt reindeer ornaments for my Brother and his family last year. It was so cute, I almost kept it for myself but then I remembered that I’m not into cute. Sigh. I think you can buy the individual ornaments in the PBK stores. Dasher is my favorite. The full set is on sale for $54.99 (reg. $69) at Pottery Barn Kids online.


26 November 2009

Get Stung By Sting Tonight!

“Sting: A Winter’s Night…” is on PBS tonight at 9 p.m. EST. "Recorded on location at the magnificent Durham Cathedral near his hometown of Newcastle-upon-Tyne in northern England, “Sting: A Winter’s Night…” conjures the moods and spirits of the season with a diverse collection of songs, carols and lullabies spanning the centuries. Also featured are some new songs, as well as Sting’s interpretation of classical favorites." - PBS Online

Can't wait. My jam jams and cocoa are at the ready!


All Things Bright & Beautiful!

And all fragrance diffusers great and small. Antica Farmacista ‘No. 11’ Home Ambiance is available in grand sizes (16.9 ounce for $92) and wee sizes (3.3 ounce for $20). With notes of Sicilian Mandarin, French Verbena, Blood Orange, Cinnamon, Clove, Nutmeg Spruce, and Neroli, it promises to be a new take on a classic holiday scent. Available at Nordstrom.


25 November 2009

Picture Perfect!

This table setting for President Obama's first Sate Dinner gets my Fabulous Alert seal of approval. Never mind the menu or who was invited, I'm in love with the color of the tablecloth.

PS: If President Obama needs a "Fabulous Czar", I will gladly throw my chic hat into the ring.


Hit The Right Notes!

The cards you send out during the holidays say a lot about you. Fabulousness is key. Barnes & Noble has a nice selection of non-garden variety cards and they’re 30% off list price. Hazzah!


24 November 2009

Whatever I Can Do To Help!

Spend $15 (easy-peezy) at Starbucks this season, and get a FREE 'All You Need Is Love’ CD with tracks from U2, John Legend and the Dave Matthews Band. What’s more, they donate $1 to the Global Fund to fight AIDS in Africa for every copy given away. This is the second year they’ve teamed with Red for do-goodery. If I can help mankind and enjoy a sugary coffee drink at the same time, bully for me!

PS: Don’t forget to pick up your FREE iTunes song.


23 November 2009

Homeward Bound iMix!

Songs for the road, rail or air as you travel home for the holidays. -CABOO

22 November 2009

Make Mine Dry

This is how minimalists do cute. Doodle martini glasses sell for $4.95 each at CB2.


21 November 2009

Twitter Me This!

Most of Twitter is twaddle but Kate Spade provides a little enclave of fabulousness. Follow Kate on Twitter and be in the know about sample sales, new products and other fun stuff. Also, check out this piece of happy on her website. Move your mouse over the pictures for little surprises!


20 November 2009

Objects Of My Affection

Gain a new appreciation for everyday things with the documentary, Objectified. It’s by Director Gary Hustwit who brought us Helvetica, the fabulous documentary about the ubiquitous font. This time we get an inside peek into the thought processes of industrial designers. The highlight for me was the interview with Apple’s Jonathan Ive, main designer of iEverything. Also waxing philosophic, Chris Bangle of BMW and Dieter Rams of Braun. Objectified is a must-see for design buffs. Check out the trailer.


19 November 2009

Purple Reign

Been obsessing over this color of late and even convinced myself that a dark purple bag I wanted was really a neutral.This sassy little number in “Dark Wine” sells for $49.50 at The Loft.


18 November 2009

Y To The Ummy!

Amarula, I just met a cream-based liqueur named Amarula. It’s like Baileys, only better because A) it’s from Africa and B) the bottle has an elephant on it. Loves! Apparently elephants are crazy for this stuff and if you believe the videos on YouTube, The Marula Tree has half the animals on the Serengeti seeing pink elephants. I can’t tell if they’re drunk or just having a bad day. See for yourself!


17 November 2009

Rome If You Want To!

