30 September 2009

Bossa Nova Baby!

Bebel Gilberto’s new album, All In One, released Tuesday, September 29th. I always love everything she does and All In One does not disappoint. It’s an inexpensive way to transport yourself to a lush tropical island. Bebel is the daughter of Joao Gilberto, the father of Bossa Nova. Guess that makes Bebel the baby of Bossa Nova. It’s in her fabulous DNA!


29 September 2009

Love, Loss, And What I Wore Contest

There are certain moments in life that are crystallized by what we’re wearing, be it good or bad. Case in point, a purple velour sweater (it was the seventies) gave me the courage to start a new school. Elle magazine, Nora Ephron and Delia Ephron are sponsoring The Love, Loss and What I Wore contest. Tell your fashion story and have a chance to have it performed live in the stage production of the book, or win a trip to New York or a $1,000 Ann Taylor Wardrobe. Click here for details.

I bought Ilene Beckerman's Love, Loss and What I Wore when it first came out and loved it. Recently, having suffered the profound loss of my dear sweet Father, I found comfort in revisiting it.


28 September 2009

Dog Days Of Summer iMix

It might be fall but I'm still trying to beat the summer heat. Here's a perfect iMix for enjoying those last rays of sunshine.


26 September 2009

Happy Birthday Mr. Gershwin!

American composer, George Gerswhin, left us so many musical treasures to enjoy. For some wonderful Gerswhin music on film, check out An American In Paris, Funny Face and Woody Allen’s Manhatten. The opera, Porgy and Bess, was one of my Dad's all-time favorites. Go get your Gerswhin on fabulous people!


25 September 2009

Baby, You're A Star!

These fabulous starburst-esque earrings have me wondering if I want them on my ears or walls. The jeweled fireworks earrings sell for $35 at The Banana.


24 September 2009

The Art Of Fainting

After watching Sunday’s Mad Men where Peggy masterfully fainted into Pete’s spindly arms, I pondered on the lost art of fainting. My only experience with fainting occurred in my awkward teenage years and thankfully the Milwaukee back brace I had to wear broke my fall onto a coffee table where a small elephant figurine could have done some serious damage. Never mind all that. Here’s what I’ve gleaned from watching way too many old movies.

  • Only faint, near handsome men (Don Draper is perfect. Pete not so much).
  • Wear long flowing gowns so they billow out for dramatic effect.
  • Always keep smelling salts in your handbag, as well as a fashionable flask.
  • When you come to, batt your eyelashes and mutter something in French.
  • Reasons to faint: blood, monsters, ghosts, shady figures returning from your past, ugly couch patterns, in short anything “unthinkable”. If you’re very rich, you can get away with fainting for no reason at all. Sometimes it just looks nice.

This is a picture of Fay Wray fainting fabulously!

23 September 2009

The Samples Are Coming!

Beauty lovers be on the lookout, more Sephora Sample kits are coming down the pike. As a Sephora “beauty insider” I just got a looksy. Remember, beauty insiders get free stuff on their birthday, special offers and first peeks at things like sample kits. Sign up or be left out in the makeupless cold.


“Not As Blue-Green As A Robin’s Egg”

The BEN COLOR CAPTURE app is what Myrna Loy needed in Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House when she was trying to describe the paint colors she wanted (see the great excerpt below). You take a picture of say, “the best butter from the grocer” and this will match it to one of Benjamin Moore’s 3,300 paint hues. It also uses your iPhone GPS to give you the closest Benjamin Moore retailer. Brilliant! BEN COLOR CAPTURE is FREE at the iTunes App Store.
“I want it to be a soft green, not as blue-green as a robin's egg, but not as yellow-green as daffodil buds….Now, the dining room. I'd like yellow. Not just yellow; a very gay yellow. Something bright and sunshine-y. I tell you, Mr. PeDelford, if you'll send one of your men to the grocer for a pound of their best butter, and match that exactly, you can't go wrong!“

-Excerpt From Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House

22 September 2009

Metropolitan Birdhome

This eggplant birdhouse is so fabulous, it’s really more of a birdhome. As a lover of unconventional living spaces, I’m wondering about a larger version for myself. Sells for $34 at Anthro.


Little Dorrit Delivers!

I couldn’t get enough of the BBC’s recent adaptation of Charles Dickens’ Little Dorrit. Among its many charms are great characters including an over-the-top villain, a sweet love story, lots of plot twists, and the always fun names Dickens gives his characters like Mr. Barnacle from the Circumlocution Office (think of every insurance company, DMV that’s given you the run-around). Tom Courtenay and Andy Serkis just received Emmy nods as did the miniseries, but it is Matthew Macfadyen who gets my crush nod. I always enjoyed him in MI-5, but never felt all warm inside until Little Dorrit. Loved the way he said Little Dorrit. Swoon!


I'm reposting this 7/22 blog entry as Little Dorrit just won a whopping SEVEN EMMY AWARDS! Charles Dickens is in the hizzle!

21 September 2009

My Favorite Curmudgeon!

