31 August 2009

Scent Of A Woman!

Stand out from the pack with a signature scent no one else has. Both Luckyscent and Beautyhabit offer perfume samples for a small fee. You can’t really put a price tag on having a unique fragrance that’s all your own. Click here for Luckyscent ($3-$4 per vial) and here for Beautyhabit (3 samples for $15 with a $10 coupon good towards full version of one of sampled items).

-Fabulous Caboo

30 August 2009

New Mad Men App!

The new AMC App on iTunes is perfect for my Mad Men obsession. It features cast interviews, behind the scenes clips, sneak peaks and everything I need to maintain my rabid fan status. This is one of the gorgeous pictures Annie Leibovitz did with Jon Hamm and January Jones for Vanity Fair. 

-Fabulous Caboo 

29 August 2009

Happy Birthday Mr. Sturges!

Behold the Preston Sturges wedding cake created by cake artist extraordinaire, Kate Sullivan. If you’re familiar with Mr. Sturges’ wonderful films, this cake makes complete sense. If you’re not familiar, check out The Lady Eve and The Palm Beach Story, two of my favorites. By the way, this is the wedding cake I would get if I married George Clooney, because we’re both big fans of Preston Sturges. In my fantasy life, this makes complete sense. 

-Fabulous Caboo

28 August 2009

I Try To Be Like Grace Kelly!

I’d recognize this Grace Kelly look from outer space. It’s one that I’ve always loved from the fabulous film, High Society, a musical version of the equally fabulous Philadelphia Story. Talbots is using Grace Kelly along with Katherine Hepburn to promote their new pants. Love the effortless way GK has the scarf on her belt and those espadrilles are sick. It’s any wonder she became Princess of Monaco. The new Talbots catalog is featuring quite a few promising looking scarves worth a looksy

-Fabulous Caboo

27 August 2009


Pop Military is what’s inspiring the fabulous Tory Burch. I’m so feeling this. Just trying to figure out what it means for my existing wardrobe...perhaps blowing it up and starting over?

-Fabulous Caboo 

26 August 2009

Free Jonathan Adler Wallpaper!

Finally some Jonathan Adler I can afford. This free and fabulous wallpaper is rocking my Wednesday. Click here to download to your iPhone, Palm Pre, BlackBerry Bold, BlackBerry Curve, BlackBerry Pearl, or Flip. 


-Fabulous Caboo

25 August 2009

Kate Spade Sample Sale!

Out of my way ladies, there's a ring with my name on it! Click here for the fabulous!
-Fabulous Caboo

Last Days Of Disco (Criterion Collection)

Three words: Robert Sean Leonard. Directed by Whit Stillman and also starring Kate Beckinsale, Chloe Sevigny, and Chris Eigeman, the new criterion edition of Last Days Of Disco just came out today. Watch RSL and that great hair of his usher out the end of the disco era in early eighties Manhattan. Add it to your copies of Metropolitan and Barcelona. Click here for the trailer

-Fabulous Caboo

24 August 2009

Bananas For Brad!

My favorite part of the Rachel Zoe Project is Brad Goreski. Always dressed to the nines and eager to please, Brad is that all-important friend that encourages you to spend all your money on something completely unnecessary. These friends are critical for maintaining fabulosity. Always have a Brad on hand for shopping excursions. RZP airs tonight at 10/9 central on Bravo. You would be bananas not to watch it.

-Fabulous Caboo 

23 August 2009

Mad Men Mix-Up

Last we left off, Don Draper appeared to be standing me up but he really wasn’t. He just got the hotels wrong. Anyway, here I am pitching an ad campaign to the big fish. Think they like it. Wish I was on the London Fog account. Sidebar: who knew London didn’t have fog? I lived there for a few months and could have sworn I saw some, but then I also thought I saw David Bowie. Remember, the second episode of Mad Men airs tonight at 10/9 central on AMC.

-Fabulous Caboo

22 August 2009

Happy Birthday Mrs. Parker!

“I've never been a millionaire but I just know I'd be darling at it.”
-Dorothy Parker
Check out Jennifer Jason Leigh's tour de force performance of the fabulous writer in Alan Rudolph’s stylish biopic, Dorothy Parker and the Vicious Circle. Click here to view the trailer

21 August 2009

Maira Kalman For MAC!

Can you say fan-friggin-tabulous? MAC has paired up with Maira Kalman for a new makeup collection. I adore Maira's whimsical illustrations and cherish so many of her books. This is how excited I felt when MAC teamed with Catherine Deneuve. I’m pretty sure the girl at the makeup counter didn’t fully comprehend the degree of fabulous a Catherine Deneuve eye shadow quad carries with it. For me, it meant an Umbrellas of Cherbourg-esque fantasy. The Maira Kalman collection is available now, so check it out! 