HBO's Rome is equal parts soap opera, history, and soft core porn (what with Caligula sorta soon to be in the hizzle). It took me a while to realize how good it is because I was coming down from a Tudors high. The storyline begins during Julius Caesar’s reign and focuses on the Felix & Oscaresque friendship of two soldiers. Not for the faint of heart, Rome is loaded with graphic violence, shocking sex, intrigue, secrecy and salty language. I loved it. You'll learn fun words like CACK. Activate the “All Roads Lead To Rome” feature for some fascinating stuff. Rome: The Complete Series is releasing today for $64.99 on Amazon.


16 November 2009

"All Grown-Ups Were Children First. (But Few Remember It)."

I know that, “what is essential is invisible to the eye” but I really want this pop-up version of Antoine de Saint-Exupery's The Little Prince, one of my all-time favorite books. This gentle masterpiece is a great gift idea for the young at heart. Sells for $21 at Barnes & Noble.


15 November 2009

Stockholm Syndrome

And by Stockholm Syndrome, I’m referring to a need for clean lines, Ingmar Bergman films, music by The Sounds, and trips to Ikea. Design House Stockholm fulfills the first of these. Check out their collection on Velocity Art & Design.


14 November 2009

Mad Men Fix

January Jones is hosting Saturday Night Live tonight. Mad Men fans from far and wide will glue themselves to the tube in anticipation of a Mad Men skit. Remember the magic when Jon Hamm hosted? Maybe Elizabeth Moss (Peggy) will make another cameo. She’s married to SNL’s Fred Armisen.


13 November 2009

Sexy Spy Mix!

Inspired by my secret desire to be a spy, this is the perfect soundtrack for slinking around, gathering intelligence, breaking codes, and just looking cool.

12 November 2009

Happy Birthday Grace Kelly!

Mika isn’t the only one who tries to be like Grace Kelly. For me, the iconic blonde serves as a constant source of inspiration. And who wouldn’t want to be Princess of a small French sovereign city-state.

11 November 2009

Gorgeous Things, Darling!

I’m so getting this when it goes on sale. Sells for $44 at Talbots.

Hurricane Scarlett?

Based on thugs, strippers and characters from southern fiction, here are a few Hurricane name suggestions as the current ones (Rose, Mindy, Larry) are sounding more like church ladies, high school cheerleaders and people that run the family hardware store. I’m sorry but Hurricane Danny doesn’t instill fear. If Shakespeare’s Othello had been named Fred, it wouldn’t have been the same play. Just saying.
THUGS & SUCH: Big Lou, Lefty, Buster, Shifty Magoo, Kaiser, Brutus.
LADIES WHO DO NOT LUNCH: Stormy, Ruby, Lola. Savannah, Bunny*, Cookie, Cha Cha. *My apologies to my dearly departed Aunt Bunny. She was a lady who lunched.
LITERARY INSPIRED: Stella, Ignatius, Percy, Blanche, Myrna, Miss Trixie, Scout, Boo, Binx, Scarlett.

10 November 2009

Jane Bond!

Banana Republic at ShopStyle

Here are a few pieces my alter ego, the spy, would wear on a typical day. It seems counterintuitive to dress like this if you’re trying to blend in, but in the movies spies always look so glamorous. The following items are essential for covert ops.

Spiked Heels: If you’ve seen Single White Female you know what kind of damage these can do.
Lipstick: Is Guerlain’s Le Rouge G a lipstick or something James Bond would use to thwart his enemies?
Compact: The first thing you learn in spy school is how to use one of these.
Eye Pencil Sharpener: When you’re in a pinch and need a razor, this will suffice.
Gloves: Keep fingerprints off and hands warm.
Fragrance: Instead of a gun, carry an atomizer that looks like a gun filled with fabulous perfume.
Poison Ring: An old school trick that still does the job.
Sexy Spy Bag: You need a chic purse to house all your nifty spy stuff, makeup, mints and credit cards.
Trench: So obvious it's not obvious.


09 November 2009


If you’re looking for a great series out on DVD, queue up MI-5 PDQ. This incredibly cool show from the BBC (called Spooks across the pond) will fulfill your secret desire to be a spy. Aside from great characters, exciting storylines, and just plain cool spy stuff, here some of my favorite things about the show.