There have been many curmudgeons of note, but my all-time favorite is Hugh Laurie's House. He's returning tonight crankier and crazier than ever. Last we saw him, Wilson had dropped him off at a mental institution. Can’t wait to see how he portrays the bull goose loony. The two-hour season premiere of House airs tonight at 8/7 central on FOX.


19 September 2009

None The Wiser

Kate Spade’s new owl coin purse is, forgive me, a real hoot. I had seen the handbag version in a print ad and was intrigued. Thanks to the dearly departed Domino magazine, I can’t get over an unhealthy fixation with owls that I’m still trying to figure out.


18 September 2009

A Light Goes Out!

This Friday will be Guiding Light’s final episode after a 72-year run on radio and television. I grew up watching GL and skipped many classes in college to see what insanity Reva Shayne was up to: time travel, cloning, coming back from the dead, finding out she was a princess and weirdest of all, becoming Amish. While I haven’t seen The Light in years (on so many levels), I will miss knowing it’s there. Why couldn’t they leave The Light on? We all need one!


17 September 2009

Fab "Fashion Gives Back" Tote Bags!

Glamour's Fashion Gives Back project has combined shopping with do-goodery. 100% of the proceeds from these stylish tote bags created by designers like Jason Wu, Brian Reyes, Lorick, and Bensoni go towards Dress for Success Worldwide. It’s a win/win. They sell for $35 at Bloomingdales.


16 September 2009

Faking Fabulous!

I’ve faked worse things than fabulous but sometimes one has just “gotta”. Here’s what is essential for maintaining that all-important air of fabulousness (no matter that on the inside you’re a Sister Crankypants or Miss Priss).
  • Carry a great bag. Let your purse speak for you. Let it be your voice.
  • Wear hard to find perfume. Smelling like everyone else is the death of fabulousness.
  • Always have on something that dangles, be it a scarf, pair of earrings or bracelet.
  • Toss out witty catchphrases. It’s easier than flirting.
  • Whistle or hum a German lieder (art song), but only if you have perfect pitch.
  • Call everyone baby, sugar or darling. If you’re not from the south, tread with caution on this one.
  • If you have a sexy scar, tell everyone a different ridiculous story as to its origins. If/when people compare notes, it will add to your air of mystery. My brother had people thinking he was bitten by a shark. So fabulous.
  • Be totally open about your guilty pleasures. For example, “This weekend, I watched eight hours of made for television movies on Lifetime, ate a bag of Twizzlers, Googled myself and passed out.“ This makes you a “real” person, even though you’re fabulous.
  • Lie like a rug on Facebook. Never moan, groan or gripe. Never reveal what’s really going on to the ragtag assortment of neighbors, coworkers, and former classmates. Fabulous people don’t say things like “I hate Mondays” and fabulous people don’t “like this” when other people say such nonsense.
  • When in doubt, ask yourself, “What would Holly Golightly do (WWHGD)?” She was the ultimate faker of fabulous!

15 September 2009

Pret-A-Porter For Pooch!

Don’t be alarmed this winter if you see a miniature dachshund on the slopes sporting Old Navy’s new quilted graphic ski vest. I like that there’s a pocket where dogs can keep kibble, credit cards, breath mints, a small flask, etc. My dog, Tootsie, is so going to hate this, but her Mommy loves! Sells for $16.50 at Old Navy.


14 September 2009

The Keys To Fabulous!

I'm pretty sure these sassy key chains will open the doors to fabulous for you. When you think about how much time you spend with your keys (I sleep with mine), it just makes sense to have them dangling from a great key chain. These are available at the Metropolitan Museum of Art store. 


13 September 2009

Little Sally Draper, A Cautionary Tale

At the tender age of nine, Mad Men's Sally Draper has mixed cocktails for Mom and Dad, gotten drunk, smoked cigarettes, stolen money, and driven a car. Kiernan Shipka, the actress who portrays her, has hit the motherload of interesting material. What makes her performance all the more pointed is a newfound lisp that makes her sound like a Peanuts character. I’m so looking forward to what comes next. Given her checkered past, the time period, Mom and Dad’s rocky relationship, and the excessive dance lessons, I think we all know where little Sally is headed…a street called Haight.

Sally’s cocktail cheat sheet was created by the fabulous Dyna Moe.


12 September 2009

Pouch Envy

It’s entirely possible that I was a kangaroo in a previous life because I’m pouch crazy. These Ann Griffin pouches (she calls them storage sacks) are kind of hard to resist. Proving that being a kangaroo doesn’t come cheap these days, they sell for $55 at See Jane Work. 


11 September 2009

Petal Power!

Last year I became obsessed with petal details thanks to J. Crew. These fabulous petal tees from Ann Taylor Loft are yet again harkening me back to the garden (once a flower lover, always a flower lover). For a limited time only, they’re selling for $14.50 at the Loft!


10 September 2009

Congressional Naughty Corner!