-Fabulous Caboo 

September Issue

This new documentary looks behind the scenes at how Anna Wintour and her winged monkeys put together the September issue of Vogue. Check out the September Issue trailer. It looks ridiculously fabulous! 
-Fabulous Caboo

20 August 2009

Tim Gunn, Patron Saint Of Fabulous!

Without Tim Gunn around to class things up, television has been lackluster at best. Tonight Mr. Gunn is back for the season premiere of Project Runway. Oh how I’ve missed him. Been trying to fill the void by leafing through my Thesaurus for those pretty words he uses.

Remember, PR has moved to Lifetime. Quelle bizarre!.Don’t get me wrong, I love a good Meredith Baxter Birney marathon but am just wondering if this network is a good fit. Hope they don’t change the look and feel of the original PR. As long as Tim Gunn is on hand, I will carry on!

-Fabulous Caboo

Barbie Just Got Fabulous!

Seeing as Jonathan Adler designed a life-size Barbie Malibu Dream House, it’s only fitting that he create a Barbie Doll. This is coming out 8/31 and is too funny. She even has a doll-size version of his book, My Prescription For Anti-Depressive Living. So jealous I didn’t have this growing up…had to make do with a garden variety Barbie. Selling for $49.95, the Jonathan Adler Barbie is a small price to pay to ensure that your daughters or gay sons turn out fabulous.

-Fabulous Caboo

19 August 2009

These Cute Sandals Were Made For Walking!

Finally, a scorned woman who isn’t going to take it anymore! Jenny Sanford poses for the September issue of Vogue in an easy-breezy ensemble that speaks volumes. All the long-suffering wives who stand by their cheating husbands should take a cue from her. You go sister!

-Fabulous Caboo

Happy Birthday Mr. Nash!

“The Octopus”

Tell me, O Octopus, I begs

Is those things arms, or is they legs?

I marvel at thee, Octopus;

If I were thou, I'd call me Us.

—Ogden Nash

The Lady Octopus is an original Caboo.

18 August 2009

Flipping Out Is Back!

When you combine a group of dysfunctional misfits with decorating and design triumphs and missteps, you make this girl very happy. The new season of Flipping Out airs tonight on Bravo at 10/9 central. For me, nothing can top the line from season one, “Monkey, you butthole”, a slur given to a biting cat who didn’t like his acupuncture treatment. That’s the way this show rolls.

-Fabulous Caboo  

17 August 2009

Give That Man A Giraffe!

Because when some guy asks for one million giraffes, how can you say no? Join me in fulfilling this silly request. He needs 918,674 more and has 500 days left. The only catch is you can't use a computer or any store bought objects. Check out what he has so far. 

If all you have to do is ask to receive, how about my one million dollar, dollar bills y'all? My apologies to Wyclef Jean. 

-Fabulous Caboo 

Color Me Inspired!

Kate Spade's new clothing collection is certain to brighten up your Monday. There's a whole lot of happy going on up in here. Love the fun colors. Clearly, the model in this ad is channeling the fabulous Zooey Deschanel.

 -Fabulous Caboo 

16 August 2009

Fab Alert: Level Chartreuse!

This is one of the highest Fabulous Alerts I can sanction. Yes, I’m talking about a Fab Alert: Level Chartreuse. The Mad Men season premiere is Sunday 8/16 at 10/9 central on AMC. Miss it and you’ll be chartreuse with envy.

-Fabulous Caboo 

A New Italian Classic?

Don’t know what the new Mangolia Nobile smells like but the original Acqua Di Parma is to die for. So very Italian and clean and was worn by none other than Queen Audrey Hepburn and Cary Grant. Maybe they shared a bottle while filming Charade. Will have to check out this out, as the ad is so pretty. Here are the notes: Italian bergamot, lemon, citron, magnolia, rose, jasmine, tuberose, sandalwood, patchouli, vetiver, and vanilla. Oh and yes the packaging is gorgeous, all hand-done in Italy.
-Fabulous Caboo 

15 August 2009

I've Been Drapered!

Still having an imaginary affair with the cartoon version of Don Draper thanks to Mad Men Yourself. I’m pretty sure this is the same hotel room he took Betty to in season two. Where is Don? Please tell me he isn’t in California wearing casual wear and coughing up a lung. He’s such a heartbreaker. Is it me, or is the cartoon version of Don kind of short? Don’t forget to check out the real Don Draper in the season premiere of Mad Men Sunday night at 10/9 central on AMC.
-Fabulous Caboo

14 August 2009

Summer Sunburn iMix!

