31 July 2009

Madness For Mad Men Yourself!

Yes, the rumors are true. I’m having an imaginary affair with the cartoon version of Don Draper thanks to Mad Men Yourself. Last we left off, I infiltrated Sterling Cooper and was cozying up to Don. Well here we are meeting for cocktails at a swanky bar. Don’t worry ladies, I’m just using him to further my career as a female copywriter. If you’re going to swim with the sharks of 1960s Madison Avenue, you have to know how to bite. Check out Mad Men Yourself. It’s just too much fun.  

-Fabulous Carol

The Banana’s Mad For Mad Men Too!

Mad About Style is a lookbook the Banana created inspired by AMC’s Mad Men. They partnered with the show to put together looks for my copywriting nemesis, Peggy, as well as Joan, Don and Pete. Check it out and don’t forget the new season premieres 8/16 at 10/9 central on AMC. Can’t wait!

-Fabulous Carol

30 July 2009

Bite Me Already!

I kind of miss the days when sharks were feared. When getting in the water was like a game of Russian Roulette. Will I, or won’t I, get bitten. The kinder, gentler, misunderstood shark doesn’t work for me, but I still love watching the Discovery Channel’s Shark Week, which starts this Sunday. Now if only the shark would reestablish itself as the ocean’s “badass” and go after all those shark fin hunters screwing up the ecosystem. A girl can dream.

-Fabulous Carol

Listen To The Dude!

Once you get past that he’s wearing a speedo with great abandon and one of those insufferable pukah shell necklaces, Rob Stewart actually has a lot to say in his documentary, Sharkwater. What starts out as a regular documentary about sharks turns into a real-life adventure story. Sharkwater is a fun and enlightening ride. Check out the trailer and add it your queue because SHARK WEEK is coming!

-Fabulous Carol

Turtle Towel Turns Heads!

You won’t be afraid to come out of your shell this summer with L.L. Bean’s fashionable Seaside Beach Towel. Sells for $24.50 and is also available with a Starfish, Sand Dollar, Lobster, Seashell, and Fish.

-Fabulous Carol

29 July 2009

Beach Vacay Fabulous!

Athleta at ShopStyle

Here's my dream wardrobe I put together on Shop Style for my beach vacation. The only item I have so far is the shampoo.

-Fabulous Carol

28 July 2009

Mad About Me In Mad Men!

In my real life I’m a copywriter at an advertising agency, that in my imaginary life is just like Mad Men’s Sterling Cooper. With the help of “Mad Men Yourself” on AMC’s Mad Men website, I’ve merged the two worlds. Here I am at Sterling Cooper sidling up to dreamboat Don Draper. I think he might make out with me. I couldn’t figure out how to get rid of Peggy, the other female copywriter, who quite frankly scares me. Men Men premieres August 16th at 10/9 central on AMC!

-Fabulous Carol

Happy Birthday Miss Potter!

To celebrate Beatrix Potter’s life, check out the charming film, Miss Potter, starring Renee Zellwegger and cute-pie Ewan McGregor.

-Fabulous Carol

27 July 2009

Vacay Mix!

Here's a perfect mix for a jet-setting jaunt or stylish staycation from Fabulous Carol.

26 July 2009

60 Mg. Of Jonathan Adler!

Don’t think a bad mood would survive in this room Jonathan Adler designed for Liz Lange. Not a chance. I love Jonathan Adler’s exuberance with color and texture. He’s whimsical and sophisticated at the same time, which is really hard to do. Check out his book My Prescription For Anti-Depressive Living. As a source of decorating inspiration, it doesn’t get any better. Sells for $34.95 at Barnes & Noble. 

-Fabulous Carol

25 July 2009

Beautimous Bow Blouse!

While I would never put a bow in my hair, I have no problem with the one on this blouse. Love that it has vintage vibe and that it kind of matches my bedding. Sells for $88 at J.Crew.  

-Fabulous Carol 

24 July 2009

You Had Me At Velocipedes!

Just caught a whiff of Pictorial Webster's on the Chronicle Books Website and I couldn’t be more excited. Here’s what they have to say about it:
“Featuring over 1,500 engravings that originally graced the pages of Webster's
dictionaries in the 19th century, this chunky volume is an irresistible treasure
trove for art lovers, designers, and anyone with an interest in visual history….
From Acorns to Zebras, Bell Jars to Velocipedes, these alphabetically
arranged archetypes and curiosities create enigmatic juxtapositions and
illustrate the items deemed important to the Victorian mind. Sure to inspire and
delight, Pictorial Webster's is at once a fascinating historical
record and a stunning jewel of a book.”
Love the cover by the way!


23 July 2009

Bye Bye Darling!

Tonight is the season finale of The Fashion Show and I already miss my Isaac. Like so many Isaac Mizrahi fans, I became acquainted with him from watching the documentary, Unzipped. It’s a fun, fabulous and fascinating glimpse into his creative process as he puts together a fashion line. Check out this priceless clip of Isaac with the late great Eartha Kitt and if you haven’t sent it yet, put Unzipped at the top of your queue.

