30 June 2009

Not Just A Note!

I'm loving these bright note cards from NYBG. They're freakishly cheerful, despite the fact that were taken from an early 19th century German botanical work. The frame-worthy set sells for $18 for 8 note cards, 4 images.

-Fabulous Carol

Ne Matchy-Poo Pas!

These decals from Blik are the perfect anecdote to the matchy-poos, a sickness infesting suburbia often contracted from emulating Pottery Barn catalogs and the like. Peel and stick and voila an eccentric is born! Available in black, white and two different color combinations for $30/six decals at Velocity Art and Design.

-Fabulous Carol

29 June 2009

Look, Muffy, A Sneaker For Us!

In Lisa Birnbach’s 1980 Preppy Handbook, Tretorns were the “the tennis shoe of choice.” Well they’re back at J.Crew for $68. Normally I avoid tennis shoes like the plague, but these make me wish my Mom still had her Peugeot. I’d pick up Bif and Skip (BMOC) and go get some za.

-Fabulous Carol

28 June 2009

Waiting For Moby

This Tuesday, Moby's aptly named album, Wait For Me, is releasing. Don't worry Moby. I'll wait for you and If I lived in New York, I'd go to your teahouse. Check out the video of Shot In The Back Of The Head directed by David Lynch.

-Fabulous Carol

Be Frugal With Flair!

Count your pennies in style this summer with Roost's whimsical glass piggy banks. Available at Velocity Art and Design for $18/small and $24/large. 

-fabulous Carol 

26 June 2009

Summer Sale At Boden!

Hop to to it kids. The summer sale at Boden is here and when they have a sale they mean business.
-fabulous Carol

Fabulous Fleur du Matin!

As a perfume snob, not only does the fragrance have to be just right but the bottle does too. Perish the thought of ugly perfume bottles. With Fleur du Matin by Miller Harris, both bottle and scent are Pretty with a capital P. “Fleur du Matin was inspired by the dew and herby floral bouquet of an early morning walk on the island of Port Cros. During this fragrant journey, pine, marjoram, honeysuckle, jasmin and neroli are surrounded by galbanum, basil, grapefruit and lemon.”- Miller Harris Website.

Fleur du Matin is so very Grace Kelly at a garden party. It’s what her character in High Society would smell like. J’adore! The latest Miller Harris summertime fragrance is Fleurs de Bois. Check it out at Lucky Scent. Their sample program makes testing new fragrances easy peezy lemon squeezy.

-fabulous Carol

25 June 2009

Now This Is A Stamp!

Here’s the rare German stamp of Audrey Hepburn that sold for $93,800 at auction. She is in all her Breakfast at Tiffany’s glory. Would love for the USPS to do another Audrey stamp. While I enjoyed his road movies with Bing, the Bob Hope stamp isn’t really doing anything for me, and without Smithers in the Simpsons Booklet, I’m at a loss for fabulous stamps. Speaking of rare stamps and Audrey Hepburn, doesn’t this make you want to watch Charade?

-fabulous Carol

24 June 2009

Work Your Inner Josephine Baker!

Made popular in the roaring twenties by fabulous flappers, the bell-shaped cloche is on my summer must-have list. This gingham straw cloche in black and white is on sale at Talbots for $24.99. Consider me in if it comes with the butterflies!

-fabulous Carol

23 June 2009

Snobs Are Back!

With shows like Gossip Girl, The Hills and Bravo’s new NYC Prep, it’s clear that spoiled rich kids have made a huge comeback. My all-time favorite snobs are from Whit Stillman’s classic 1990 film, Metropolitan. Watch these charming Upper East Siders endure debutante season, discuss downward social mobility and entertain a middle class outsider. Chris Eigeman steals the show with his snarky one-liners. Check out the trailer

-fabulous Carol 

22 June 2009

Ikat It Blouse!

I’m hearing the siren call of the Malaysian ikat blouse from J.Crew. There’s plenty of ikat out there this season, but so far this little number is my favorite. It’s a cotton/silk blend that’s washed for softness (true…I tested it in the store), and has the right fit so you won’t look like a frumposaurus rex.
-fabulous Carol

20 June 2009

Go Ahead, Judge A Book By Its Cover!

Set the tone for summer with Sara Midda’s classic South of France Sketchbook. Her watercolors always inspire me to get in touch with my inner French peasant. 
“Sara Midda's South of France is a place of ripening lemons and worn espadrilles, ochre walls and olive groves, and everything born of the sun.” -Barnes & Noble 


19 June 2009

Hassle-Free Table Flipping!

After watching the Real Housewives of New Jersey finale, I couldn’t be more inspired to flip over a dinner table. Talk about must-see television. Here’s a cute line of unbreakable dinnerware from Target so I can flip tables without worrying about broken glass. This Palm Beach design looks very Jonathan Adler. Now, let the drama begin!