Wind down, chill out and get mellow with my fabulous Summer Sunburn iMix.
-Fabulous Caboo

13 August 2009

Pretty Pretty Pom-Poms!

I’m not the cheerleading kind (was barely tolerated in the all-inclusive, incredibly unhip pep club), but this is a pom-pom I can work. For cultivating a “woman of mystery” air, look no further. The pom-pom feather pin and hair clip sellls for $22.50 at J.Crew.

-Fabulous Caboo

Happy Birthday Mr. Hitchcock!

I can never get enough of Alfred Hitchcock’s s signature film style. From Rear Window and Vertigo to Rope and North By Northwest, he left us so many fabulous treasures. Alfred’s mug is featured in a new series of stamps from the post office called Early TV Memories. Finally, some marginally chic postage stamps!

-Fabulous Caboo 

12 August 2009

For The Love Of Orange!

J.Crew at ShopStyle

With the hot Florida sun beating down, I’m going keep the summer vibe going on as long as I can. Wouldn’t you? Here's my latest wish list on ShopStyle inspired by my love for the color orange. 
-Fabulous Caboo

11 August 2009

The Real Thing!

Nothing can replace the charm of a good bookstore. Sorry Kindle. Sundog Books is in the picture-perfect resort town of Seaside, Florida. If you’re ever in the area, put it on your must-visit list. Check out the Sundog
-Fabulous Carol
Shout-out to my Cousin Nicole for taking me shop-hopping in Seaside!

10 August 2009

Fab Crab Bag!

This crab bag by Thomas Paul is perfect for Mondays. Selling for $36 at Velocity Art & Design, I think it says it all. Click here for more of the fabulous and not always crabulous Thomas Paul collection.
-Fabulous Carol

09 August 2009

Mad Men Marathon On Monday!

The Mad Men marathon on AMC starts tomorrow from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Normally this is a show that needs to be savored, but what the heck. Here's one of the gorgeous pictures Annie Leibovitz did with Jon Hamm and January Jones for Vanity Fair. Love that this show has brought back old-fashioned hollywood glamour.  

-Fabulous Carol

08 August 2009

My Happy Place!

The newly designed Kate Spade store on 5th Avenue in NYC is eye candy, so much so that some parts look edible. For summer, they are offering free hula hoop lessons and pink lemonade. Must get there soon! 

-Fabulous Carol 

07 August 2009

John Hughes Shout-Out

Speaking on behalf of all the teenagers from the 1980s who felt left of center, thank you John Hughes. Your movies celebrated the quirk that runs rampant in all of us during our formative years. You made us feel like we weren’t alone and that was a wonderful gift. You will be missed.
-Fabulous Carol 

Pretty In Pink!

Did someone say pink sassy statement ring? This little piece of fabulous from Kate Spade sells for $75 at Nordstrom. Who wants to be my Sugar Daddy?

-Fabulous Carol

06 August 2009

Desk Set

See Jane Work's "Desk Of The Month" is inspiring me to clean up my act. As a neatnik, I can never work properly on a messy desk. See Jane Work has everything you need to get yourself together. Check out their fabulous site!

-Fabulous Carol

04 August 2009

Mad Men Madness Takes Its Toll!

"Look Peggy, you’re like five different shades of crazy. I mean, who doesn’t know they’re pregnant until they give birth? I liked you so much better as Zoe on The West Wing. There’s only room for one female copywriter in these parts, Sister, and you’re going down. If anyone needs me, I’m having drinks at P.J. Clarke’s with Don Draper." 
This dream sequence was created with Mad Men Yourself. I’m shocked at how mean I am as a cartoon. Shocked!

-Fabulous Carol 

03 August 2009

Before We Knew Her

Remember, Lady Liberty was born in Pars, France, not Paris, Texas. In this old photo from Assouline, she appears to be having the time of her life. Imagine what the neighbors must have been thinking. If you like it, she's yours for $250. 

-Fabulous Carol 

02 August 2009

Me Likey!

As a clothes horse who works in the oh-so glamorous world of advertising, 20th Century Fashion: 100 Years of Apparel Ads seems like a necessity. This fabulous fashion retrospective features 400 fashion advertisements from the Jim Heimann collection. 20th Century Fashion is available at Taschen for $39.99.

-Fabulous Carol 

01 August 2009

Good For What Ails You!

Is it just me or does ordering a Bloody Mary make you feel like you’re one of those healthy people? Without the alcohol and astronomical amounts of sodium, it’s practically good for you. Also, it’s a drink that’ socially acceptable to have in the morning, since it’s reported to cure hangovers. What’s not to love! Published by chictastic Assouline, Vintage Cocktails is available at Barnes & Noble for $37.50.

-Fabulous Carol