-Fabulous Carol

22 July 2009

Project Runway: All-Star Challenge!

Holy guacamole, the sewing gods have answered my prayers. I just read on EW.com that an all-star version of Project Runway is scheduled to air August 20th before the premiere of the sixth season. It’s a two-hour challenge for $100,000 and the following PR alums are participating:
  • Daniel Vosovic
  • Santino Rice
  • Jeffrey Sebelia
  • Uli Herzner
  • Mychael Knight
  • Chris March 
  • Sweet P
  • Korto Momolu
I’m routing for Mychael, Korto and Uli. 

-Fabulous Carol 

21 July 2009

Mark This!

Leave your mark in style with these Punctuated Page Markers from Bob’s Your Uncle (actually Bob’s my cousin). Sells for $8 at the fabulous See Jane Work and includes 50 Page Markers in five different punctuation mark designs. As always, sign up for their e-mail list for steals and deals.

-Fabulous Carol

Appy Birthday!

One of the many reasons I love my aPhone (that’s what my Mom calls my iPhone) is that there are a godzillian applications you can add, most of which are FREE! The App Store just turned one. Here are some of my favorite apps so far:

  • FML (F**K My Life): Having a bad day? Someone somewhere else can top it. Misery loves company.
  • Sly Dial: Sometimes you just want to go to voicemail. This takes you directly to mobile voicemail.
  • Shazam: What’s that song? Just hold you’re aPhone up and this will give you the name of the song, show the video and connect to iTunes where you can purchase it.
  • Period Tracker: Log your ladies time or, like my friend Victor does, track your co-workers’ cycles.
  • People: He did what? Keep up with the latest celebrity gossip.
  • Brushes: This is what Jorge Columbo used to create original artwork for The New Yorker cover. Mine is going to happen any day now.
  • Around Me: Tells you what restaurants, gas stations, banks, hospitals, hotels, etc. are nearby. Great for travel.
  • Remote: Control iTunes on your computer from your aPhone.
  • Open Table: Need a reservation for twelve? Open Table will hook you up!
  • Urbanspoon: Where to eat today? Specify genre and price range and this slot machine will find the right place for you.
  • Zillow: How much is that house worth? It’s almost embarrassing what you can find out these days.
  • SnapTell: Take a picture of a book, CD, DVD or video game and it gives you more information and price comparisons.

A special thanks to Drew and Victor for sharing your app aptitude with me. Love you guys!
-Fabulous Carol

20 July 2009

Beach House Blowout At T.J. Maxx!

Scent lovers take note. I picked up a Banana Republic Beach House candle for $7.99 at T.J. Maxx (sells for $24 at the Banana). With hints of honeysuckle, nectar, blooming white hydrangea and sun-bleached teak wood, it's a perfect candle for summer.

-Fabulous Carol

19 July 2009

Back To The Beach!

A home for thin people, a festive outhouse or a beach cabana (one would hope)? Whatever it is, I want one in green. Check out an English Summer at Crabtree & Evelyn. 

-Fabulous Carol 

Can't Help Falling!

Sorry to interrupt your fabulous summer with something so fabulous fall, but I'm loving this silk/cotton top from Boden' s new autumn collection. The cheerful print hits all the right notes. Don't forget to sign up for Boden's catalog for special deals and discounts. Now back to your regularly scheduled summer. 

-Fabulous Carol 

16 July 2009

A Day At The Beach!

This eclectic mix I created on iTunes is the perfect groove for a tropical vacay. Enjoy!
-Fabulous Carol

The Ringing Inside My Head

Sometimes a piece of jewelry just speaks to you. Here’s what this Crystal Floret Ring is telling me:
“Wouldn’t it be nice to have something beautiful and sparkly on your finger. I
can make you happy. Unlike earrings, you can look at me all day as you type
away…thanklessly. I would go with practically everything in your wardrobe. Plus
you’re not married so you don’t have to worry about me clashing with other
rings. Sigh…you certainly can’t wait for a man to buy you a ring. You have to do
that for yourself. You love yourself don’t you? I’m like a symbol of that love.”

This devil of a ring sells for $65 at J.Crew.
-Fabulous Carol

15 July 2009

Jackie OMG I Can't Believe These Are Your Relatives!

No one could rock a babushka like Little Edie of Grey Gardens fame. The HBO version of Grey Gardens is out on DVD today, but of course there’s nothing like the original. Grab a scarf, some vintage jewelry, a stray raccoon or two, and have yourself a Grey Gardens film festival. It’s just so wonderfully weird.

-Fabulous Carol 

14 July 2009

Such Pretty Plumage!

It’s hard to fathom a peacoat in this summer heat, but this little number from Old Navy is too cute and affordable ($34.50) not to mention. Plus it’s peacock green! Oh happy days. Crank up the AC because I’m ready to preen!