CHIC HAIRCUTS. The female spies always sport sassy short cuts, further convincing me that I missed my calling.
TRICKS OF THE TRADE: If you’re in a pinch and need a razor to thwart an enemy, use the one that’s in your eye/lip pencil sharpener.
SPY LINGO: Here are some favorite words or phrases I like to use inappropriately: the grid, special branch, triangulation, call signs, safehouse.
SPY BOSS: Harry is a hardass with a heart of gold (a spy girl’s Mr. Grant, if you will).
TO DIE FOR I.T.: What Malcolm can jam, hack, and override is truly amazing.
BONDS FOR DAYS: From Tom and Adam to Zaf, handsome men abound.

08 November 2009

iFabulous Backgrounds For iPhone!

Click here for Mad Men iPhone (or aPhone as my Mom calls it) backgrounds by the fabulous Dyna Moe. The season finale is tonight. Sniff sniff.


07 November 2009

Can’t Put Away Childish Things!

Had Anthropologie existed in my twenties, I would have exploded from sheer greed. My tastes have since changed but I still occasionally think I’m a French peasant or a Russian Princess. Despite my best efforts to keep the holidays sleek and modern, when I see Anthro’s ornaments I know I’m going to end up with some little piece of hand-woven cuteness that seems out of place. Check out this year's offerings.


06 November 2009

Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me!

If I had to choose a favorite lip gloss brand, it would be difficult to (insert long pause like in Roman Holiday when they ask Audrey Hepburn her favorite city),…MAC! By all means, MAC! The holiday lipglass sets are in stores now and the packaging is tres chic. Get thee to a MAC makeup counter!


05 November 2009

Free Food At Fresh Market!

Went to Fresh Market's Holiday Sampling last year and was shocked at how much food I scored. Let's just say that I ate my weight in cake. See you there. I'll be the piglet in the bakery.


Happy Birthday Mr. Wilson!

Love you so much, even though you and Mom saw fit to dress me in this bunny outfit. Earth just isn’t the same without you. Love you Daddy!


Here are a just a few of the fabulous lessons my Dad taught me.

  • Treat everyone with kindness
  • Sing a song anytime, anywhere
  • Dance to your own rhythm
  • Never pay full price
  • Listen to music with your heart
  • Laugh as much as you can
  • Be not afraid
  • Always have hope
  • Know that beauty is everywhere

04 November 2009

Faber & Faber Fabulousness!

So loving these poetry classics with the woodcut and linocut designed covers that Faber & Faber did for their eightieth anniversary. Have been looking to replace my college poetry books as they’re riddled with “deep thoughts” from the days when I thought I knew everything. I’ve since realized that I don’t know anything. Think that's called wisdom. Choose from Auden, Eliot, Hughes, Plath, Betjeman and Yeats. You can try to get them at Amazon through second party dealers.


03 November 2009

“Whatever Works” Works!

Recently released on DVD, Woody Allen’s “Whatever Works” works. With a script written in the ‘70s for the late great Zero Mostel, a cast of quirky characters, asides to the audience, witty dialogue and NYC love, it’s a welcome return to vintage Woody. Usually I feel like something’s missing when Woody isn’t in his own pictures, but Larry David is an obvious stand-in for the role of dyspeptic crankopotamus. His Professor Higginsesque rants alone are worth the price of admission.

Patricia Clarkson so deserves an Oscar nod for her pitch-perfect performance as a sassy conservative southern belle who transforms into a bohemian artist. My fellow New Orleans-born sister is long overdue for a gold trophy. Oh and I loved the scarves she wore when she became a depraved artist. Check out the "Whatever Works" trailer.


02 November 2009

ONE Next Top T-Shirt Contest

For the ONE Next Top T-Shirt contest, I hope they choose the right one and by right one, I mean mine. So kidding. I took one look at the random sampling (see one above) and got scared away by all the great designs. Jonathan Adler is a judge so you know it’s going to be fabulous. Check it out!


01 November 2009

Coco, Is That You?

Tootsie wanted to be Coco Chanel for Halloween. Actually she wanted to be Audrey Tatou as Chanel. Who wouldn’t? Here’s an outtake from the photo shoot that ended in tears and the firing of her wardrobe assistant and publicist. Let's just say things went south real fast. She wouldn't wear the wig, was being too "catalog" and insisted on smizing. Dachshunds!