31 October 2009

She's Dressed In Black Again!

J.Crew at ShopStyle

Couldn’t resist putting together this look inspired by the ballroom dancing in Walt Disney World's Haunted Mansion. Created on the fabulous ShopStyle website.

30 October 2009

Eine Kleine Halloween Night Music!

Here’s a little night music for Zombies, Vampires, Ghosts, Goblins and other wayward creatures.


29 October 2009

Nine Ghosts

Halloween has me thinking of ghosts, especially chic ones. The following people, who are no longer with us, are more than welcome to haunt me anytime, anywhere.

Audrey Hepburn: Just to breathe the same air she breathes. Do ghosts breathe? Also, I need her help with my Dad's garden.

Vincent Van Gogh: First I’d play him the song by Don McLean and then I would ask him about the whole ear thing.

Grace Kelly: Would love her to help me reorganize my closet. Maybe she and her wardrobe could haunt me.

Cary Grant: Honestly, I’m not sure what I’d do with Cary Grant’s ghost. He’s so perfect.

Dorothy Parker: Her ghost would be great to have at work. Have summoned her on many occasions while staring at a blank page.

Judy Garland: A go-to kind of ghost for Christmas. We could do a holiday special together.

Rex Harrison: Would adore it if he haunted me as sassy manghost, Captain Gregg, from The Ghost And Mrs. Muir.

Jane Austen: Think she would get a kick out of reality television. We could watch a Real Housewives marathon and make snarky comments.

My Dad: Want him more than anyone to visit me. He showed me what makes life fabulous. I think he would like my blog.


28 October 2009

Lighting Is Everything!

I’ve got tingles up and down my spine for these Halloween candles from Wisteria. Set of four (one of each design) sells for $19.


27 October 2009

Get Your Great Pumpkin On!

It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown airs both Tuesday and Wednesday on ABC at 8/7c. There are no excuses for missing it this year!

"There are three things I have learned never to discuss with people: religion, politics and the Great Pumpkin."

-Linus Van Pelt

26 October 2009

I Want Candy!

I can’t cook to save my life, but if I could it would be candy or maybe hors d’oeuvres like Cher did in Mermaids. A Field Guide To Candy by Anita Chu sells for $12.76 at Barnes & Noble. Would make a cute hostess gift for a halloween party.


25 October 2009


Super fabulous Chronicle Books has super fabulous and free e-postcards. Here’s one with a bit of the Halloween about it.


24 October 2009

New & Noteworthy!

Am loving these new Kate Spade “What’s The Skinny” note cards. They sell for $20 at Barnes & Noble online. If you’re a fan of giraffes (who isn't), check out the fun One Million Giraffes project.


23 October 2009

The Work Woobie!

I’m one of those perpetually cold females, but for obvious reasons a snuggie is not an option. I’ve been eyeing these cozy throws from West Elm. As seen in the picture, you can have them monogrammed (someone has some very unfortunate initials). The cozy throw or “work woobie” sells for $39 at West Elm.


22 October 2009

Kate Spade Vacay Giveaway!

Enter to win a Kate Spade style trip for two to NYC. If you win though, you have to take me with you. Kidding!
PS: You get a 20% Off Coupon just for entering!

Happy Birthday Catherine Deneuve!

Fashion icon and muse for YSL, screen siren, and the embodiment of the fabulous French female (her image was used not long ago to represent Marianne, the national symbol of France), Catherine Deneuve, I salute you. In your honor, I’m going to have an Umbrellas of Cherbourgy kind of day by singing everything!


21 October 2009

Tales Of A J.Crew Junky!

J.Crew at ShopStyle

These are just “some” of the pieces I want from J.Crew. Here are a few signs that you’ve officially reached J.Crew “junkie” status.

  • You check the J.Crew sale site more than once a day.
  • You have a vision board of outfits you want from J.Crew.
  • When you visit a J.Crew Outlet, you can immediately identify last season’s looks.
  • When J.Crew introduced their jewelry collection, your life changed.
  • You own at least one piece of clothing from the men’s collection.
  • You know who Jenna Lyons is and loved her house in Domino magazine.

If you answered yes to any of these, you are fabulous!

20 October 2009

The Charlie Browniest!