After watching President Obama's health care speech, it has become clear that something must be done about unruly members of Congress. While this isn't the message we want to send the rest of the world, I think it necessary to issue Congressional timeouts for inappropriate behavior, verbal outbursts, rude noises and the like. I also submit that a naughty corner be erected for joint sessions of Congress. It's either this or shipping them all off to boarding school.


Fashion's Night In!

I’ve seen the ads for New York’s fabulous Fashion’s Night Out and am sufficiently jealous. Over 700 retailers and designers are participating in the hoopla that includes among other things:

  • Havana Hi Balls and Cha Cha Lessons at KATE SPADE
  • Limited Edition Camo Tote at TORY BURCH (gift with purchase)
  • Mingling with Jonathan Adler, Narciso Rodriguez and the Olsen Twins at BARNEYS
  • Champagne at CALYPSO
  • Hand massages and palm readings at CRABTREE & EVELYN

Click here for the insane amount of fabulousness. I’ll be routing for the fashion lovers in New York City and all the other participating cities, while watching Project Runway.


Forest Primeval

So feeling this even though I often eschew my inner crunchy. Only Tory Burch could help me return to this moist, mystical place. As for my continuing fascination with owls, fungi and the like, I blame the late great Domino magazine.


09 September 2009

Happy Birthday Mrs. Wilson!

Just want to wish my Mom a Happy Birthday. Here are just a few of the fabulous lessons she's taught me:
  • Treat everyone with kindness
  • Always have Kleenex and scotch tape
  • Exercise caution when driving over bridges
  • Eat carrots, they make you pretty
  • Write thank you notes
  • Smell great
  • Own a good iron
  • Floss your teeth, you’ll live longer
  • Laugh so hard you tinkle
Love you Mom!

My Stamp Of Approval!

It’s always important to have stamps that at the very least blend with the stationery you’re using. This sassy little Hawaii stamp from the USPS will go nicely with my new Vera Wang thank you notes (see post below). Now, where's my pineapple wax seal?


08 September 2009

The Right Note!

You can never have too many thank you notes on hand. I scored this cute Vera Wang stationery at T.J. Maxx for the paltry sum of $7.99 (practically free). There were five different designs...all fabulous. 


07 September 2009

The World Will Pardon My Mush

I've had a crush on cutie-pie Jason Batemen ever since he played Ricky Schroder's freckle-faced friend on Silver Spoons. Tonight he's going to be on Inside the Actors Studio with some exciting news for all us Arrested Development fans. Tune in at 7/6 central on Bravo. Here's a clip. 

-Fabulous Caboo

06 September 2009

Designing Fabulous!

To quote Janet Jackson, “This is sick.” My heart is all aflutter over Jonathan Adler’s design your own pillows, totes and rugs. I’m hoping this is one of those “if I build it, it will come” kind of things. Click here to get started!

05 September 2009

Thoroughly Modern Milly Bag

Three of my favorite words in the English language are, "gift with purchase." This Milly Bag for Clinique at Bloomindales is a no brainer. Click here for the skinny.

From Miami With Love!

Wishing I was somewhere like Miami relaxez-vousing.
-Fabulous Caboo

04 September 2009

License To Kiss!

Guerlain’s packaging for this lipstick and mirror is pushing my chic button. Is it a lipstick or something James Bond would use to thwart his enemies? Whatever it is, I want one. The lipstick/mirror phenomena known as Le Rouge G is being touted as both “an object of mystery and seduction.” Hmm. You can get it engraved at Neiman Marcus for $45 (same price as without). It only hurts once.

-Fabulous Caboo 

03 September 2009

Speaking Of Mommy...

The book cover for Elegance (see post below) reminded me of this picture of my beautiful Mother taken sometime in BK (Before Katrina) New Orleans. She’s going to kill me for this.

-Fabulous Caboo 

Come To Mommy!

This little bundle of joy is calling my name. I’ve been obsessing over vintage French looks so I couldn’t have been more thrilled when I saw Elegance by Sylvie Aubenas, Virginie Chardin and Xavier Demange on the Chronicle Books website. 
“The first-ever showcase of 300 rich black and white Séeberger images, this luxe collection is a must-have for fashionistas, Francophiles, and vintage clothing enthusiasts. Elegance recalls a bygone era of glamour, and illuminates the candid beginnings of a now highly stylized photographic form.“
– Chronicle Books Online

02 September 2009

A New Ann?

Ann Taylor used to be a go-to store for professional pieces that had just enough punch to avoid looking stuffy. However, over the last couple of years Ann has become bland and a bland Ann will never do. AT has just announced a new Ann replete with new website and more fun pieces. We shall see. I’m delighted to give her another try!

01 September 2009

State Of Play BBC Style

I can’t speak to the American version that just came out today, but the original British BBC miniseries, State Of Play, is an absolute must-see. It's a political thriller/whodunit starring lots of cool brits including the always fun to watch Bill Nighy, Polly Walker (Rome), John Simm (Life On Mars) and cutie pie, pocket-sized James McAvoy (who knew they had leprechauns in Scotland). Queue it up and hang on for a fun ride! Click here for the trailer

-Fabulous Caboo