-Fabulous Carol 

Viva La France!

In honor of Bastille Day, I’m wearing my favorite French Perfume, Premier Figuier by L’Artisan Parfumeur. It’s a wonderful green scent with notes of fig, fig leaf, milk of almond, sandalwood, and coconut. As for the bottle, it’s pretty without being fussy…very French. Try a sample at Lucky Scent for $3.

-Fabulous Carol

13 July 2009

Sam, The Man(s) On The Moon!

After watching Sam Rockwell in Choke, I realized that he’s quickly cornering the market on quirk and I love him for it. In his most recent film, Moon, he goes to the moon for three years where he encounters himself, both figuratively and literally. Talk about space oddity. Speaking of which, Moon is directed by Duncan Jones a.k.a. Zowie Bowie, as in the son of the fabulous David Bowie. Check out the trailer

-Fabulous Carol 

12 July 2009

I Heart The Moon!

I have always loved the moon. When I was little I thought it was a big cookie, and am still a bit suspicious. July 20th is the 40th anniversary of man's first moon landing. For all you lunar lovers, check out these must-watch documentaries that are sure to have you over the moon. They're truly awe-inspiring. View their trailers: In The Shadow Of The Moon and When We Left Earth.

-Fabulous Carol 

10 July 2009

Anchors Away!

My Dad was a naval officer so I have an inherent love for all things nautical. Selling at Ballard Designs for $24, this limited edition anchor tote bag is rocking my boat.

-Fabulous Carol

Something's Fishy At Pier Six!

While I wouldn’t want to run into these guys while I’m swimming, I’m fine with them on my walls. These sea-themed canvases from Pier Six are available separately or in a set of four at Target. Clearly, piers one through five are so last year.

-Fabulous Carol

09 July 2009

The Tingler!

I’m all about getting my “Tingle On” and can think of no better tingle-inducing product than Aveda’s Blue Oil. Its blend of peppermint and blue chamomile releases stress, raises energy levels, and provokes a happy tingle dance. My daily ablutions would be incomplete without it.

-Fabulous Carol

08 July 2009

What Day Is This?

Known for having sexy art books and artsy sex books, German publisher Taschen is offering a free web calendar. Pictures are taken from Illustration Now, which features today’s top illustrators.

-Fabulous Carol  

07 July 2009

Little Boxes

These little boxes from Semikolon are ready spaghetti for gifting or holding all your ticky tacky. Available in Yellow, Pink, Red, Blue, Grey, and Chocolate, a set of 12 sells for $25 at See Jane Work. 

-Fabulous Carol 

06 July 2009

It’s The Sizzle That Sells The Steak!

Summer is about to get even steamier. Dapper dreamboat Don Draper is coming back August 16th for the third season of Mad Men. For the uninitiated, that’s just enough time to get caught up on seasons one and two. Queue those babies up and enjoy the shark-infested advertising world of yesteryear. Gentler times? People had better diction and decidedly more elegant chip and dips, but human nature was just as ugly if not uglier than it is today. Check out Jon Hamm poking fun at Don Draper on Saturday Night Live

-Fabulous Carol 

05 July 2009

Will The Real Coco Please Stand Up!

There are trois films out about the fabulous Coco Chanel. Three Cocos! C'est tres magnifique!
  1. Coco Before Chanel with Audrey Tatou (in theatres 9/25)
  2. Coco Chanel and Igor Stravinsky with Anna Mouglalis (theatre release date TBA)
  3. Coco Chanel with Shirley MacLaine (on DVD 7/7)
This is just like my dreams where I have so much Chanel to choose from I scarcely know where to begin. Check out Audrey Tatou in the trailer for Coco Before Chanel.

"A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous." - Coco Chanel

-Fabulous Carol

Starfish & Stripes!

Can’t believe Miss Trish is still available at Target. Make haste starfish lovers!

-Fabulous Carol

03 July 2009

Fireworks On Film!

Forget about fairground fireworks rife with loud sweaty people and their loud sweaty kids. This Fourth of July stay cool with Alfred Hitchcock’s classic, To Catch A Thief. It has the best fireworks display on film and is the most deliberately unsubtle in its reference to sex. Cary Grant and Grace Kelly light up the screen with unparalleled wit and sophistication.


02 July 2009

Island Livin’ Is The Life For Me!

If it’s good enough to inspire the fabulous India Hicks, it’s good enough for me (she’s heir to the British throne after all.) A gigundous Bismarckia Palm in the background gives this outdoor space a tropical twist. Check out what feeds her soul. Not bad.

-Fabulous Carol

01 July 2009

Off With Their Heads!

There's nothing garden variety about Rosie Flo's Garden Coloring Book. The whimsical figures are missing their heads, arms and legs (bodies are so 2008.) Creative kids of all ages will love adding the missing body parts. Sells for $8.99 at Barnes & Noble. 

-Fabulous Carol