In A Charlie Brown Christmas, Charlie Brown uttered the unprecedented lines, “I just don’t understand Christmas … I always end up feeling depressed.” Never before had a cartoon child displayed complex emotions. I was hooked. Charlie Brown’s alienation was not only all too relatable, but charming and funny. The new book, Celebrating Peanuts: 60 Years, is a must-have for all us fans. Sells for $47.25 at Amazon. Don't you just love the cover!


19 October 2009

Flights Of Fancy

I saw this little guy in an e-mail from the fabulous SHOPSTYLE and was instantly smitten…until I saw the $218 price tag. The ruffled feathers necklace sells at Anthro.


18 October 2009

Dashing Diffusers!

Perfume gods here me now, I want Jonathan Adler’s Southampton Garden Diffuser. It combines my love for fragrance with my love for all things Jonathan Adler. According to his website, “Southampton Garden emits elusive notes of ivy, accented with nostalgic summer florals and a hint of moss and soft musk.” Ahh. The Southampton Green Garden Diffuser (also available in Acapulco Red Currant) sells for $68 at Jonathan Adler.


17 October 2009

Fly Girls!

Women Aviators: From Amelia Earhart to Sally Ride, Making History in Air and Space by Bernard Marck is releasing Tuesday and looks fabulous. According to the Amazon.com synopsis it’s “A glowing tribute to a century of women in aviation featuring more than one hundred aviatrixes.”
I love the idea of flying a plane. There is, of course, the adventure of it all, but even better there are cool outfits (jackets, goggles and gorgeous scarves), and you get to be called an aviatrix. How chic! I went as Amelia Earhart one year for Halloween and am pretty sure nobody knew who I was. Maybe I’ll go as Beryl Markhum this year. Women Aviators will sell for $29.70 at Amazon.


16 October 2009

Continental Flair!

I once bought a carafe because it promised to bring continental flair to my life, which of course it did. I’m feeling this 6-piece botella set I spotted on CB2 for $23.25. It's very European to drink wine out of glasses that are more like juice glasses such as these. Cheers!


15 October 2009

They're Here!

It is with great pleasure and some hesitation (because I want to get to them first) that I present the 2009 MAC Cosmetics holiday collection, Magic, Mirth and Mischief. These are the giftiest gift sets out there and include lip, eye, and face kits, brush bags, mineralizing kits, lip bags, and eye bags. Not only are they a great value, but more importantly the packaging is fabulous. MAC’s lip glosses are my favorite. Don’t let the crazy Lady Gaga colors scare you. They’re never what they look like on the outside. Magic, Mirth and Mischief (oh my) is in stores today.


14 October 2009

Liking Love!

If my laptop could sing and play musical instruments, which I suspect it does, it would sound like Air’s new album, Love 2. I especially love "Love" and "So Light Is Her Footfall". Moon Safari is my favorite album of theirs and I don’t think they could ever top "La Femme d’Argent" or "All I Need" but I’ll be here waiting if they care to try!


13 October 2009

Rethink The Pink!

Between the beautimous bow blouse I recently blogged about and this bracelet, I’ve officially succumbed to the bow trend. Designed by Lisa Salzer of Lulu Frost for Ann Taylor Loft, this bracelet is quite elegant and part of the proceeds go towards the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. What’s more it’s not the usual pink used for breast cancer, but a more vibrant shade that my Ben Color Capture app calls Berry Wine. The BCRF should consider switching. Bracelet sells for $24.50 at the Loft.


12 October 2009

Song Of Myself!

At a young age, when it was clear that I was in possession of my father’s, not my mother’s, nose, I was introduced to the wonderful world of the most beautiful woman in the world. Her name…Audrey Hepburn, and like myself she had a pronounced proboscis. I have since grown to appreciate that I don’t look like everyone else and having anything of my dear father’s is a privilege. Celebrate all the things that make you unique!


11 October 2009


This has me thinking that something "unfortunate" might happen to my existing iPod. The 4GB special edition iPod Shuffle in polished stainless steel sells for $99. As you can see, it can be engraved, which is free. Check it out!


10 October 2009

I Had A Farm In Alachua

The packaging for this hand remedy is perfection, as for the rest it remains to be seen. If it can do what it claims (defy age, go to the moon, etc), count me in. Am always looking for something to disguise the yard work/gardening I do. You get pretty beaten up working with plants, flowers, trees, weeds, sticks, and so forth, but I just pretend I’m Karen Blixen from Out Of Africa running my coffee plantation. Check out the new Citron Hand Care Ritual line at Crabtree & Evelyn.