Check out the infamous Table Flip on Bravo.

-fabulous Carol

17 June 2009

Are You Having A Laugh!

Office and Extras cocreator Ricky Gervais has a go with American audiences in the new DVD, Out Of England: The Stand-Up Special. The cheeky Brit tackles everything from cancer, obesity, and Hitler to nursery rhymes. You’ll definitely be “having a laugh” with this one.

Fabulous Carol

16 June 2009

Kate Spade Sample Sale!

Get thee to the Kate Spade Sample Sale. It's going on June 16-19th. Maybe I don’t need to eat this month.

-Fabulous Carol

15 June 2009

Let Us Eat Cake!

Here’s a little piece of happy from the always fabulous Publix bakery. Also check out their Watermelon Cake. It’s almost too cute to eat…almost. These sell for around $18 and you can customize them to your liking. Sweet!

-Fabulous Carol

11 June 2009

Ooh La La Espadrilles

Despite their impracticality (water not good), I love me some espadrilles. They’re so easy-breezy European, as you can see from their depiction in Sara Midda’s South Of France Sketchbook. Check out the espadrilles on sale at Old Navy. Now, where’s my loaf of bread?

Fabulous Carol

Sephora's Summer Favorites Are Coming!

Have I died and gone to makeup sample heaven? Sephora's new "favorites series" is perfect for people, like me, who have commitment issues. At a pricetag of $40 or less, you can sample Sephora's most popular items in categories like skincare, fragrance, eyes, and makeup. Checkout the lineup that will be available in stores 6/17.
- Fabulous Carol

09 June 2009

New iPhone Promises To Be iFabulous!

Hitting Apple stores June 19th is the new iPhone 3G S which promises to be, “The fastest, most powerful iPhone yet”. It does everything but kiss you goodnight, and for all I know there's an app for that. I'm so happy to join the rest of the human race by getting a big girl phone, not the “pay as you go” doohickey I’ve been using (me and all the drug dealers from The Wire). Check out the new iPhone in all its fabulousness! 
- Fabulous Carol 

07 June 2009

Curtains For Domino!

While it was Dies Irae for Domino this March, it leaves with us the wonderful book, Domino: The Book of Decorating: A Room-by-Room Guide to Creating a Home That Makes You Happy. It encapsulates all that was so fabulous about the magazine: vibrant graphics, gorgeous pictures, and great resources. We must take comfort in Domino's legacy, which for me includes an insatiable appetite for interesting fonts, a burning desire to own ceramic owls, and a thirst for the knowledge of whether federal style or boho is in this month. For those of us Domino has left behind, this book is a must-have. Retails at Barnes and Noble for $25.60.
-Fabulous Carol

04 June 2009

All Aboard The Chanel No. 5!

I so want to live in this Chanel No. 5 short film directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet and starring my favorite gamine, Audrey Tatou. Watch Audrey board a night train to Istanbul where she meets a handsome stranger with boundary issues. There's a fabulous Billie Holiday soundtrack, lighting Blanche DuBois would kill for, and that gorgeous Chanel No. 5 Bottle casting shadows everywhere. I don’t even like Chanel No. 5, but if using it would make my life resemble anything in this film I’d reconsider.

-Fabulous Carol

Glow Baby Glow!

Some people appear to have a glow about them. Goodness knows I do, but it’s not because I’m pregnant, happy or healthy. It’s because in a desperate attempt to get a Clinique gift with purchase I stumbled across their fabulous Up-Lighting Liquid Illuminator and have been glowing like there’s no tomorrow ever since. It gives just the right amount of shimmer, and more importantly the bottle is super chic. Retails at Sephora for $22.

-Fabulous Carol

03 June 2009

Who's That Girl?

This Beehive Hem Skirt from Boden has just the right amount of quirk to get me buzzing. Add some big sunglasses, dangly earings a great bag, and voila a woman of mystery is born. Just try not to talk, unless you can fake an accent. Retails at Boden for $78. Sign up for their catalog and get special deals and discounts.

-Fabulous Carol

02 June 2009

iGoogle Is iGorgeous!

I’m giddy about all the fabulous designer and artist themes I can use to personalize my iGoogle home page. There so many to choose from including Diane von Furstenberg, Kate Spade, Oscar de la Renta, Vivienne Tam, Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, and Havaianas, just to name a few. Today I’m feeling the Monkey love, so I think I’ll go with Paul Frank.

-Fabulous Carol

01 June 2009

You Complete Me!

I would be completely undone without a fabulous makeup bag. This gorgeous little number from A Touch Of Ivy is perfect for spring and summer. What’s really nice about it is that not everyone in the world has one…yet. Oh what have I done! Available in a wide range of prints and colors, Beautyhabit is the place to get A Touch Of Ivy.

Fabulous Carol