09 October 2009

Happy Birthday Jacques Tati!

A seaside vacation in France is exactly what I need right now, but alas I’ll have to make do with the gentle little film, M. Hulot’s Holiday starring the late great Jacques Tati.


08 October 2009

Teacup Lions, Tigers & Bears!

The teacup pigs as seen on the Today Show yesterday were too cute. My mind started to reel thinking about the “downsizing” of other species. Mad scientists, geneticists and the like, make it work. Here’s my wish list:

  • Pocket Elephants
  • Pygmy Pandas
  • Mirco-Monkeys
  • Half-Pint Hippos
  • Diminutive Dolphins
  • Weeny Walruses
  • Junior Jaguars
  • Right-Sized Rhinos
  • Non-Venti Narwhals
  • Quarter Kangas

For the record, I started eating Fakon after I saw Babe and would do it again for these precious little things.


07 October 2009

Evening Out With The Pooka!

Love this look even though girlfriend looks like she has to go tinkle. It's perfect for going out with your pooka (see post below). Click here to get this outfit from Boden.


06 October 2009

That's Envy, My Dear!

Based on the Pulitzer Prize-winning play by Mary Chase, Harvey is one of my all-time favorite films. Jimmy Stewart’s portrayal of the half-soused but oh-so pleasant Elwood P. Dowd is arguably his most delightful performance on film and I can’t say enough about his pooka Harvey, the six-foot three rabbit who accompanies him to bars. One could only hope that an imaginary rabbit wouldn’t make imaginary rabbit droppings. Oh that I had a pooka when I go out. Life would be so much easier. Do yourselves a favor and queue up the original Harvey. Hop to it now!

Sadly, or maybe not, Steven Spielberg is doing a remake of Harvey. Steven, if you’re listening, why not do a remake of James Hilton’s Lost Horizon. It’s such a great story that would lend itself beautifully to all that cinematic “stuff” you do. Think about it.


Any Relation To X The Owl?

Every year I add something to my Halloween collection. For 2009, I’ve set my sights on this owl with the glowing red eyes. Both owl and crow sell for $16.95 at Z Gallerie.


05 October 2009

There Goes The Neighborhood!

Unbeknownst to me there was a Zombie Walk going on in a city I was visiting. I made a snarky comment about what appeared to be a bad neighborhood, “What’s happened to this part of town? Look at all these raggedy twenty-somethings?”.

A Zombie Walk is when people get dressed up like the living dead and meander around looking for brains. So fabulous! Click here to see if one is being organized where you live!


This picture is from my favorite zombie flick, Shaun Of The Dead.

04 October 2009

Nice Package!

For the record, I hate guns and wouldn’t trust most adults with a pair of craft scissors much less a gun. However, the packaging for the Juliette Has A Gun line of perfume is way cool and a tad phallic. The common thread to this trio of scents is the rose which promises, “When applied at the right places, men bend irresistibly on their knees.” Samples are available for $3 each at Lucky Scent.

FYI: My alter ego is a spy who, instead of carrying a gun, carries an atomizer filled with fabulous perfume.


03 October 2009

Make 2010 Fabulous!

Having a fabulous calendar sets the right tone for your entire year. The 2010 Kate Spade calendar with illustrations by Bella Foster just came out and it looks like a winner. If you’re on Twitter or Facebook be sure to follow Kate. There are fabulous discounts to be had.


02 October 2009

Simply Irresistible!

For years, I’ve been trying to come to terms with my makeup bag addiction. Not an easy road, my friends. How, in the name of fabulous, can I resist this new temptation that is just so black, shiny and Chanely. It includes two lipglosses: Spark, a golden berry, and Gazelle, a soft rose. There’s also a mini Precision Lip Definer in Nude. C’est tres magnifique! Chanel’s Les Deux Levres Scintillantes gift set sells for $50 at Nordstom.


01 October 2009

What She Did For An Hermes Scarf!

The Hermes scarf is the holy grail of scarves and this week on Mad Men, Peggy received one from Duck Phillips, who’s been trying to woo her over to Grey Advertising, as well as his bedroom. She went to his hotel room to return the scarf and was waylaid by Duck’s yucky advances. Did Peggy succumb to the Duck because she decided she had to have that Hermes scarf? Nothing else makes sense. Peggy, if you’re listening, remember what Duck did to his dog, Chauncey. Just tell Duck to quack off.